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Use in varieties of Scots

Dialect map - Usage over time
baith Corpus occurrences Lallans / Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words478.7 511.8 422.5 185.5 267.6 519.3 607.1
Number of occurrences866531 160 10 26 46 93
Number of authors125 71 24 4 6 9 13

Occurrences of baith in Corpus

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Robertson, James Precious and the Puggies, (Itchy Coo 2011 ISBN: 978-1845023324) Lallans, weans
t the thocht, and listened wi baith lugs as her faither explained on page 14
wid hae been a bad thing for baith o us" she said at last. on page 20
at she spiered, as they could baith see the ither bairns lookin a on page 59
ng the craigs, that gied them baith a fleg. on page 60
ooked at Sepo and Tapiwa, wha baith looked doon at the flair. Pre on page 77

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Rennie, Susan The Wee Prince, (Edition Lintenfass 2017 ISBN: 978-3946190592) Lallans, prose
s setten on a throne that wis baith hamely an majestic-like. on page 36
For a bodie can be baith leal an lazy thegither. The w on page 52
An the baith o them were seelent. on page 60
An the baith o them were seelent. on page 62

4 matches

Fitt, Matthew Roald Dahl Reekin Rhymes, (Itchy Coo 2018 ISBN: 978-1785301834) Lallans, weans
Began tae chaw on baith her feet. on page 5

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Hubbard, Tom The Flechitorium, (Grace Note 2017 ISBN: 9781907676932) Lallans - East Central, poetry
sses (For shair, ye've huntit baith), on page 4
ike myself, And we are makars baith on page 5
hae princess And principality baith. on page 9
Her voice, the pit-heid, baith were his Fir fowerty year and on page 21
Has a hoose baith bold and brassy: on page 33
Also on pages 42, 60, 74
8 matches

Burnett, Colin A Working Class State of Mind, (Piermont 2021 ISBN: 978-1914090158) Lallans - East Coast, prose
We were baith wettin oorselves at the thoat on page 17
an his pizza or some pish. We baith chatted awey tae each other l on page 20
ka or mibbie a combination ae baith, but ah'm startin tae hink th on page 21
se we are kindred spirits. We baith try and fail time and time ag on page 23
hat's when Megan roared at us baith: "Ya pair ae sexist bastards! on page 29
Also on pages 38, 42, 68, 74, 98, 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 108, 129, 133, 136, 137, 153, 158, 159, 172, 181, 187, 188, 189, 197, 198
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Donovan, Anne Matilda In Scots, (Itchy Coo 2019 ISBN: 978-1785302350) Lallans, weans
ouce and clivvir. Matilda wis baith these things, but maist o aw on page 4
se, cairryin the tall cage in baith haunds. There wis a muckle in on page 37
d invented, o punishin wan or baith o them whenever they didnae t on page 43
ernoons left her that wabbit, baith physically and emotionally th on page 49
the faither yelloched, pittin baith haunds tae his heid. 'Ah've n on page 56
Also on pages 61, 90, 100, 102, 133, 135, 144, 148, 165, 184, 185, 188, 190, 226
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McHardy, Stuart The Wey Forrit, (Luath 2017 ISBN: 978-1912147014) Lallans, prose
gured strangly in his wark as baith a traditional musician an a s on page I
er ain political survival; an baith o them had nae worries aboot on page 10
s, nivver mind the role, they baith had pleyed in Scotland's gove on page 20
ion states that hae biggit up baith poleetical an military pouer. on page 21
that are uised willy-nilly bi baith local an national governments on page 29
Also on pages 30, 35, 37, 39, 48, 60, 61, 64, 66, 70, 83, 88, 91, 98, 100, 107, 108, 113, 120, 124, 129, 133, 143, 145, 148
35 matches

McQueer, Chris Hings - Short Stories 'n That, (404 Ink 2017 ISBN: 978-0995623866) Lallans - Glesga, prose
h hink, Mah granny an mah maw baith have tae cerry it intae the l on page 173

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Thomson, Mark Bard fae thi buildin site, (Luath 2007 ISBN: 978-1906307141) Lallans - Dundee, poetry
an burn baith ends o yir wick, on page 69
Shi his thi best o baith worlds on page 77

