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Levenshtein Distance

Enter a word to find nearest neighbouring words, for example ablow

Closest Levenshtein neighbours of bonnie in Corpus

The Levenshtein distance is the number of characters you have to replace, insert or delete to transform one word into another, its useful for detecting typos and alternative spellings if we're not happy with the standard spelling.
Here follows a list of the top fifteen nearest neighbour words to the search term, with the Levenshtein distance in brackets. You can click through to find all occurrences of that word to check usage (although I fear words with apostrophes will bugger it up.

bonnie (0) - 295 occurrences
connie (1) - 2 occurrences
boanie (1) - 1 occurrences
bonxie (1) - 5 occurrences
boannie (1) - 9 occurrences
bonie (1) - 7 occurrences
bonnier (1) - 4 occurrences
boonie (1) - 2 occurrences
donnie (1) - 1 occurrences
bondie (1) - 1 occurrences
ronnie (1) - 96 occurrences
boatie (2) - 15 occurrences
borrie (2) - 1 occurrences
donsie (2) - 1 occurrences
bothie (2) - 4 occurrences

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