A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Miller, Steward G.

Total words by this author in corpus - 115
Total unique words used by this author in corpus - 64
Ratio of total words to unique words - 1.797

Lexicon overlap between author and dialects

This is how much the author's top 200 most frequently used words overlaps with each major dialects top 200 words
An overlap of more than 50% is a pretty good match. Because of the nature of the top 200 words, almost no-one has an overlap of more than 70%, they'd have to be writing about a really broad range of things, like body parts, working, playing, thinking, governance, and so on.
On average Scots writers overlap with English by about 27%, so this is perhaps an indication on where on the Scots - Scottish English spectrum a writer's lexicon lies.

Central overlap: 13.5%
Central Miller, Steward G.

Doric overlap: 12.5%
Doric Miller, Steward G.

Ulster overlap: 11.0%
Ulster Miller, Steward G.

Shetland overlap: 12.5%
Shetland Miller, Steward G.

Orkney overlap: 15.5%
Orkney Miller, Steward G.

Southern overlap: 12.0%
Southern Miller, Steward G.

English overlap: 7.0%
English Miller, Steward G.