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Author matching small dialect region

Sutherland, Hazel matching with South West (Galloway)

Total unique words from Sutherland, Hazel = 548
Total unique words from South West (Galloway) = 8,094
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 68.5%
Overlap total : 31.5%
Dialect only total: 68.5%
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Sutherland, Hazel South West (Galloway)
ta hay inta dir grund dess my rake middle turn dan dad right hard mam ready dat haand toon just don't ten aroond grinnd rakin rigs trow yet rig weet scurtfoos same bundle sheep fore rain green grows girse dis finger pooin light o'clock line peerie dry wind laid lower set tap keen let height one face stuff flop name colled mam's dew dem hadd waitin blue watchin bare haandle best until haes palm i'm shape short work endless byre ladder flick edge tuggin black sides higher bigged broon ditches comes open roond coles past gadderin roogs now walk shut keep pokin gets nets bent more every place ahint creamy always size job spreadin gently order legs enough for'ard done dryness freshness start park daa's smell granny held wye night tagidder kishie knee front carried carryin ropes da an a in wi o oot it up i doon on wir me to for we fae ower his as him wis at get back aa he is but een again be no afore like it's aff aye wid auld first day hae time so are sun when mair tae till bit can hoose some noo if will by her lik nae the and ye that ma they ah yer oan or this she frae fir us whit wee their aboot oor of yin aw its them jist sae then bi s intae there were yon thir whaur man ken lang cam here still see fur ain hame scots life fowk dae could throu whan watter wey new think kent mind weel goes come hud men ither thon say had days maist been got licht years awa did was efter while wur anither d said went deid mr faither wad ee wha loch haed even how muckle a'm ae tho things road year tak nicht nor pit you thing heid through warld mibbe yir scotland mak near lass stanes twa big history syne anen thocht scottish sea three roon ah'm bricht thegither ther seen thair telt never last fire
68.5% 31.5% 68.5%