2 matches

Hubbard, Tom Lallans 59 - Leids and Lieder: Walcome ti Helvetiscots, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
nre whaur the scriever lauchs baith at, an wi, his characters. Bu on page 5

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Douglas, Sheila Lallans 59 - Rants and Foys, (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
o Blackfriars Music in Embra, baith as a prentit buikie an on a w on page 56

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Dareau, Mareau Lallans 59 - The Dictionar o the Aulder Scottis Leid (DOST), (Lallans Magazine 2001) Lallans, newspaper
the Auld Scottis screivins in baith buiks an manuscripts availabl on page 59

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McHardy, Stuart Speakin o Dundee: Tales Tellt Aroun the Toun, (Luath 2010 ISBN: 978-1-906817-25-1) Lallans - Dundee, prose
r tae Kenneth that wis king o baith Picts an Scots, wis ivver her on page 10
been hidin in the woods. Nou baith Couttie an the King were big, on page 17
, an fond o the learnin, they baith had the habit o quotin Latin on page 26
er's house. He recognised the baith o the Americans an pit his na on page 27
n the day the fairs were like baith combined wi an affy lot o tth on page 30
Also on pages 32, 43, 58, 62, 63, 64, 68, 79, 84, 85, 93, 97, 101, 105, 106, 107, 112, 115, 120, 121, 123, 124
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Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021 ISBN: 978-1916117921) Lallans - Renfrew, prose
ford tae buy new wans fur the baith ae them. He's got curly toes on page 11
yees baith endet up on the flair. Aye ne on page 31
raight bar some random curls. Baith her an Kelly Marie wur wearin on page 37
in aboot. She said, Well yees baith pure fancy each other, Ah sai on page 72
in tae each other noo an they baith want tae kill Charlene. on page 82
Also on pages 85, 86, 93, 112, 123, 128, 129, 130, 137, 140, 141, 148, 163
20 matches

Fitt, Matthew Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, (Itchy Coo 2016 ISBN: 978-1-78530-083-7) Lallans, prose
ly ben the room, and noo were baith staundin jist inside the door on page 13
at each ither, and then they baith sterted geeglin nervously. on page 43
They baith gawped at whit wis in ablow i on page 44
elled and deleerit wi hunger. Baith bars o chocolate, the birthda on page 46
rra still, haudin it ticht w; baith hauns while the crood pushed on page 54
Also on pages 63, 73, 109, 131, 135, 157, 163
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Wilson, Rab Accent O the Mind, (Luath 2006 ISBN: 978-1905222322) Lallans - New Cumnock, poetry
n ah thocht hou sic-an-sae we baith wir; on page 11
Baith hauns clampt grimly on page 37
Baith o thain luikt gey near greeti on page 47
They baith squared up tae wan anither, on page 59
We baith goat joabs wi the local Coonc on page 68
Also on pages 107
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Fitt, Matthew Geordie's Mingin Medicine, (Itchy Coo 2007 ISBN: 978-1845021603) Lallans, weans
houted. 'Me and the chookie's baith had it" on page 59
'Catch haud o baith ends and pou, Mr Kranky said. on page 102

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Chisnall, Edward F. H. Yer Ain, The Young Yins and the Auld Yin, (Evertype 2021 ISBN: 978-1782012764) Lallans - Glasgow, poetry
Lang ruined under skies baith bricht and clear on page 29
Tam the Bam and Tina are baith Scots, on page 92
"Fine," we baith said, "jist fine." on page 99
the wan he met whan they war baith on page 136

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Donati, Colin Scots A Statement o Principles, (Scots Parliament 2003 ISBN: 978-1-899920-02-1) Lallans, government
hares its origins wi English. Baith exist in a multilingual Brita on page 7
se Scots in its modren forms, baith rural an urban, tae mak poetr on page 9
respeckit. Speakers that hae baith Scots an English are, in effe on page 11
ls, howfs, etc. are thocht-on baith bylocal folk an by visitors. on page 13
n coonter the monychallenges, baith global an local, that threate on page 17
Also on pages 21
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Allan, Alasdair Scots Language Policy, (Scots Parliament 2015) Lallans, government
e are inextricably linkit. As baith a spoken an scrievitleid wi a on page 3

