A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Perrie, Walter matching with Central

Total unique words from Perrie, Walter = 406
Total unique words from Central = 68,434
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 62.5%
Overlap total : 37.5%
Dialect only total: 62.5%
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Perrie, Walter Central
tod stoat mrs mankind earth has hoo spile aul lion suin till hen seas crack seik wuid naitur pooer isna maun young leeve began caa steer he'd roon baist disease fell man's stert ahint walked asteer ever hunt use truce man'd snare gun run whittrick kind ploo there's knew theirs mice grain price tholed forbye thieve werena kintra dozent nab cud craiturs believe ye'd bittie orra grieve hunners throve money-men fat duck naither siclike wearie trek mile doos fun fairmers sport hell concrete cities ned daith scarcely wanders turn glesca species blue midges hielant multiplees flees shite bairn ill-bred wants girns witless bizzan living air ancestors answer dee we're hard sile pest age scythe dees mankind's millions countless oors become spring glaur edge gain yaird an the a tae but for o he wi man oor is us his nor wha on there juist whit or s like frae are at was it in wad ony we had ain they were no fowk that aa their by still nae wan can if never he's oan aye even when mair i sae him doon noo thaim your wee whaur get day wis wey tell and that's see its it's some ither ah ye as she ma be her this said aw me up oot scots aboot fae fur jist hae ae back ti been ower them intae yer dae time you then bit ken aff auld here richt got guid ay whan awa will bi than of weel efter muckle heid say wes scotland so twa ane could lang think yin afore wid come first to pit did cam again tak mak thocht maist wae big thair gaun made d haes hoose mind thon gie language mr m fir bein gin says year how new went micht eh syne thing want nou thi yi didnae my anither door hud life through ah'm go english dinnae hame cause kent huv same things seen scottish look three fer
62.5% 37.5% 62.5%