A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Bolland, John matching with South East (Borders)

Total unique words from Bolland, John = 904
Total unique words from South East (Borders) = 8,439
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 64.5%
Overlap total : 35.5%
Dialect only total: 64.5%
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Bolland, John South East (Borders)
wiz fae derek like seyd thon night mars where bars road lexwell mi mebbe twa you wisnae light aff close fuckin hid even grass masel dark kept come yer dad space so love enough again right them jonjo damp bar behind burn nuts past chain far had else towards glug sensed swing now cried didnae black milky cowboy thing see linwood comin couldnae themselves fast wan thir know low draw us cauld drive same wifey left bus dizzy more middle screamin son tay every well brediland avenue fuck ury who catch dry baith door keep neither years docks lassies young through aat streetlamp waitin one below green voices bank high git rope colour structure plastic livin monkey am room another bag case hung across made onyhow ablo shoulda things the an a o ah ma in tae s on it he doon oot that there wi up bi me bit her as fur intae jist nae we then or d aa she ye when thit back i ay faither this and their get be ken ower for whit auld were is noo wee which no his but if aye oan kent could time at some been oor side dae him th eet ae said wis was ee hed frae hei hur hae aw whan ti wur til aboot b' whae sae they yin hoose richt thum thair say heid lik ferm afore mair gaun fair day twae efter agin thocht awa here went gie juist chinese hersel guid mynd ither would awfy yid thar hir nou borth owre mei thay lang wei dinnae - queen intil ir schuil got sterted ah'm eer off weil tyme bade scots sic can how roond tell king n did ain sei gaed ane iz doun thaim wull eet's than turtle eets of ick mock end scott oo micht waitter yeir gryphon gin yon hame hatter voice hing hink wheen faimlie are mrs anenst bei um mairch meenit haes tak anither hawick roberton from
64.5% 35.5% 64.5%