A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Sinclair, James matching with Donegal (East Donegal)

Total unique words from Sinclair, James = 457
Total unique words from Donegal (East Donegal) = 49
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the right to process, only going through the top 49 words
Author only total : 93.9%
Overlap total : 6.1%
Dialect only total: 93.9%
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Sinclair, James Donegal (East Donegal)
da o a his wis wi in fur dey ower he on willie dat oot up aff muckle i hit her ta we as dir sea sail lang wirkin cam tide set aw du day yun wid roond wind heid wadder licht richt wan be waves an tae fae n yi wurds yae thi ahm cosmic ainly but say cin send brek haets peerie-wee missin currys nearly ready lovin aboot whizzin thur waye thum hunnurs step inside itchin nonwurds when eejit grinnin lik jaggin mi stewin ahv gote ah slices banana skin wae cardomon waant
93.9% 6.1% 93.9%