A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Irvine, Owen matching with South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast)

Total unique words from Irvine, Owen = 425
Total unique words from South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast) = 263
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 83.5%
Overlap total : 16.5%
Dialect only total: 83.5%
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Irvine, Owen South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast)
he tae wiz his paul oot dugs ower mcdougal grun doon kirk him felt man fae bit een jist hoose loon aroon back dug ma awa bluid get cuid affa airm aa fell hid ging s fa lookit jumper deil said pentagram wye thocht hiv them saw laist great then hiz wraith shouted patrick left pike dairt gaan abdy fan feart twaul gings ve kirkyard afore neck mangilt something deidkist corner corp cross hide onymair followed deith grave far roon here are fit tall skin nae come time strength naewye see run aye only pals eldritch there windae burnin aboot windaes fowk doors leg since kaint intae breeth deid is dark ae pull check feel stairtin sick pulled thoucht morning waw tasted closed roosty aloneness laupit chillingly almost kain clambered accept creepin shadda yir laughed blade desperately next blaikend maist mozie pittin iv turnt greetin walking waws gid lock state covered muck foushty upside small bi day naebidy moo smaulderin found soakin saire thumpin place wiznae this the an a o wee at in up auld ye wi as twa by yer on that through it they sae i or aff thing like for and some toon gie thin find all my to me i'm dinnae but o' frae talk when cannae you say land their no food i'd way stand without words ulster scotch they're just ken of look scots scotia's men about thomson so mice worst if fame close same porter we've bards match although a' burns's even erin's skill broad eight sconnered burn brae sheuch heid weans offended grew saying skreich dunt tune was list'ning island gaitherin ata brave' dight straight didnae scotland ballycarry naught penned were bard samuel carngranny these disposition yous leave line shows love native irish though every item within yet attach'd doubt her thick i'll pleasing poems writing mysel am form usty ava be weavers rhyming spoke rhymes english comes ghs' sounds we spake unco phasing musie handy hamley tongue rolls orr merican scone boring bout white washed why- biscuits' causing tooth decay rave eggs bacon's bread tattie wheaten soda piece partake dry bone what whilst mouth agley tried hood cheese aft gang ca' best-laid schemes englewood's think they'd pbjs
83.5% 16.5% 83.5%