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Occurrences of run in Corpus

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Robertson, James The Mannie, (Scottish Book Trust 2018) Lallans, prose
st shair,' Agnes said. 'She's run awa frae a man, I doot, but t on page 10

1 matches

Fenton, James On Slaimish, (Ullans Press 2009) Ulster, poetry
nun hame frae the missions he run inty in Lough Derg? His wie o on page 49

1 matches

Donovan, Anne Matilda In Scots, (Itchy Coo 2019) Lallans, weans
'How lang will it run like that afore it starts bra on page 17
ae bits? Weel, if ah were tae run the motor backwards fur lang on page 18
he wis that clivvir she could run rings roond them aw. But the on page 43
lettin her vieve imagination run awa wi her. 'D'ye mean ye wer on page 166

6 matches

Thomson, Mark Bard fae thi buildin site, (Luath 2007) Lallans - Dundee, poetry
kin run. on page 23
man's salvation jist run thi nation on page 51
playin til thi sweat run doon wir backs on page 52

4 matches

Morrison-Smyth, Anne Alice's Carrants in Wunnerlan, (Evertype 2013) Ulster - Ballymoney, prose
, what ir yae daein oot here? Run hame richt noo an bring mae a on page 33
ae git through the dorr, shae run oot o the hoose, an fun a bre on page 40
bae trampelt unner its feet, run roon the thistle agane; thin on page 42
l the unlucky gairdeners, wha run tae Alice fur protection. on page 81
's hedgehog thur noo, only it run awa whin it seen mine comin!" on page 84
Also on pages 87, 107, 124
10 matches

McHardy, Stuart Speakin o Dundee: Tales Tellt Aroun the Toun, (Luath 2010) Lallans - Dundee, prose
yon auld warrior must hae run in the veins o the weel-kennt on page 21

1 matches

Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021) Lallans - Renfrew, prose
his shoes aff on a hot day an run bare foot across a scorchin h on page 13
ly decked Miss Price when she run intae her by accident. Aw whi on page 30
olk wur moanin cause they had run ootae rolls an cheese. on page 88
y an how he used tae help her run the tucky anaw; we also talke on page 101
k lik you, an then the lassie run oot the class greetin. on page 103
Also on pages 115, 121
8 matches

Pacitti, Stephen Lallans 81 - Pyntin the Been, (Lallans Magazine 2012) Doric - Aberdeen, newspaper
me aff it, Alf. It was an aal run-doon property, wi nae electri on page 8

1 matches

Ulster-Scots Language Society Tha Fower Gospels, (Ullans Press 2016) Ulster, prose
a yins lukkin eftèr tha pigs run aff; the' gaed ïntae tha too on page 9

1 matches

Fitt, Matthew Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, (Itchy Coo 2016) Lallans, prose
on at the bar o chocolate. He run his fingirs slawly ower the t on page 32
t! Here - tak the siller and run doon tae the nearest shoap an on page 42
soon as ye're auld enough tae run it yersel, the entire factory on page 170
aimly at aw. Sae wha's gonnae run the factory efter I get ower on page 171
noo on! They can aw help tae run it until Chairlie ig auld eno on page 172
Also on pages 173
6 matches

Cumming, John Kirsten, (Shetland For Wirds 2006) Shetland, prose
ll clearin wi every jimp, her run-up flowed intae a spiralin li
clear me haed, an startet me run-up. Be da penultimate stride,
2 matches

Sandison, Iris Da Tree Peerie Grice, (Shetland For Wirds 2002) Shetland, weans
an baith peerie grice hed ta run fur dir lives tae dir bridder
1 matches

Williamson, Christie Continuous at sea defence, (damagnifyingless.wordpress.com 2015) Shetland, poetry
lat da röts run as deep
1 matches

Williamson, Christie Submissions, an keepin on, (damagnifyingless.wordpress.com 2012) Shetland, blog
Of coorse, wance you’re run oot o possible plaesis (no ha
1 matches

Shepherd, Robbie Harknin tae the braw souns, (John Benjamin 2000) Doric, newspaper
le-in-the-Wa pub in Dumfries, run bi Max Houliston, fa's brithe
1 matches

Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
ney), clister (cluster), rin (run), hizzy (hussy), nidge (nudge
1 matches

Fleemin, Sandy Deid Come Nevermas, (sandyfleming.org 2003) Lallans, prose
: the uise o "stour" ti mean "run fast", the lossin o "b"'s eft
1 matches

Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2020) Lallans, prose
his shoes aff on a hot day an run bare foot across a scorchin h
1 matches

Neill, Josie Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009) Southern - Galloway, poetry
Wha wud run awa
1 matches

