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Use in varieties of Scots

aiblins Corpus occurrences Authors Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words81.2 23 109.2 0 0 0 35.2 170.5
Number of occurrences12395 0 0 0 3 25
Number of authors20 1 4

Occurrences of aiblins in Corpus

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Fenton, James On Slaimish, (Ullans Press 2009 ISBN: 9781905281299) Ulster, poetry
r, lang legs hingin silly, or aiblins glammin on page 24
A furst canny hirsle, or aiblins on page 28
An aiblins yit frae a on page 35
ar them froathe at the mooth. Aiblins minin caird games wud'a ent i on page 49

4 matches

Hubbard, Tom The Flechitorium, (Grace Note 2017 ISBN: 9781907676932) Lallans - East Central, poetry
'Aiblins thon beast wis like myself, A on page 5
Whan oor mutual luve cuid aiblins aa made hale: on page 40
Ower the skelets o men an aiblins o weemen an weans: on page 41
ye. Ask onything mair, they"d aiblins pit the boot in. on page 70
sixties? Aiblins they forgot aa aboot it. Aibl on page 71
Also on pages 78
7 matches

Hubbard, Tom Lallans 59 - Leids and Lieder: Walcome ti Helvetiscots, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
rticular regaird fir Ophelia; aiblins it wis the sometime Shakespea on page 5

1 matches

Farrow, Kenneth D. Lallans 81 - Editorial, (Lallans Magazine 2012) Lallans, newspaper
aboot the oorie qualities o (aiblins divine) retribution, an aboot on page 5

2 matches

Dornan, Stephen Tha Jaa Banes, (Ulster-Scots Academy 2020 ISBN: 978-1-9163758-1-9) Ulster - Comber, poetry
an buy a hauf-yin o whuskey, aiblins he'll tell ye a yarn or twa a on page 8
An aiblins mind yer ain! on page 15
Aiblins tha yin in heirskip, on page 17
But aiblins anither wull footer wi it on page 19
788, A cannae mind which yin. Aiblins it's time tae bring back thon on page 37
Also on pages 49
8 matches

Wilson, Rab Accent O the Mind, (Luath 2006 ISBN: 978-1905222322) Lallans - New Cumnock, poetry
Aiblins the wool they'll pu wi some s on page 42
Fir thaim wha'd aiblins exterminate thaim. on page 49
Hopin that aiblins they'd goat the wrang man, on page 51
The haunds claspt, aiblins in supplication, on page 56
Aiblins some 'Stork', butter wis faur on page 62
Also on pages 85, 88, 99, 100, 114, 123, 151
12 matches

Horsbroch, Dauvit A gang-roond oor Sun Grid, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
tinents. The watters rose up, aiblins brocht throu comets. Syne cam
ins at some time lang syne - aiblins throu a stramash wi anither w
Aiblins the maist oora fact aboot Ven
no prospect of an end.” But aiblins it is the lines fae Playfair'
ks o the 'curse o Mairs'. But aiblins ane o the maist orra facts o
8 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 167, (self-published 2007) Lallans, newspaper
ional tales. The first ane is aiblins better kent as Rumplestiltski
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 178, (self-published 2008) Lallans, newspaper
concairned, there thoosands, aiblins e'en millions o hamelt Scots
1 matches

Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
n Scots/English vocabular. An aiblins wi the wey it's a dialeck dic
1 matches

Fleemin, Sandy Shudder at the Niffer, (sandyfleming.org 2003) Lallans, prose
irdies" micht be in Scots (an aiblins faa's back on the auld "Ye'r
1 matches

Fleemin, Sandy No on BBC, (sandyfleming.org 2003) Lallans, prose
ed guid insurance an aa that. Aiblins the'r a story in thare efter
1 matches

Rennie, Susan The Wee Prince, (Edition Lintenfass 2017) Lallans, prose
richt explain things tae me. Aiblins he thocht I wis like himsel.
ou tae see sheep throu kists. Aiblins I am a bittie like the growen
Aiblins ye will speir at me, “Hou c
t I hae a scunner o drauchts. Aiblins ye hae a screen for me?’
Aiblins this man is daft-like. But he
9 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 108, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
is like tae hae juist ane or aiblins twa forgaitherins afore the N
Year breck an anither ane or aiblins twa efter the year an afore t
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS nummer 109, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
is the anelie ane in Scots an aiblins the first full lenth modren n
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 111, (self-published 2003) Lallans, newspaper
tae thair Scots vocabular an aiblins the teachers wad eik tae thai
1 matches

Forde, Iain W D Taid o that Ilk (excerpt), (Fons Scotiae 2009) Lallans, prose
he best pairt o a holieday is aiblins no juist ti be ristin yeirsel
1 matches

