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Use in varieties of Scots

zechariah Corpus occurrences Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words9.5 0 21.6 0 0 0 63.5
Number of occurrences230 10 0 0 0 13
Number of authors2 1 1

Occurrences of zechariah in Corpus

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Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
dea, there wis a priest ca'ed Zechariah, o the order o Abiah, an his on page 79
heilans o Judah. She gaed tae Zechariah's hoose an met in wi Lizzie. on page 80
an they were gyan tae caa him Zechariah, efter his fadder. Bit his mi on page 81
s, e wird o God cam tae Jock, Zechariah's loon oot i the roch cuntra. on page 83
e bleed o Abel till e bleed o Zechariah, fa perisht atween e aaltar a on page 101

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Ulster-Scots Language Society Tha Fower Gospels, (Ullans Press 2016 ISBN: 978-1-905281-25-1) Ulster, prose
thair wus thïs preesht caad Zechariah. Noo he belanged til tha pree on page 69
Judea. Up she cum thonner tae Zechariah's hoose, an toul Lïzbeth ït on page 70
Strecht aff Zechariah fun hïs tung an stairtit gie on page 71
d spauk tae Jhone, tha sinn o Zechariah, oot on tha muirs. on page 73
llin o Abel tae tha kïllin o Zechariah atween tha althar an tha hoos on page 91

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