Smith, Alex A Sair Fecht, (self-published 2003) Doric, prose
Fermer dis grin, ere's a big run.
a rare day tae be gaun for a run
wid I hae time tae gang for a run". Jonsar Eck shook his heid a
Eck decided tae gang on a bus run. As he wis waitin at the bus
the run, it wis still gey cauld in th
5 matches

Smith, Alex A Fer Chauve, (self-published 2005) Doric, prose
"Div you mind fin ginger wis run ower on
n Jonsar Eck wis awa on a bus run. Wi haein tae
companies were run aff their feet. Efter a day o
aster. There is nivver eneuch run on the reef an afore lang it
hid been run ower on the road, ae wifie wi
5 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Minnie, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Doric, prose
in Italy tae attend a schule run bi the Deil fur them that win
1 matches

Blackhall, Sheena The Quarry, (Lochlands 2007) Doric, prose
eich bedsit somewye amang the run-doon mids o the toun, wi the
fairms ained bi the state an run frae Embro.
2 matches

Forde, Iain W D Hale Ir Sindries - Buik Twa, (Fons Scotiae 2000) Lallans, prose
Gaitsgill run alang by the burn, cheke fur
ter ti luik out fur ye bot ye run him
Suddron truips ower-run the mairchis. Thai pit it abo
the grun lael. Mirren an Ruth run outby ti the allourin an
run outby, reddies ti spend inti
6 matches

Fitt, Matthew Roald Dahl Reekin Rhymes, (Itchy Coo 2018) Lallans, weans
‘I’ve got tae run noo. Jist ma luck!’
He said, ‘I’d raither run a mile
2 matches

Douglas, David Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009) Southern - Galloway, poetry
It wuz marsh yince: the burn run doon yin edge
noo the wanes run riot roon his ‘designer con
2 matches

Burns, John Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009) Southern - Galloway, poetry
watter run
An run lik liquid gowd throu aa my b
2 matches

Burnett, Colin Takeover, (colinburnett.co.uk 2020) Lallans - East Central, prose
knocks. The building auld and run doon. A neglected concrete Vi
1 matches

Burnett, Colin Ordinary Criminals, (colinburnett.co.uk 2019) Lallans - East Central, prose
Upon hearin ae ma recent run ae bad luck he tries tae act
Junkie, Immigrant, or jist a run ae the mill scrounger and ah
2 matches

Ross, Derek Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
Run yer haun alang its rough side
1 matches

Robinson, Philip Oul Licht, (Ullans Press 2017) Ulster - Larne, poetry
Wha run tha mill in ‘furst rate sty
1 matches

Clark, Thomas Mindin on Willie McIlvanney, (Bella Caledonia 2015) Lallans, blog
e has still got distances tae run, an McIlvanney the writer wil
1 matches

Clark, Thomas Wha's Like Us?, (Bella Caledonia 2017) Lallans, blog
gnition which, in the general run o things, maks a kintra a kin
1 matches

Clark, Sara Indyref 2: Aulder, Wiser, Kinder, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
system, that ilka day in the run up tae the vote wis loadit wi
be askin o yin anither in the run up to Indyref 2 isnae "Whit w
2 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Alive an Kickin, (Argo Publishing 2004) Doric - Inverurie, prose
ettin ootamon’t. Ay...," he run is fingirs throwe fit wis lef
Fit’s the verdick, en?" She run er hans ower er ample figir.
w mirror es Morrice gied er a run back t’er wirk.
ug it open. He climmed oot an run aa the wye te the main road,
ug it open. He climmed oot an run aa the wye te the main road,
12 matches

McHardy, Stuart The Wey Forrit, (Luath 2017) Lallans, prose
English maisters disnae jist run tae sendin their bairns (wean
at the Union with England has run its course. In order to secur
d fer the English in the lang run. It'll mak them face up tae t
IN THE RUN-UP tae the Independence refer
mark against? Why, when being run from Westminster is supposed
5 matches

McClelland, Ben Chicagof Island, (Scots Hoose 2020) Lallans - Ayr, prose
osition afore th' trio made a run fur it, th' wee jimmies cairr
1 matches

Fowler, Ross Sunday Fitba wi ma Faither, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
in fir me tae shoot. I took a run at the ba and gave it an almi
1 matches

Johnston, Shaun The Forkie Gollach, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
We hid tae run like the deil himself. We hei
1 matches

Halfpenny, Cameron Ahlice's Adveenturs in Wunderlaant, (Evertype 2015) Southern - Borders, prose
e a White Rabbit wi pink eyes run jist aside hur.
she said tae hersel as she run. “Hoo surprised ei'll b’
le, tae keep hersel frae bein run ower; an, th meenit she appea
sae she set off at yince, an run till she was fair puggled an
uch at this, that she hed tae run back intae th wood fur fear o
10 matches

