A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Purdie, David C. matching with North Northern B (Caithness)

Total unique words from Purdie, David C. = 2,969
Total unique words from North Northern B (Caithness) = 3,450
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 69.0%
Overlap total : 31.0%
Dialect only total: 69.0%
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Purdie, David C. North Northern B (Caithness)
tae it ian that ye til aa wes cherlie juist telt ernie this whan said it's wee haed hae whit auld frae laddie awa mair gin nivver intil doun i'm ower twa thair nae you he's whaur street aye bi lik of thare ti gang i'll nor aff yon wullie guid ony wull braw bus cuid lang s seen son sae ane jyner man wey gaun syne thocht he'd new wad like syme says that's i've siller us grant thaim bluidy thegither ae speirt hecky ir gettin wha there nou cried mcbain naethin young drame oor tak warkin mornin stertit i'd thae suez janny wir kent clancy dae muckle gowden ain nicht bugger nixt to whit's lest scobie poems duin men timmer kis job thrie cam glesgy cuidna warld skuil ainly neist trip its gey dumb alang rovers the an a o in he wis i on for wi him up at his but no oot they we is be got get or aboot ma as me back weel time efter day richt and see bit yer ken been here pit then say ye're afore door fae noo white didna went dinna them ither their come micht she could mind e till id sade ee her all hed so what awful iss peedy wan doon lek if again hev hersel air do wid thoucht when off were queen intill king ah how by who a'm turtle mock hatter ids gryphon voice are heid began think go way joost meenad id's only thing first some more wheech much a'll never rabbit looked mosst came roond any beeg two quite moosie will duchess oh such moose wance wisna did can oer why tone last at's couldna found long tell march canna next cat hare a've heard made nothin look lookan great things too seemed soon replied poor three eyes caterpillar near while make same good than should sure withoot took goan anither air's find widna added take ever felt hedna sort boot yit gettan words half asked wish course feet
69.0% 31.0% 69.0%