A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Graham, Laurence matching with Shetland

Total unique words from Graham, Laurence = 94
Total unique words from Shetland = 14,527
analysis words = 200
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Author only total : 73.4%
Overlap total : 26.6%
Dialect only total: 73.4%
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Graham, Laurence Shetland
whaar never haand dy flans loard hadd fitful emmers hert frae black blaa wind sall seas winds lang dees head dayset d far nor hings haaf's till kindly lang-santet skies wins wastern lour glöd blatterin lippen sail lippnin lycht wast look some hamely life smoors langer slokk numb blöd yatlin oh flannin tochts borne ert faer cauld abön furr lonlie trowe wind-skordet rim ploo grit red daylycht reeb pray da ower in an aa o at nae fae mair back doon my bit s laek i dere on come as dat dir afore a wis ta he wi tae is dey her said it be dis his you shö wir him du dem hit we up oot me whit aboot wid no for or fur fir but peerie dan so if shü hae whin wye cam time dee een can see noo hed weel der day the aff shaetlan man göd been idder and ken english twa wan richt sam ir awa ony
73.4% 26.6% 73.4%