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Smyth, Anne matching with South West (Galloway)

Total unique words from Smyth, Anne = 155
Total unique words from South West (Galloway) = 8,094
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the left to process, only going through the top 155 words
Author only total : 70.3%
Overlap total : 29.7%
Dialect only total: 70.3%
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Smyth, Anne South West (Galloway)
luive disnae bot feck wean ll gin t gear thar haenae tholes leck syne m whanivver guid wus itsel nor daeins hert gate throch thaim ill fu tongues dyke tint proaphesy rin wittin snaa unnèrstuid thie bides hale masel feth tha foremaist withal howp leukkin-gless taaked thocht redd wull lanns man-growed buckt stime thenoo geegaws weans perfect riz mak muntains cud wye wittins lippen flit nayther fettle puir furtae gaun bestowe kines uncannie bress boast angels discoorse man-bodies less tinglin tak proaphecy hansel cymbal gie wyes blythe cast isnae aisie bes hert-gled lippens trows pits richt orra ava couthie oot-tak boadie lowe leuk blaa guide bum crouse craa proaphecies a an the o aa mair s hae we in tae ken be at jist ma its it is us whit nae oot as wi like up noo fur aff no awa weel kent oan still afore see or that fowk ower aye ee frae anither and ye wis they on but her his ah he yer this she me fir for i wee their auld aboot time fae bit doon oor of yin by if aw are when it's them sae then bi intae him there wir were day yon thir whaur man back get can lang cam here lik ain to hame een scots some life will dae could throu whan watter wey new think mind wid goes come hud men ither thon say had till days maist been da got licht years did was first efter while wur d said went deid mr again faither wad wha loch haed even how muckle
70.3% 29.7% 70.3%