McQueer, Chris Hings - Short Stories 'n That, (404 Ink 2017) Lallans - Glesga, prose
ah meant it. Ah watch mah da run intae the toilet an he slips
Wait a minute,’ ah say, an run up the stair.
Ah run,
Ah run like fuck through the scheme,
4 matches

Baikie, R. M. Mair Fairming Tales, (Baikie 2000) Orkney - Hackland, prose
“Than I teuk id in tae run id throu the washer.
1 matches

Heather, Alistair Trains approachin?, (Mak Forrit 2017) Lallans - Angus, blog
clart an tractors blockin yer run, it micht weel be twa oors ta
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Than an nou — poverty, makkin dae, an leukin oot for ilk ither, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
d aye say at the stairt o the run, “Noo mind! Nae money, nae
1 matches

Uri, Antonia The birds an the bees, (Mak Forrit 2018) Doric - Aberdeen, blog
ma mam, ma sister an masel aa run tae see fit it wis. We war fa
1 matches

Hershaw, William The Retour O The Grey Airmy, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Lallans, blog
whit they liked. They had the run o the place. But gien the wal
1 matches

Handy, Robbie Forked Tongues, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Lallans, blog
il Ah got used tae it, Ah’d run ben the room only tae discove
1 matches

Hodgart, John Scots Language Act: Oor weans hae richt tae see mither tung respectit, (The National 2021) Lallans - North Ayrshire, newspaper
” project, or ran (an still run) ASLS conferences, produce um
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Liberties (Part Two), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
bly, hus managed tae get us a run back oer tae the East End oan
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Liberties (Part One), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
r record set in that glorious run fae 1966 - 1974 - - afore ah
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Rude Awakenings (Part one of two), (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
than the wan described an ye run the risk ay puttin the windae
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Park trife, (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
ah sais, shakin him aff an run acroass the main road ootside
1 matches

Grae, Emma Dancin wi the Rhona, (unbound.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
cannae help but feel a shiver run doon ma spine. There’s a go
fast he could gie the polis a run fur their money.
“We’re going to run some tests, yes.”
3 matches

Stewart, Anna An Alien Feeling, (Scots Hoose 2019) Lallans, prose
cket nearby tae grab hud o. I run across the road and crouch do
1 matches

Scots Language Center Crackin aboot politics, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
capture Soothron fowk on the run, an tae gie thaim that gied t
scuils in Scotland haed been run an upheld wi fowk in the paro
rsicht o the admeenistration, run wi offeecials electit fae ama
3 matches

Horsbroch, Dauvit The Embra Greement, (Scots Language Centre 2012) Lallans, government
, the wey that referendums is run, owersicht an conduct.2
• the wey that the poll is run; an
the wey that the poll is run an annooncin the affcome, an
ones that the wey the poll is run, an annooncin
4 matches

McClurg, Fernando Indytwa?, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
A straucht re-run o 2014 wad be a major strateg
1 matches

McClurg, Fernando The Potemkin Pairty, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
m, an that can be trustit tae run things properly, the wey it
1 matches

McClurg, Fernando Review: O is for Hoolet, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
for Hoolet haes aready haed a run at the Arches i Glesca, an fe
ca, an feinishes its Traverse run the nicht – howpfully it wu
2 matches

McClurg, Fernando Syriza, an the road aheid, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
Labour an the Liberals on the run i Scotland, we could aye hae
1 matches

Fenton, James The Lade, (Ullans Magazine 2001) Ulster, prose
lade, the leevin hairt o it, run through the worl o thon weetc
bank-fiel, tae, whar the lade run grevelly, we sunk the sheets
rummlin heidstanes), the lade run quaiter, deeper a weethin, wh
farder doon, whur the watter run shella ower a stany bottom, t
Behin the store, the heidrace run tae the coarnmill, baith lang
6 matches

Gibson, Darren Oul money, (Ullans Magazine 2013) Ulster, prose
money, A’m gan tae gie ye a run doon o’ tha denominations,
1 matches

Spence, Laura Tha Thoarn Tree, (Ullans Magazine 2013) Ulster, prose
ik an daen-oot leukkin. Grace run fur watther an John an Dan ga
fear tuk hoult o him an John run tae tha hoose. Grace wasnae t
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 102, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
years an, bi eikin the prent run up tae five thoosand, the pri
1 matches

Monahan Brown, Ricky Dùn Èideann, (The Scores 2020) Lallans, prose
’ An then, ‘Hoos aboot ye run them baith past me?’
an alang as she broke intae a run. Then thay hid a wee keek at
2 matches

Uri, Antonia Here's the problem wi the trad wife muivement, (The National 2020) Doric, newspaper
ands fa’s airses we hiv tae run aifter. Mony weemin hiv tae w
1 matches

Uri, Antonia Flooery achievement for the Scots Government, (The National 2019) Doric, newspaper
afore we ken it. In the lang run they shoud pruive tae serve a
1 matches

