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Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - GUL ction anent tha Richts o Ilka Wean2015
Ulster - GUL Rock tha Wee Wean2008
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Southern - SWE arrior grew dark as a tinkler wean2009
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - PUL Ma mammie larned me fae a wean2011
Ulster - EUL@hilarymcc7 wean2019
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Central - SEC yabbled awaa Ti his dochter's wean2017
Ulster - SYN Step-wean2021
Central - LAL Mither left tae rear the wean 2010
Central - LAL eh wis feirt as a wean 2003
Central - LAL And efter, ilka singil wean 2016
Central - SWE Wee lass, wee brent-new wean 2021
Central - SWE aboot her youngest wean 2021
Ulster - PUL Ma mammie larned me fae a wean 2021
Central - LAL And for the sake o bairn and wean 2016
Ulster - GUL can gie a place tae 0.8 of a wean!2015
Ulster - GUL haein tae cover my lugs as a wean!2014
Ulster - SYN ien ye birth an nurst ye as a wean!" An he sayed bak tae hir, "B2016
Central - LAL ake. Ye cannae dae that tae a wean! Ah'm gaun oot, and she's com2021
Central - SWE huv broke! She's gonnae huv a wean! Help!"2003
Central - LALme tae her freens as her "wee wean" and mindin me o' the times s2021
Central - LALlishing buik 'Diary o a Wimpy Wean', translated intae Scots by @2019
Central - LALtherin aboot 'Diary o a Wimpy Wean'. Get tickets here: https://t2019
Central - LALn - Glesga overspill - say 'wean' but Lithgae born husband say2017
Central - LAL'Diary of a Wimpy Wean' is comin oot oan 20th Septem2018
Central - GLA the presents they brung. That wean'll get spoilt rotten. At leas2009
Central - GLA the minute yous fund oot the wean's a lassie you're oot the doo2009
Central - LAL Ane is the television in the wean's bedroom. Wirkin-cless faimi2002
Ulster - SYN n no be fït tae taak tae tha wean's boarn. But thïs'll cum abo2016
Central - GLA oon ahint the bagwash and the wean's chante po. 2021
Central - LAL 'As lang as the wean's healthy.' 2021
Central - GLA eads and waved them above the wean's heid, mutterin some stuff a2009
Central - WCE r the size o a sausage at the wean's heid and rowsted, 'Ye look 2019
Central - SWE in Sister! At least until the wean's heid appears, anen ma2003
Central - GLA But yer wean's push chair 2021
Central - SWE rents ettlin tae cope wi thir wean's severe disabilities. Fae bi2005
Central - GLA u turn up and tell them their wean's the new Dalai Lama? The bes2009
Central - SWE thick as a wean's wrist. 2021
Southern - SEAit comes. Biggest faff having wean(s) and no car, eh?2020
Central - LAL chitter like a peerie greetin wean,2008
Central - WCE ter mauchless yins, delt ilka wean,2022
Ulster - EUL Than whun we bate a halpless wean,2017
Central - WCE ’s wean’s wean,2021
Central - GLA air do's," sez the Gruffalo's Wean,2021
Central - LAL A third place set oot for the wean,2018
Central - WCE oked at Matilda. She seen the wean, 2019
Central - SWE nce A didnae speak Scots as a wean, 2021
Ulster - PUL Anither a winged, fair-faced wean, 2020
Central - LAL e same when ye ainlie huv wan wean,' ah say. 2021
Central - LAL "That wean,' said Granda Jock, pokin his2016
Central - LAL e been at this since ah wis a wean,' she said, openin hur blue, 2021
Central - SWE the new arrival. A new-boarn wean, a fallen angel, an a comatos2003
Ulster - GUL An a packet o crisps for the wean, ah aye it was the very thing2020
Central - LAL and he'll ride tae Hell. As a wean, ah cannae remember Mammy no 2021
Central - GLA nce tae the tic when he wis a wean, ah dare say he tried tae kno2021
Ulster - SYN angel haed sayed aboot thïs wean, an aa that haed happent. An 2016
