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Use in varieties of Scots

aabodie Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words7.9 6 3.4 0 0 0 23.4 47.7
Number of occurrences123 0 0 0 2 7
Number of authors3 1 2

Occurrences of aabodie in Corpus

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Hubbard, Tom Lallans 59 - Leids and Lieder: Walcome ti Helvetiscots, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
led fir the hairst o 2002, an aabodie's walcome ti obtain mair info on page 5

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Ulster-Scots Language Society Tha Fower Gospels, (Ullans Press 2016 ISBN: 978-1-905281-25-1) Ulster, prose
shuk oot o kïlter. 27An then aabodie wull see tha Sinn o Man cumin on page 106

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McAlpine, Joan Meeting of the Parliament, (The Scottish Parliament 2019) Lallans, government
tae the skweel wis the Doric. Aabodie aboot there spoke the Doric.
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Malgrati, Paul Ayont the Fake and the Leal: Let's Free the Leid, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
micht mean). In ither wirds, aabodie see ilk ither as a muckle bun
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Ulster Scots Agency Ulster Scots Census, (census.gov.uk 2021) Ulster, government
Tha heid-coont axes aabodie tha same speirins aboot tha y
Tha heid-coont axes aabodie tha same speirins aboot tha y
l speirins oan pages 7-30 fur aabodie ‘at bides fur ordnar in thi
Coontin aabodie ye tuk in in speirin H1, hoo
Forbye aabodie coontit in speirin H2, whut i
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Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
Mrs.Wulson sayed oot lood tae aabodie, “Oh!
the Laird Jhesu hed i mynd at aabodie hed tae lair
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