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Horsbroch, Dauvit Scots Warks - Uphaud an guidance for screivars, (Scots Language Centre 2015) Lallans, government
hae a parteeclar dialect ava. Baith is mair nor acceptable for ta on page 7
he gremmar o modren Soothron. Baith haes influences fae the auld on page 21
nd A saw the film yestreen Is baith acceptit in terms o gremmar. on page 25
'Your' an yer is baith used. For an instance: on page 29
are the uiss o vocabular ower baith airticles. on page 43
Also on pages 50, 58, 62
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Townsley, Jane Joe's Cloud an Ither Stuff, (lulu.com 2014 ISBN: 978-1326001612) Lallans - Perth, prose
he car, laddie. I'll gie ye's baith a hurl tae the station, jist on page 3

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Horsbroch, Dauvit A gang-roond oor Sun Grid, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
r Usher's 6,000 year. As thay baith vizzied the appearinly nummer
he'r ice in sindry craters at baith the poles o the Moon. This is
('dreid') an Phobos ('fear') baith sprung fae Greek legend an sa
e the Yird, Mairs haes ice at baith poles made maistly fae jeelt
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 103, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
randa" bi Alastair Brown P7B, baith o Campie Primary Schuil. Rinn
ey pit in a gey strang entry, baith in nummers an in quality.
remmar an Campie Primary will baith be praisentit wi a quaich tae
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 168, (self-published 2007) Lallans, newspaper
SCOTS language upsteerers in baith Scotland an Northern Ireland
ced mair or less the same wey baith sides o the mairches. The twa
rts for bairns' buiks aheid o baith Harry Potter an Walt Disney's
3 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 167, (self-published 2007) Lallans, newspaper
dy Macbeth an Bob Fairnie wha baith tells us tae "screw your cour
eth Dickson, Senior Lecturer, baith o the Dept. o Curriculum Stud
s some gey surprisin ootcomes baith wi the bairns an thair teache
thair teachers an aw, an they baith fund increased levels o ident
An serve baith the cauld an the hett
5 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 178, (self-published 2008) Lallans, newspaper
uplex prenter that cuid prent baith sides o the paper automatical
been haein bother doon ablow. Baith front an back."
me a richt guid examination, baith inside an oot."
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Gillon, Karen Report on Inquiry intil the role o, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans, government
academic research baith in its aulder an new forms; t
a howe o ignorance at baith popular an administrative lev
“Scots baith benefits an taks skaith frae
irlament in November 2002, an baith o thae hae served tae bring b
positive attitude tae baith – or aw – o the relevant
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Fleemin, Sandy Report on Inquiry intil the role Submission, (Education, Culture an Sport Comatee 2003) Lallans - East Lothian, government
the ar a period whaur we hae baith thae kin o writins gaun on, a
iters an actors ca'in a trade baith makkin a bourach o Scots pron
ist aboot unheard o in Scots, baith in Middle Scots, traditional
finitive spellin guides: they baith gie spellins that's aathegith
"snawbaa" or "snawbaw" could baith be teached as pairt o a syste
6 matches

McAlpine, Joan Meeting of the Parliament, (The Scottish Parliament 2019) Lallans, government
words. My son and my stepson baith spik pretty strong Doric, a b
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Fleemin, Sandy Shudder at the Niffer, (sandyfleming.org 2003) Lallans - East Lothian, prose
(noun). In ma dialeck thir's baith soondit "wurk", sae A canna m
agates theirsels intae Scots, baith in spaek an on paper. A examp
g as a maiter o chyce). Altho baith in spaek an traditional texts
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 108, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
the maimbership o the CPG wis baith wi regaird tae the airts they
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Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2020) Lallans, prose
ford tae buy new wans fur the baith ae them. He’s got curly toe
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Percy, Ely The Family Situation, (The Interpreters House.org 2020) Lallans, prose
when we wur in third year we baith endet up in the same French c
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Bolland, John A Chocolate Cowboy, (From Glasgow To Saturn 2008) Lallans, prose
s bars an Ah could beat the baith o them tae the draw
t ma pistol there. The wan wi baith the panels.
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS nummer 109, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
it here, wi the permeession o baith pairties.
st pairt o aw is thaim that's baith leeterate an articulate in Sc
language that isna uised for baith verbal an written communicati
ane traivelt in the bygane bi baith Latin an classical Greek. Gin
ye say, an A gree that we're baith ettlin towards the selsame en
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Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 111, (self-published 2003) Lallans, newspaper
en place wi an unco birr frae baith the maimbers an the meenister
son wis cairriet oot in Scots baith bi the teachers an the bairns
orrowey), ilk maiden ladye of baith highe and lowe estait shall h
3 matches

