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Occurrences of teeny in Corpus sorted by first letter of following word

Doric - MNA ttie - mebbe tell her a fyow teeny, weeny jokes. An Ah'll stick
Central - SEC r discrete faimily units. Her teeny coffin wis pulled oantae a tr
Southern - SEA t anxiously amang th trees, a teeny shairp bark jist ower hur hei
Doric - MNA aa reed an rumpled leukin; is teeny taes an at het little hannie
Central - WCE o, but if a lassie dis even a teeny tiny wan by accident she's th
Central - LALerrified, even whin she wiz a teeny wee kitten. Used tae gie me a
Central - SEC ie telt him, 'Special anes - teeny wee lions, teigers an ellyfan
Central - LAL the Scottish leaches are jist teeny wee things ... No the big yin