Central - LAL ony o the rhymes ye sang as a wean, an forbye hou some hesna the2008
Ulster - PUL d a skippin raip whun A wus a wean, an guid use A made ot fur A 2021
Ulster - SYN that, Lïzbeth wus tae hae a wean, an sae she stapt ïn tha hoo2016
Ulster - GUL Whanivver A wus jist a wean, A taaked leck a wean, A unn2012
Ulster - GUL , A unnèrstuid leck a wean, A thocht leck a wean: whaniv2012
Ulster - GUL , A taaked leck a wean, A unnèrstuid leck a wean, A2012
Southern - SWEt, napper, fit, haun, schuil, wean, bairn, piece, skelp, plook, 2020
Central - WCEtae, im fae Lanarkshire i say wean, bit huv friends further nort2021
Ulster - PUL ar aa awa by tha time A wus a wean, bit ma granfaither kep a wee2013
Central - LAL singin intae a hairbrush as a wean, but efter 2021
Ulster - CUL An' I'm as hearty's a wean, but for these dam't oul pain2004
Central - LAL Even when she wis a wean, Cathy treated me like sommat2021
Central - LAL picked up Daddy's razor as a wean, cuttin ma haun tae the bone.2021
Central - SEC that I grew up with as a wee wean, dreepin aff the fairm dyke, 2019
Central - SWE ie at the table like it wis a wean, maudling and greetin’ like2011
Central - GLA an that are aw fussin oer the wean, me an Uncle Tommy head oot w2017
Ulster - PUL buriet Grace an their unboarn wean, nixt Dan in tha grave, an ef2013
Central - LAL 'Dinnae argue, dear wean, please dinnae argue!' cried 2016
Doric - MNA appiness. He'd bin an adopted wean, reared in Glesga bi a douce 2007
Central - GLA e in years. No since ah wis a wean, right. Know wit the cunt use2017
Central - GLA he granny. 'She's a beautiful wean, right enough, good as gold. 2009
Central - LAL ven though she ainlie hud wan wean, she hud a lot o pals. Ah've 2021
Central - WCE onnae dae somethin aboot this wean, she tellt hersel. Ah dinnae 2019
Central - GLA Noo, wee G, the wean, wiz pure gallus an tough,2021
Central - WCE ers me. Though ye look like a wean, ye're no really a wean at aw2019
Central - GLA y the pineapple when he wis a wean - a baby; his maw, a junkie 2020
Central - SWE Yer big, bricht wean-like een 2021
Central - LAL k o the tin ah treasured as a wean - unlike Cathy, who hud a mi2021
Central - LAL as a term o endearment fir a wean - usually a wee, 2018
Central - GLA Oor John. Oor only wean.2021
Ulster - PUL ce an no 5p like whun A wus a wean.2013
Central - WCE ’ll pass these words tae ma wean.2021
Ulster - GUL the Wean.2022
Central - GLA How no?" said the Gruffalo's wean.2021
Central - GLA n it in his airms, like a wee wean.2021
Central - AYR the bed ah bawled like a wee wean.2021
Ulster - EUL An A hae wife an wean.2017
Ulster - SYN kep on tellin thaim aboot tha wean.2016
Central - LAL@Douglas4Moray Poor wee wean.2020
Ulster - PUL It was aften in my lugs as a wean.2018
Central - GLA ose!" screamed the Gruffalo's Wean.2021
Ulster - GUL ction anent tha Richts o Ilka Wean.2015
Ulster - GUL ction anent tha Richts o Ilka Wean.2015
Ulster - GUL ction anent tha Richts o Ilka Wean.2015
Central - GLA ight, cool yer jets," sez the wean.2021
Central - GLA enna me," gret the Gruffalo's wean.2021
Central - WCE couple couldnae control thur wean. 2012
Central - LAL t's blood, pish, water or the wean. 2021
Central - WCE arlene's ma wis gaunnae huv a wean. 2021
Central - WCE Mither, faither, an the wean. 2006
Central - LAL Best wi ma ain fowk bear the wean. 2010
Central - SWE A stirrin wean. 2009
Central - AYR inn oot ma name ye's keep the wean." Sae the haill nicht lang sh2002
Central - LAL line... ever since she wis a wean.' 2021
Central - GLA k that have been tae see this wean. Ah'd forgotten whit it wis l2009