Forde, Iain W D Hale Ir Sindries - Buik Twa, (Fons Scotiae 2000) Lallans, prose
“Long John Silver” at wes baith meschant an a traditor, whyle
ell or Rab duin weill. Tho we baith med our ain wey in our deiffe
The yeirs wun by an we baith fand wirsells seperat frae th
e puir laddies an flang thaim baith
d, bot no afoir Staun wirriet baith the sojers,
18 matches

Fitt, Matthew Whuppity Stoorie, (Scots Hoose 2017) Lallans, weans
ticht atween them keepin them baith warm and gruntin insteid o sn
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 177, (self-published 2008) Lallans, newspaper
walin o his mair cutty warks baith in Scots an English, kivverin
y in TS Law's wark cause it's baith dialectical an popular, intel
ittit tae community and is at baith avant garde an conservative a
ht in time for the Hamecomin, baith Robert Burns an his faither W
target maun be the bairns in baith primary schuil an secondary s
8 matches

Clark, Thomas Radge Against the Machine: Deid Wirds, Deid Warlds, an Why Scots Maitters, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans - Bellshill, blog
o meanin. Statements made in baith oor pairliaments are void, li
1 matches

Clark, Thomas Tae Kathleen Jamie, an ither Scots Scrievers, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans - Bellshill, blog
oot thaim, in wirds that were baith true tae the thing ye were sa
ioot it. Maist o us hiv tried baith, an a hard road tho the first
2 matches

Clark, Thomas Wha's Like Us?, (Bella Caledonia 2017) Lallans - Bellshill, blog
ecognition o ither nations is baith oor strangest argument an oor
1 matches

Clark, Thomas A Scots Pairlament?, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Lallans - Bellshill, blog
tae be the principles o oors, baith in the abstract an in the rea
1 matches

Bremner, Stewart Haud Yer Wheesht?, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
fae Scotland. Ah think that's baith sad an tellin. We dinnae ken
1 matches

Malgrati, Paul Ayont the Fake and the Leal: Let's Free the Leid, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
rra place whaur Scots, lackin baith strength an poo'er, canna be
ad face evendoun ill-will fae baith Scots makkars an artists (wha
f. Meantime, ither fowks mock baith makkars an pro-staunnart labb
s blendin. Wull ye step in wi baith feet?
4 matches

Dornan, Stephen The Widenin Sheuch, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
Good Friday) Agreement o 1998 baith Irish an Ulster-Scots were gi
1 matches

Clark, Sara Indyref 2: Aulder, Wiser, Kinder, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans, blog
hat we're no sae different - baith, mair or less, pouerless.
stories ah've been telt from baith sides, is that in seekin inde
2 matches

Sutherland, Hope Twa sisters, een room, (Scots Hoose 2020) Lallans - Buckie, prose
if yi think aboot it. We’re baith pretty musical. We’ve baith
pretty musical. We’ve baith played i piano and noo we pla
and noo we play i fiddle. We baith enjoy it and I suppose I coul
3 matches

Wilson, Katie Becus a hae a sister a hae a friend, (Scots Hoose 2020) Lallans - Buckie, prose
uted us for denner and we’d baith race in tae git supper and we
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 142, (self-published 2005) Lallans, newspaper
s the street names written in baith French an Nissart, a local by
verbal abuse frae individuals baith
enri Matisse an Marc Chagall. Baith ceities
3 matches

Smith, Jamie The dingin doun o devolution, (Mak Forrit 2020) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
ottish Watter haes owerance o baith o thir — health, education,
1 matches

