A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Irvine, Owen matching with Orkney

Total unique words from Irvine, Owen = 425
Total unique words from Orkney = 13,900
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 68.0%
Overlap total : 32.0%
Dialect only total: 68.0%
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Irvine, Owen Orkney
wiz paul wee dugs mcdougal auld grun kirk felt een jist loon aroon dug ma awa bluid cuid affa airm fell ging fa lookit jumper deil pentagram wye thocht sae saw laist great hiz wraith shouted patrick pike dairt abdy fan feart twaul gings ve kirkyard neck mangilt something deidkist corner corp cross hide onymair followed deith grave far roon fit tall skin nae strength naewye run pals eldritch windae burnin windaes fowk doors leg since kaint toon breeth deid dark ae pull check feel stairtin gie sick pulled thoucht morning waw tasted closed roosty aloneness laupit chillingly almost kain clambered accept creepin shadda laughed blade desperately next blaikend maist thin mozie pittin iv turnt greetin walking waws gid find lock state covered muck foushty upside small naebidy moo smaulderin found soakin saire thumpin place wiznae the he tae an his a o oot at ower in up doon ye him wi man fae bit as hoose twa back get by yer on aa that hid through it s said they hiv them i then or left aff thing gaan afore like for here are come time see and aye only some there aboot intae is yir bi day this me wis no fur her sheu be wae you aal we whit thir so but wir noo peedie when ah'm wan wid hid's weel been right more cheust says ken if can than tak night could got whar owld again hae fer roond still wur new thoo he's go thee wey oan say orkney home thowt hoo sheu's mind will that's ither gaed hids think things good folk dae darling there's to didna too whan anither last cam mak thay did she wife till door nivver awey big sea their light fock face first long language year end bed very o' wark dance while life were scots muckle even seen kens ah'll wirds haed oh fine am id set eyes of much bonny efter black better might all poor us keep whin best hand yet heid
68.0% 32.0% 68.0%