A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Johnson, Laureen

Total words by this author in corpus - 30,619
Total unique words used by this author in corpus - 3,030
Ratio of total words to unique words - 10.105
Top ten most common words - da, an, ta, a, wis, shö, o, said, at, i,
Total number of punctuation marks - 7,763

Punctuation statistics

174 semicolons in total or 5.68 per thousand words 217 colons in total or 7.09 per thousand words 658 apostrophes in total or 21.49 per thousand words 2225 quotes in total or 72.67 per thousand words 2723 commas in total or 88.93 per thousand words 440 exclamation marks in total or 14.37 per thousand words 210 question marks in total or 6.86 per thousand words 1113 full stops in total or 36.35 per thousand words Johnson, Laureen; : ' " , ! ? . Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

List of articles

Saands o Maywick
Shetland For Wirds (2004) in Shetland categorised as prose (1,266 words)

Moarnin Ida Kames
Shetland For Wirds (2007) in Shetland categorised as poetry (166 words)

Alice's Adventirs in Wonderlaand
Evertype (2012-11-01) in Shetland (Voe) categorised as prose (29,187 words)

Heatmap of punctuation

Johnson, Laureen

Full stops are red; commas are blue;
apostrophes are yellow; quotes are pink;
question marks are green; Exclamation marks are cyan;
semicolons are white; colons are black