Central - WCE ontae me cause she loves that wean. Ah sent her umpteen texts ex2021
Central - NEC re a jeelie piece for her wee wean. And sae she plotted tae malk2005
Ulster - SYN her, she fun oot she wus wi a wean. An ït wus bi tha Halie Spï2016
Central - WCE things tae tell ye aboot this wean. Can ah please say whit happe2019
Central - LALtie taen wae thur dug an thur wean. Did ye see thum?2020
Central - WCE mal five-and-a-hauf-year-auld wean. On the ootside there wis nae2019
Central - LAL in wumman an her peeliewallie wean. Staunin hauf wey up the stre2013
Ulster - EULre the imagination of the big wean. The poem Snaw-breaker is lik2020
Central - GLA Couldnae get enough o it as a wean. They callt me Edith Tango Mc2020
Central - SEC Berwick once she’d had the wean. Weel she had the wean and lo2015
Central - GLA t wasnae clear if she wis hur wean. Ye can find oot aw sorts oan2020
Central - GLA sed tae read me when ah wis a wean. ‘This place is somethin el2021
Central - LAL rs haes juist had a . . . wee wean.’2009
Central - LAL Sir . . . She’s juist had a wean.’ blurtit the messenger.2009
Central - GLA is nae place fur bringin up a wean.’ McDade sais.2021
Ulster - GUL , A thocht leck a wean: whanivver A wus man-growed, 2012
Ulster - GUL vention oan the Richts o' the Wean; an:2022
Central - LAL man airmy whan nae mair nor a wean?2022
Central - LAL O your beloved ain dear wean? 2016
Ulster - PUL ye, Joey? An hoo' tha wife an wean?" 2021
Central - GLA 'Whit did they cry the wean?' says ma da.2009
Southern - SEAWeaning the wean ???? https://t.co/73mcuB9a882020
Ulster - EUL Tha wean? Ach, he'll be fine. 2017
Central - WCE A wis ticklish whin a wis a wean A'm shair maist e' yis wis je2012
Central - WCElatest wurds. ?? When a wis a wean a did git called a big skinny2021
Ulster - PUL run wasnae guid. Grace was wi wean agane an wee Dan cud dae wi a2013
Central - WCE hbull wisnae a body tae gie a wean a hale chocolate cake jist oo2019
Ulster - GUL An said "Whit a guid wean am I"!2008
Central - WCE The burd an’ the wean an' the dug an' me Aw settl't2012
Central - WCE , ah said, It wis a pure ugly wean an aw an it wis pure climbin 2021
Central - LAL in it fur the first time as a wean and hinkin Jesus must huv bee2021
Central - LAL is Mammy's advice tae me as a wean and hoo she comforted me when2021
Central - SEC . Weel she had the wean and lo and behold Jack Riley 2015
Central - LALrobably the only exercise the wean an his faither will get aw ye2020
Central - WCE we talked aboot her wee gran wean an how he'd be gaun tae schoo2021
Central - LAL n then she wis gaun tae hiv a wean an it wis in aw the papers. E2013
Central - LAL yung wumman cuddlin a lauchin wean an Rab didnae hae tae read th2013
Ulster - SYN knowin whut wus gan on, tuk a wean an set hïm doon aside hïm. 2016
Central - WCE ke it cause Charlene is a big wean an she collects stuff lik tha2021
Central - WCE e had bad feet when she was a wean an she managed tae get her fe2020
Central - WCE e had bad feet when she was a wean an she managed tae get her fe2021
Central - LAL ae my Ayrshire backgrund as a wean an the knawledge that the lei2011
Central - GLA parent wid tae a recalcitrant wean an turns the tellie oan. ‘A2021
Central - WCE else will she test us on?' a wean asked. 2019
Central - LALly question he got wis when a wean asked him if he “had an aunt2020
Central - WCE e bittie and watchin ower the wean as she slowly roused hersel f2019
Central - LALrns sleep. “Gie the pram/cot/wean a wee shoogle”.2020
Central - WCE nits wan time when she wis a wean before she came tae stay in R2020
Central - GLA nae start his speil aboot the wean bein the new lama. He shuffle2009