Smith, Jamie Effeirin tae the formal: Laitinate lendwirds in Scots, (Mak Forrit 2019) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
Scotland and England wis yet baith independent states? Or aiblin
1 matches

Smith, Jamie Soonds o the kirk an court: early airt muisic in Scotland, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
le aboot Scotland’s bygane, baith airtistic an political. Ay, i
1 matches

Heather, Alistair Bravehert: The truth anent William Wallace (pairt 2), (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Angus, blog
couldnae ging on tuim-wamit. Baith Welsh an Irish sodgers are re
static tairgets, like takkin baith airms aff a boxer juist afore
peckle achievement, testament baith tae Wallace’s strategy an t
3 matches

Heather, Alistair Bravehert: The truth anent William Wallace (pairt 1), (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Angus, blog
Baith Wallace an Murray, it seems,
s ar them o Wallace an Murray baith, wi their titles gien as ‘l
2 matches

Heather, Alistair The Body Snatchers, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Angus, blog
n up a comprehensive kennin o baith naitur an the universe.
1 matches

Heather, Alistair Rin throu the jungle, (Mak Forrit 2017) Lallans - Angus, blog
ps caucht us they’d kill us baith. I got masel up, thankit him
a teuk a bit in her mou. They baith broke oot in huge smiles. I s
Ma pal Ginger gied them baith barrels: “Mind you be a bit
3 matches

Heather, Alistair Trains approachin?, (Mak Forrit 2017) Lallans - Angus, blog
Ballatar an Braemar ar baith Cairngorm conurbations. Baith
Cairngorm conurbations. Baith war on ane o the vital routes
2 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Daein it yersel, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
es ahint the prenter tryin wi baith haunds tae wrassle oot yet an
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth The killin fields!, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
ang nor on the fly an invitin baith the First Mínister an the En
1 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth Bairns ootside, (Mak Forrit 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
ween generations. I dae think baith the bairns an community ar th
wi the peelins. An it wirkit baith weys. They gied us empty bott
2 matches

Thoumire, Elizabeth For the fat romantics, (Bella Caledonia 2018) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
shmint. Lack o exercise amang baith adults an bairns is a muckle
1 matches

Holton, Brian An Owresetter’s Tale, (Bella Caledonia 2015) Lallans - Galashiels, blog
his faither an his uncle wir baith engineers wi the Ben Line, sa
equal wecht ti literature in baith the Scots an the English. We
2 matches

Handy, Robbie Forked Tongues, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Lallans, blog
, an ma wife’s Jamaican. We baith came hame tae live in Scotlan
1 matches

Hodgart, John Scots Language Act: Oor weans hae richt tae see mither tung respectit, (The National 2021) Lallans - North Ayrshire, newspaper
y tae ane anither, as we need baith for different purposes, or ya
urposes, or yaise a mixture o baith for ither purposes as we ofte
2 matches

Harper, Emma Promoting the Scots Leid, (The Scottish Parliament 2021) Lallans - Stranraer, government
nd's public an private airts, baith in spaken an screivit forum,
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 147, (self-published 2006) Lallans, newspaper
ot Stompin Celtic Music, that baith him an Matthew Fitt haes been
thin that the Lord Provosts o baith Edinburgh an Glesca shuid be
ellin o paint an words that's baith innovative an interestin.
3 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 149, (self-published 2006) Lallans, newspaper
, Rab Wilson an Matthew Fitt, baith spake, read an write an aw, i
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Carpe Diem, (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
dae anythin. A combination ay baith, ah suspect. The acceptance a
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Bothy (Part Two), (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
Pearcey gies us baith a cup ay black tea he’d mad
1 matches

Bennett, Peter The Bools, (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
alk oer an offer tae get them baith a drink. Alec politely declin
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Graftin, (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
e walk alang tae the station. Baith, ah imagine.
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Rude Awakenings (Part one of two), (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
words mate.’ ah sais but we baith know this isnae exactly a rev
1 matches

Bennett, Peter TA Hauf an a Hauf, (ABCTales.com 2020) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
gnorance ay bloody eejits oan baith sides ay the fence. They kin
arying whiskies depending oan baith his mood, an his finances.
2 matches

