A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Hutchison, Pat matching with South West (Galloway)

Total unique words from Hutchison, Pat = 3,971
Total unique words from South West (Galloway) = 8,094
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 45.5%
Overlap total : 54.5%
Dialect only total: 45.5%
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Hutchison, Pat South West (Galloway)
wiz hid jessie teen fin my fit wint wye made came tellt aifter saw mabel throwe heed aal douglas door lizzie though left started wisna doctor laird didna room sat sayin only gordon side mither richt affa jeemicky look next put looked face mistress because lassie lookin mornin fine cook ve beannie stood place far than found one eence gyan gyang tried broo couple catty bob ony dee faa bonny ontae comin t pain mrs fyowe heard gye wully let happened each used gweed opened gave fair couldna coal much war the tae a and o she her in he an it his that at d wi i as for on but fae s up him this aboot oot doon they been intae so back like there nae them ye be aa jist were ower time could got wee if wid by ma said get awa mair een big see their noo hoose some aff day then bit hame me afore or thocht come yer of man even first fire to did twa again you hae here last nicht years yin kent weel ae tak was lang ee things mind seen still mak its ain ither days pit anither three wis we is ah oan no frae fir us whit auld oor aw are when it's sae aye bi wir yon thir whaur ken can cam fur lik scots life fowk will dae throu whan watter wey new think goes hud men thon say had till maist da licht efter while wur went deid mr faither wad wha loch haed how muckle a'm tho road year nor thing heid through warld mibbe yir scotland near lass stanes sun history syne anen scottish sea roon ah'm bricht thegither ther thair telt never
45.5% 54.5% 45.5%