Ulster - GUL biggit aroun' an Ulster-Scots wean boarn in 2022. The milestanes2022
Southern - SWEots. Ah'm 54 noo (still a big wean but) and got tellt aff, humil2020
Central - GLA A tiny scrap o wean cam birlin oot 2021
Central - SEC nothin better to do until the wean comes back frae the shop wi t2014
Central - SWE Prodissants! If thon wean comes oot while the nun's pra2003
Central - WCE 0's they can save fur the new wean comin. She said naw though. I2021
Ulster - SYN ngdom o God tha same wye as a wean daes, wull no get ïn ava."2016
Central - GLA Nae merr wiz the Gruffalo's Wean dead bored . . .2021
Central - LAL durin a ‘scramble’... no a wean either, a grown wummin!2018
Central - GLA r faces. The sound ay the wee wean fae doon the stair greetin co2021
Central - WCE Hung the wean fae his penthoose pad, 2006
Central - DUN s a bairn at the schuil (or a wean fer aw ye on the ither side t2017
Central - LAL happy soun o a lusty greitin wean filled the stairwell. Upstair2009
Central - SWE n. Will A stey at hame wi the wean fir the week? A wisnae too su2001
Central - GLA At least the wean gat some dignity in death, ah2020
Ulster - PUL wun. It soondit a bit lake a wean girnin, an it wus comin frae 2021
Central - GLA you're daein? You've made the wean greet, wavin they rosary bead2009
Central - LAL efter aicht hours sleep. The wean had suckled first time, an th2009
Central - GLA 'That wean has been here afore,' ma da s2009
Ulster - PUL imagined community" I mind as wean has tholed. Nae doobt there'l2018
Ulster - PUL Ivery man, woman, wean he cud fin2009
Central - LAL at tae thinkin aboot whit the wean hid seyd. An the mair she tho2011
Central - GLA e noo.” he sais, “Get the wean his coat fur school an ye kin2021
Central - GLA quid so’s she could get the wean his jayket.2021
Ulster - PUL akers I mind fae whan I was a wean houl their wheest noo, for th2018
Central - SWE ye no tell? A'd've hid ma ain wean if only A could've, an at the2001
Central - GLA explain tae the lamas that a wean in a cot wi pink frilly cover2009
Ulster - CUL tae mine tha birth o tha wee wean in Bethlehem, an efter aa, He2011
Central - LAL the leid which he mindit as a wean in the carse,2022
Central - GLA amas, who stood smilin at the wean in the cradle.2009
Central - WCE tilda. 'Ah doubt there is wan wean in the hale schuil wha's read2019
Central - LAL factory, ilka man, wummin and wean in the Heedrum-Hodrum clan. I2016
Southern - SWEennox Braw! Fair hope the big wean in ye fins it cantie an no or2020
Central - WCE convince theirsels that their wean is a genius. 2019
Central - LAL e clearest memory ah huv as a wean is gaun tae wan q Daddy's lau2021
Central - LAL eat, or whan a twal-year auld wean is shot deid for playin wi a 2014
Central - WCE ndamental human richt o every wean is the richt tae learn in the2021
Central - WCE Dumfounert wi wunner, the wean juist stared. 2006
Southern - WCE Dumfounert wi wunner, the wean juist stared. 2009
Central - SEC h? He didnae say it, bit ilka wean kent he wis claikin aboot gau2004
Central - GLA The Gruffalo's Wean let him oot fae her fist.2021
Central - LAL id will ever cam fae spilin a wean like that. Chairlie, you list2016
Central - WCE wid be ridiculous tae leave a wean like that in the bottom class2019
Ulster - PUL II. Tha Wean MacCassey 2020
Ulster - CUL eeds - because A yince wus a wean maesel, an thocht oul Santa w2011
Central - GLA there when ah kin? Well, the wean needed a new jayket fur the s2021
Central - LAL hit ivery twa seiconts. Lik a wean needin tae pick at a dry scab2021
Ulster - GUL The Wean o' 2022 - The Adult o' 20422022
Ulster - GUL The Wean o' 2022 - The Adult o' 2042 2022