Rennie, Susan The Hoose o Haivers, (Itchy Coo 2002 ISBN: 978-1902927442) Lallans, weans
aterials that gods or mortals baith had iver seen. Afore sittin d
s room an Cretan athletes – baith lads an lassies – shawed ho
d this room the Labyrinth, an baith Phaedra an I were forbidden t
dess wisna takkin tent, an we baith gawked, pooerless, as Icarus
4 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 114, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
pairlament, an legislate for baith Scots an Gaelic. Forbye that
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 115, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
auld" Andrew an Samantha will baith be gien a buik an a certifica
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 116, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
ndin for Irish. Thon wad mean baith Ulster Scots an Irish wad eac
sian is 'minority languages', baith o thaim bein muckle languages
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 117, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
in the last twa year, an won baith times. Wi entries frae six cl
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 119, (self-published 2003) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
ter an the sindry styles maks baith thae sma volumes weel worth t
1 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 176, (self-published 2008) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
"A div" wis the repone they baith gied whan speirt if they wad
's the daun o new life for ye baith,
a livin language an they war baith keen tae highlicht thon on th
ey war able tae get whit they baith wantit, a waddin service in S
red an aw wi the Scots wirds 'baith' 'haunds' 'wursels' 'fae' 'th
6 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 175, (self-published 2008) Lallans - Musselburgh, newspaper
guage, Scots. Ilka Christmas, baith the Oor Wullie Annual an The
an Geordie's Mingin Medicine baith haed thair turn o bein the be
e the owersettin intae Scots, baith thae graphic novels wis writt
3 matches

Chalmers, Aimee Lallans 59 - Joukene Poukerie, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Fife, prose
es i yer cellar. They was the baith o them auld bikes, but juist
1 matches

Connor, Charles P. Lallans 59 - The Queen’s Shull’n, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Fife, prose
’s Dad birlt tae face thaim baith. Rid wi the leam aff the fire
1 matches

Purves, David Lallans 59 - Five Poems frae the Chinese o Po Chu-I, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans - Selkirk, poetry
sae whan gress breirds baith blyth an fear A ken.
1 matches

McClure, Derrick J. Lallans 59 - A Stot an a Cleg, (Lallans Magazine 2004) Lallans, prose
We’re baith mishanter’t – aye, an sca
“Outlins” because baith makars hed been fleimit frae
Italy in thon hyne-awa days, baith for poesie an politics; an Ce
3 matches

McKillop, Roger The Appin Murderer, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
A ken’t the shot wis true! Baith ba’s took him in the sma’
1 matches

Muir, Glenn Lion Rampant, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Linlithgow, prose
me age (thrie, as it happens) baith wi a nearly full dark broon m
1 matches

Muir, Glenn Al Fresco, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Linlithgow, prose
ulous or beautiful (sometimes baith) according tae her. She wis p
1 matches

Muir, Glenn Ozsome, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Linlithgow, prose
is hot air balloon tae get us baith hame tae Scotland. Aye, ahm f
1 matches

McKillop, Roger The Flemings o’ Dalnoid, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Edinburgh, poetry
"Ma an' Iain God bless ye baith."
1 matches

McKillop, Roger Uprisin' an' Doonfa', (McStorytellers.com 2016) Lallans - Edinburgh, poetry
blood an' sleet baith blear my eyes,
her heart, baith filled wi' pride an' fears,
2 matches

McKillop, Roger The Staff, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
Fair gobsmacked, were they baith,
1 matches

McKillop, Roger Educational (Mis)Communication, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
Baith cauld or stern!
o’ haein’ a name that’ baith a noun an’ a verb!
2 matches

McKillop, Roger Ma Heroes o' Sport, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
A voice weel ken't, baith east an' west,
ms aboot twa Fitba’ heroes, baith played fir the same club an
layed fir the same club an’ baith wore the same number. As A sa
Athlete an’ proud tae be baith.
4 matches

McKillop, Roger Ma Heroes o' Music, (McStorytellers.com 2015) Lallans - Edinburgh, prose
Baith Roy an’ Ronnie, scarlet cla
1 matches