The Westender Loupin Salmon, (The Hawick Paper 2007) Southern, newspaper
i said tae is that the salmon run was late this year cos the wi
1 matches

Mainland, Marlene Home Truths, (Orkney Heritage Society 2010) Orkney, poetry
Run thoo oot tae play
Run thoo oot and play
2 matches

Towrie, David Wirkin' the Tang - a dialect tale, (Orkneyjar 2010) Orkney, prose
bed then tae be rooed ap tae run the weet.
wirkin in it someen ether wid run awa wae hid fae thum.
2 matches

Occurrences on Scots Twitter

@beast_afc tweeted in Doric
ed with the big boy stuff. Ye run with em If You want tae know.(2020)

@cligeey tweeted in Doric
@shunad Weet run hame a doot(2020)
Scottish fitba thought he wid run it(2020)

@Franwella tweeted in Doric
ideas in their heids. I coukd run a campaign against payin, get(2012)

@JamesAmcvean tweeted in Doric
illegal wars, or trains that run a wee bit faster fae London t(2021)

@DoricPhrases tweeted in Doric
or of the Doric phrase “Feel run” which means when a dog/pupp (2017) twitter link

@FaeFoggie tweeted in Doric
ae (sayin at. He struggles ti run a bath neer mind onyhin else)(2019)
tties next wik. I did a quick run up I dreels, as they need ti (2019)
t oot fir ma messages. Hid to run oot cos aa ah hidn left wis i(2020)
n Union Street and some Quine run awa Fae a wasp. I just kept c(2020)

@fittiecrooners tweeted in Doric
gh, wid gee Bert in the bar a run for his money(2016)
y321 @YoorWullie ???????????? run oot o yon tins!!(2018)

@Manuforti1968 tweeted in Doric
uine @DoricPhrases Nivver get run ower on a foggy day wi at on.(2019)

@jax6754 tweeted in Lallans
ein both...any chance "twins" run in yir fam? Hee hee! Guid luc(2015)
! As privilaged tae see trial run at #edfringe2015 Muss in Nov (2015)

@DavidJWood2 tweeted in Lallans
we’re too fucking stupid tae run our country better than the T(2020)

@MartyMacMurtrie tweeted in Lallans
r ae being smelly, they would run a mile fae ye? https://t.co/M(2020)
in ma milk every morn! Ye wid run a mile!(2020)

@Seperatist_No1 tweeted in Lallans
f that went off everybody wid run... but it is tempting ??(2020)

@MartinBroon tweeted in Lallans
w Aye! Mcburnie needs another run oot A reckon??. ?????????????(2020)

@rosa_alba_macd tweeted in Lallans
wyes ye are owercontentit tae run ahint him an dichroic the kna(2020)

@StuartPoet tweeted in Lallans
A wee girl did it and didnae run away.(2020)
at's left of his arm to try a run for the ScotGov. O the lulz.(2020)

@Angela1Sinclair tweeted in Lallans
inda8h Aye, well a thot a hid run oot and it wiz gonny be a dry(2020)

@Chazzbat tweeted in Lallans
et me on acause ah nearly got run ower by a car while crossin t(2020)

@fairpechtoot tweeted in Lallans
@DrMDempster 'Awa an run up ma ribs!' Ma maw used tae (2017)

@kennethbryce184 tweeted in Lallans
@niddrie_star should b a good run out for both teams guys - b (2020) twitter link
s arrive - al tell them hees run away lol (2020) twitter link
etime ban - its a cleek that run that deed (2021) twitter link
f88 east coast sports cars - run by ian and kevin - top dolla (2020) twitter link
ahead guys - defo get a cood run out against the westside lads (2020) twitter link
and 22 other matches.

@LairnScots tweeted in Lallans
r Diary" that, ye can awa and run. https://t.co/VVeEBNdydW http(2020)
e online games. They're free, run affa ony browser, an work oan(2020)
Chap-Door-Run? Chappie? https://t.co/hujn2S(2020)

@raiphsays tweeted in Lallans
ssiem18 Aye! Am jus aboot tae run aboot ootside! :D(2020)

@shaetlan_rose tweeted in Shetland
Tl;dr shetlanders, plz dunna run doon da tourists https://t.co(2018)

@cammyrudkin tweeted in Southern
lla7 @hornet_2011 eel need ti run ti newzealand and back ti loo(2012)
neill3 am no just a painter a run a business boab.....a wudni l(2012)

@jamie_ginger tweeted in Southern
would b like getting hit by a run away fridge. #massive #walesi(2012)
byrobson46 nut all the weemen run away frae him.div e like wat (2012)

@OrangRuth tweeted in Ulster
nn_Mor Does this mean I can't run mae mouth aff at any random F(2018)

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