Forde, Iain W D Hale Ir Sindries - Buik Twa, (Fons Scotiae 2000) Lallans, prose
wes cummersum an deiffekwalt. Aiblins we wes sekein ti mak compensa
mishanters an a laist ye’l aiblins
2 matches

Wilson, Rab Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
Or aiblins mibbes ‘Wealth Creation’!
the land o milk an honey’s Aiblins doun the pan!?
rriet Harman’s hidden pile, Aiblins saved her neck!
3 matches

Fenton, Janet A Guid New Year tae yin and a!, (Bella Caledonia 2019) Lallans, blog
nd she gied me a wee sweetie, aiblins taiblet or a soor ploom, an a
1 matches

Dornan, Stephen The Widenin Sheuch, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
wudnae know whaur tae stairt: aiblins the oul Gaelic kingdom o Dalr
otch or Ulster-Scots identity aiblins gaed oot o mony folks' heids
s were gien recognition. Ye'd aiblins think this wud dae the tongue
anither thing aathegither - aiblins no equal wi English, but no t
4 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 142, (self-published 2005) Lallans, newspaper
accent. tho aiblins thon hidnae been inventit in
1 matches

Smith, Jamie William Playfair: faither o data visualisation, (Mak Forrit 2019) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
hairges o financial malverse. Aiblins the maist by-ordinar o Playfa
1 matches

Smith, Jamie Effeirin tae the formal: Laitinate lendwirds in Scots, (Mak Forrit 2019) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
baith independent states? Or aiblins the Latinate lexis wis aaread
haed later lends frae French aiblins as an affcome o the Auld Alli
2 matches

Smith, Jamie Soonds o the kirk an court: early airt muisic in Scotland, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
airt muisic — wad prevail, aiblins in pairt born oot o the antis
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Halloween, (Mak Forrit 2019) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
an gied a puckle o sweeties, aiblins a penny or twa afore we muive
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Three days in October, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
a widland path in the daurk, aiblins throu glaur, juist addit tae
use it’s a gaitherin force, aiblins e’en an unstoppable ane.
2 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Makkin a muckle o a mickle, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
etroot, or a paircel o tripe. Aiblins, an ox tongue or a sheep’s
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Bairns ootside, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
e o us tae gae a wee message; aiblins for a forpit o tatties fae th
1 matches

Hershaw, William The Retour O The Grey Airmy, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Lallans, blog
cheil a Tory. In thir PC days aiblins they’ll bring oot a polieti
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 147, (self-published 2006) Lallans, newspaper
ition sometime in the oncome. Aiblins this is somethin that the Lor
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 149, (self-published 2006) Lallans, newspaper
he "thaim an us" mentality is aiblins juist as much a human trait a
esn't think about his bones." Aiblins Scots isnae quite hail or hea
2 matches

Ulster Scots Agency Ulster Scots Census, (census.gov.uk 2021) Ulster, government
Aiblins, ye can fill oot tha speirins
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 114, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
reaps "use it or lose it" sae aiblins the Basques haes juist gotten
Aiblins Donovan's writin in her ain t
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 176, (self-published 2008) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
nt the mair Fiona matures sae aiblins the buik shuid hiv been cried
1 matches

Purves, David Lallans 59 - Five Poems frae the Chinese o Po Chu-I, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Selkirk, poetry
a reflective poems. A hunner, aiblins a thousan year hence sumbodie
1 matches

McClure, Derrick J. Lallans 59 - A Stot an a Cleg, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans, prose
heivenly leid it spak. Cecco aiblins hedna a saul coud spire sae h
saul coud spire sae heich; or aiblins wes jist ettlin tae towt his
2 matches

Muir, Glenn Ozsome, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Linlithgow, prose
ity whaur The Wizard o Oz wid aiblins help her oot.
e alang tae the Emerald City, aiblins the Wizard o Oz’ll gie ye s
” says the Tattie Bogle, “aiblins the Wizard’ll gie him some
3 matches

Scots Language Center Crackin aboot politics, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
European scholars awgaits, or aiblins in Greek. Hooanever, throu th
ts wrate hunners o thoosands (aiblins millions) o airticles in the
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 101, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
ae haud tae that same gate or aiblins baith pairties haes spats the
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 102, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
y, wi twins on her breast, is aiblins, wi a pleased face, seen smil
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 105, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
no bein a language at aw but aiblins juist a dialeck wi thochts ab
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 106, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
the orra ane dingin it doon. Aiblins, apairt frae a Swiss delegate
nd for the signin o copies an aiblins tae gie a puckle words (Scots
, wis a muckle "naethin". Sae aiblins Colin's learn yersel Scots bu
3 matches

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