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Occurrences of deemed in Corpus sorted by first letter of following word

Lallans - SEC p ootside the boonds o whit's deemed acceptable bi whaever happens
Lallans - SWE ffen no at the richt times as deemed by
Lallans - GLA fae anywhere we - or anyone deemed close enough tae us tae warra
Lallans - GLA e whitever troubles it wis he deemed insurmountable, but aw he lef
Lallans - LAL een the film yesterday wad be deemed richt gremmar in Soothron.
Lallans - WCE ellor Broon, wance ironbound, Deemed tae be unsinkable,
Lallans - LAL on 27 Mairch 2001. Scots wis deemed tae meet the Chairter's defin
Lallans - LAL by the UK Government, it wis deemed that
Lallans - LAL e other big school - the wan deemed too rough fur a mousey lassie