A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Sinclair, James matching with West Central

Total unique words from Sinclair, James = 457
Total unique words from West Central = 19,526
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 72.0%
Overlap total : 28.0%
Dialect only total: 72.0%
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Sinclair, James West Central
dey willie dat muckle hit ta dir sea sail wirkin cam tide set du yun roond wind wadder licht waves whin beach shu baa wey sam taes cowld feet feelin trowe een dem boats lobsters hailed saw herd creel point let dere sees peerie hed mak stroods itill warm sailed convoys wheelhouse dis gale voice naa boy boys darkenin turn skipper micht dan fell ida filt waitin white geordie high watter yet tap ran inta mark lowrie shiver fower broo settin limpit tumbled geed tree story sixteen peir wir noosts abune fifty goes syne twal arcangel creels mony lashed skiff blawin survive wasterly swell bulderation joost runnin lobster war shott comes side braaly fathom desel baal in-anunder banks takkin stuck brakkin likly baet february airms whaar sayin enoch winnin window yunder yes nineteen rescue hoop barents handrails u aeroplanes ice shivel exe shingly waaters da an o a his wis wi in fur tae ower he on oot up aff i her we as lang aw fae day wid heid richt wan be lik s twa mind nae no afore how doon aa you come could back him said got still whaur year can get aboot is big by though the ah it she that ma and but me ye at whit they this ae or when jist then yi cause wee if miss it's dae us aye oor there like yer for wur pure honey been so had time them think oan ah'm intae even are she's mair see went noo that's didnae huv say go some bit their did yir wha never ti scots hae auld hud here school ken want don't thir he's fir frae wisnae right cannae first know gaun tell were pit bi dinnae hoose of class well guid made awa same sae again man than says ah've thing ah'd somethin way gie new really naw only d couldnae faither ain its gettin dead thon tolt fowk weel two daein three efter roon through juist til thaim folk tak ither will things took face gaunnae ah'll seen she'd bein
72.0% 28.0% 72.0%