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Ritch, Paolo matching with South West (Galloway)

Total unique words from Ritch, Paolo = 136
Total unique words from South West (Galloway) = 8,094
analysis words = 200
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Author only total : 72.8%
Overlap total : 27.2%
Dialect only total: 72.8%
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Ritch, Paolo South West (Galloway)
dat ta laek ae war yaeh ould fowt last willie supp tales sweethert stops says dutchman staundin boy redder stoot don blockeet amp dere sat just prunkit lugs sowel end tale waitin all burn lay forget' neebit spak lest veesitin cataract clug poor drinkin tink mony dan weepy wipit gaff gie gaerdie related trow soond duntin bom dutch non dey stories gale hunder ston blinnd pillows proppit cataracts cleem nineteen trenches livin greater gift rank number neem which gunner heavy ypres somme campaigns maust artillery im haddock line took solans hailin meenit boddam so asked lift wan nixt passchendaele da a an i he at o wi mind wis on we as could fur tae his or some wid back ower oor aff noo s time oot whan it wir cam up een still aboot day the in and ye that ma is they but her ah yer oan this no she be frae aa me fir nae us hae for like whit wee their auld fae bit doon of yin by if aw mair are when its it's them jist sae aye then bi intae him there were yon thir whaur man ken get can lang here see lik ain to hame afore scots life fowk will dae throu watter wey new think kent weel goes come hud men ither thon say had till days maist been got licht years awa did was first
72.8% 27.2% 72.8%