A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Robson, Euan matching with West Central

Total unique words from Robson, Euan = 250
Total unique words from West Central = 19,526
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 65.5%
Overlap total : 34.5%
Dialect only total: 65.5%
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Robson, Euan West Central
hid thocht fan started ony di fit hame affa something couldna masel music days mither ornaments bits far broken ane gone getting door didna kitchen tele gonna fair een rake hiv best mantelpiece great lookit cupboards clock fizog to skweel sare look keep wisna too gi dump bin brak meant telt die accident upset due scaffies admit hidna mare believe onywye mended housework panicking wye quick morn future glue hunreds cracks sweep hauf impress gaen afroe muckle foo ben athing pittin beans fowr fridge mak fine five broon tins loaf carried newspaper tea else own bad naething wiser notice confess deein gathered walit thegither asked guessed nane polish length abidy niver choie alane once better na feelin sorry skin dry straight neck chest temperature high peelie wally six reid beetroot chapped a the wis tae i and it she o ma wid so on her be in an jist fir me there that some but aff time been nae pit wi could them as at got see up bit then through took back were weel went ken fae richt really for aboot s his say intae even sae face awa didnae oot noo ower had hoose are twa first three ah said he ye aw is no fur we whit they this ae or when yi cause wee if miss it's dae him us aye get wan oor like yer wur pure honey how you think doon oan day can ah'm she's by mair lik that's huv go big their did yir wha never ti scots hae auld hud here da come school want don't thir he's still frae wisnae right cannae aa know gaun tell bi dinnae of class heid well guid made year though same again man than says ah've thing mind ah'd somethin way gie new naw only d couldnae faither ain its gettin dead thon tolt fowk two daein efter roon lang juist til thaim afore folk tak ither will whaur things gaunnae ah'll seen she'd bein
65.5% 34.5% 65.5%