A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Burgess, Wilson matching with South East (Borders)

Total unique words from Burgess, Wilson = 1,614
Total unique words from South East (Borders) = 8,439
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 62.5%
Overlap total : 37.5%
Dialect only total: 62.5%
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Burgess, Wilson South East (Borders)
an' o' mae yae fir man bae yir wiz wae al' nivir whin think so see still go had life wir thir wi' come big ah'll its agaen know wid a' git he'll will that's owl men tak' sam burnquarter them sure it's han' bak' th' sit worl' hear bother luk lik' years place says oul what schule boys left laik mony far happy nicht money want oul' shure och aff toon lint days ploughman shud yisterdays yaes made ulster free ca'n baen roon ah'd seen net ah' rain gae hard rin wullie same met quare robby whir tuk poor gaen sen' set car he'd best half cannae yae'll mill lot air soon lan' work caul pulled better summer ullans thon only ah'il maybe thru' the a tae ah in hae an haes it on that he for is they but noo we at hir wee me as this frae she oot dae sae ye doon aboot no got up jist time nae him oor be ah'm whit if or wis bit day tell yin some can guid say gie when are there hame lang aye his did get then efter wi anither mair her micht thocht thit ir here th o eet ae i said was ma ee fur s hed hei hur aw oan whan ti wur til b' whae hoose richt thum back thair heid ken auld lik ferm afore were gaun fair ay and twae agin awa went juist chinese ower bi hersel mynd ither would awfy yid thar nou borth owre mei thay kent wei dinnae could been intae - queen intil schuil sterted d eer off weil tyme bade scots sic how aa their roond king n ain sei gaed ane iz doun thaim wull eet's than turtle eets of ick mock end scott faither oo waitter yeir gryphon gin yon hatter voice hing hink wheen faimlie mrs anenst bei um mairch meenit which tak hawick roberton side from
62.5% 37.5% 62.5%