A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Chalmers, Aimee matching with General Ulster

Total unique words from Chalmers, Aimee = 587
Total unique words from General Ulster = 6,157
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 76.5%
Overlap total : 23.5%
Dialect only total: 76.5%
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Chalmers, Aimee General Ulster
bike wuid for he ae ruth his billy judges had aff juist s d you bunter mind awa thocht went rinnin if her back cuid yersell ane river mither she ower terrace wuidnae closie him knees wasnae coat gae cam kirk ahent got my second never whit said cundie hurt sand yon claes first leviticus becomin joshua deuteronomy esther go bikes bonnie haud sais cellar let exodus genesis ee wey numbers braw windae bell will ken weet keep faither haunds eneuch roond far aw sunday heid turnt ready stood by meenit whan feet gey syne weel three shottie young days mirror return bad thou lift didnae wirds loose smile not toon licht thegither likit aye whiles queer bard elements stoppit held agin to thee rain quick same cuidnae fud gaun stanes god made face show even ma couldnae stick watchit thy deek people fair scuffed put crib alang ll greet corner een howders the ye yer was a o tae i it but an that be wye in up and on at nae there wee get wi doon like they guid me sae oot as hae richt then time fowk see thae oan til twa dae tak aa nor intae tha o' an' ulster-scots bae fer leid ulstèr-scotch fur thon wi' ir bes mair commonity forderin airlan heirskip hit shud this wus cultùr thair norlin oor pairt cultural we es boord curns waark penel fae wul daeins culture gie airts wud plen heft heirskeip frae yin hit's adae or bit can thaim pit roadin hes ain wull aboot new ither leids gien sector cud lear research public it's resources onie cultùral baag curn ap wae ulster-scotch media ettlin forebye commonities noo mak furtae set maist wheen identity tourism siccar fennin forder gye richts whut graith mak' place gyely tak' thaire haes monie fordèr maide cum maun differ pairts stairt oncum locail forrit uise education bein' needfu' airt unnèr-docht is cooncil recommendations resydentèr wur thrie kennin tim' claught national kintrie-pairt hefts taakin owre atween hannlins heftin baith hooiniver forbye yeir them airish fundin' example dinnae acroass eik no music thair's chairtèr lang lairnin anent
76.5% 23.5% 76.5%