Central - LAL 'm aboot tae pop oot ma third wean oan a ferry and thocht ma hus2021
Central - LAL a wumman. 'Ma sister hud hur wean oan a tram, and she'd nae bot2021
Central - GLA door open. She’s balancin a wean oan her hip, tyin her hair in2021
Central - LAL * She's a wean oan the wey2015
Southern - SWE whae kens the exact meenit a wean onywhaur in the warl coups do2020
Central - LAL ere is a law against hingin a wean oot a touer windae," Judge St2021
Central - LALhe heid!' Whether ye cry them wean or bairns, they'll love this 2018
Ulster - PUL randa, Sammil Madonal wus tha wean o Roderick's femlie, an he wu2021
Central - GLA ,’ he sais, ‘You’re the wean Pearcey. Ticket sais yer four2021
Central - GLA , dae ye?’ the burd wae the wean sais.2021
Central - GLA ae the blade. A wummin an her wean see whit’s happenin an abou2020
Central - GLA rough the wee cunt's fit. The wean shites himself an staggers ba2017
Central - LALNae wean shud go hungry!! ??2020
Central - WCE a, Ah cannae wait tae huv the wean so's ah can get a cooncil hoo2021
Ulster - SYN n Lïzbeth's time cum for tha wean tae be boarn, she haed a wee 2016
Central - LAL open. The doactor haunds the wean tae Donald. 2021
Central - LAL 'It'd be nice tae huv a wean tae play fitbaw wi,' Donald r2021
Central - WCE sae gie the wean tae she."2022
Central - WCEabsence cause a wis telt as a wean tae speak "proper English"!2021
Central - GLA That will send yer wean tae the bottom 2021
Central - LALsconception that encouragin a wean tae yaise Scots will mean tha2019
Central - WCE st jealous cause you're a wee wean that's probly no even got a h2021
Central - NEC laughin and slaverin like the wean that he wis, thrappled the br2005
Central - WCE Ah wis juist a wean though, nevvir knew like. 2006
Ulster - SYN ïngdom o Heiven?" ?He caad a wean til hïm an stud hïm amang t2016
Central - LALtewartbremner Ah’d shoogle a wean to soothe them tae sleep!2018
Ulster - EUL ed his four weans. The oulest wean was Fionnuala an they saed sh2021
Central - LAL fae ma faither an mither as a wean wes the ane that gaes, "Thaim2011
Central - GLA and similar times, be it as a wean when ma granny or mither wis 2021
Central - LAL wean who moves here is askin fur t2021
Ulster - EUL That's a good yin :) I hae a wean wi an iPhone headed for the l2020
Central - LAL 'Wha's the wean wi a pictur o the Lane Ranger2016
Central - SWE tho maybies aa the ferlie a wean wid hae. 2009
Central - LAL pans and the machines like a wean wi his presents at Yule, no k2016
Central - WCE or mither believe that their wean wis a pure gomach. Miss Honey2019
Central - WCE is how Matilda wanted it. The wean wis in sic a dwam that she ba2019
Central - GLA be dead disappointed that the wean wisnae the new lama but they 2009
Central - GLA 'Know how thon wean wisnae the new lama – is th2009
Central - LAL mmat tae leave behind. Bein a wean wis wan o the happiest times 2021
Central - WCE gh nicht school when ma first wean wis wee. Got me oot the hoose2013
Ulster - SYN e sleep wi hir til eftèr tha wean wus boarn. An he caad hïm bi2016
Central - LALblishing’s ‘Diary o a Wimpy Wean’, signed by @ClashCityClarky2019
Central - LAL nd wird fur ‘child’ is ‘wean’: at hert, a contraction o 2021
Central - WCE ’s grandwean’s wean’s grandwean,2021
Central - WCE randwean’s weans, and their wean’s grandweans,2021
Central - WCE randwean’s weans, and their wean’s grandweans,2021
Central - WCE And their wean’s grandwean’s wean’s gr2021
Central - GLA ating a golf club fae another wean’s possession. ‘ah’ll br2020
Central - GLA The wee burd wae the wean’s staunin oot in the street2021
Central - WCE nd the words wull pass tae ma wean’s wean’s wean,2021