Lehane, Matt Cubismo Part II, (bandcamp 2006) Lallans - Ayrshire, poetry
baith teams
1 matches

McLachlan, Jack Glessheids maun wale guid neebors tae thole the dreich Scottish climate, (University of Maine 2019) Lallans - Ceres, prose
holed the cauld bi scancin at baith the colourins they haed, an t
he cauld wis indeed shapit bi baith climate an community. Gaun ab
2 matches

Capener, Jack This laund wis wrocht for you an me, (Mak Forrit 2021) Lallans - Edinburgh, blog
ie ower famíliar wi, in weys baith guid an ill. But chynge raxes
1 matches

Bennett, Peter Coyle Loyal, (ABCTales.com 2021) Lallans - Glasgow, prose
hat’s it. Get tae fuck, the baith ay yies. An you? If you ever
1 matches

Smith, Jamie Animal Ferm: Chapter I, (Mak Forrit 2021) Lallans, prose
fterhin fund tae hiv votit on baith sides. Major gaed on:
1 matches

Kurtoglu, Wulf Braken Fences, (Caroline Macafee 2011 ISBN: B006JE3UQW) Lallans, prose
awed him twa men at his door. Baith were tradeetionally dressed i
Baith drappit tae thair knees, tane
lt aside him, steadyin him wi baith hauns. “1 am so sorry,” h
talkin it ower, he an Maa had baith felt the same blateness. They
size o her care unit - takin baith rotations thegither, there we
39 matches

Shoor Caan, Angus Coont Thum: A hunner an' oad McLimericks, (self-published 2012 ISBN: 978-1480242425) Lallans - Ardrossan, poetry
e screen Creatin’ havoc wi' baith 'e ma een An turnin’ ma bon
1 matches

Penny, Len Toast Tae The Daft Days, (Lidl 2020) Lallans, poetry
A toast tae those baith near an far, for those we've
1 matches

Scots Language Center Crackin aboot politics, (Scots Language Centre 2020) Lallans, blog
throu Frainch) an Greek haes baith haen a haun in swackenin oor
Scots for political crackin, baith in speech in writing, wi 19t
dy in place, an the weys that baith sides shuid ettle at the camp
3 matches

Donati, Colin Universal Declaration o Human Richts, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Lallans, government
ffective kenning and tenting, baith amang the folk o the Member S
1 matches

Horsbroch, Dauvit The Embra Greement, (Scots Language Centre 2012) Lallans, government
an the Scots Government haes baith gree‟d tae
The governments haes baith gree‟d that the referendum
haes gree‟d tae airt throu baith the Unitit Kinrik an Scots
2. Baith the governments grees that th
3. Baith the governments grees that th
20 matches

Sneddon, Alison Whit dae ye want “British vailues” tae mean?, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
rvice Asia. She haes warked i baith Scotland an Pakistan. (http:/
aill issue haes came doon, on baith sides, tae whit Britain gains
2 matches

Young, Clive Creative Scotland an the sowl o Scots, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
an a hauf folk declarin they baith ken an speak it. The Scottish
1 matches

McClurg, Fernando Weill, weill, weill, (The Sair Fecht 2016) Lallans, blog
seein their voters bleed tae baith sides o the constitutional di
1 matches

Mackintosh, Henrietta A Tale o Twa Leids: Gaelic, Scots an smoorin wi luve, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
o twa o thaim in parteecular. Baith published on pro-independence
ots, thir twa blog posts were baith aboot the value o the respect
an value Gaelic an Scots, as baith o thir screivers seem tae be.
3 matches

McClurg, Fernando Tae see oorsels as we see ithers, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
e amid twa mair developments, baith o whilk haes fasht human rich
came thegither tae staun agin baith o thir laws, an this resistan
2 matches

Ewen, Allan Pairt twa: Janus leuks aheid, (The Sair Fecht 2015) Lallans, blog
m asweel as helpin traditions baith auld an new tae flourish. Gin
k are bombardit wi propaganda baith Unionist an Capitalist alike.
2 matches

Ewen, Allan Pairt Ane: Janus leuks back, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
, we didna manage tae dae the baith at the ae time, but we cam pr
es haes proved their wurth in baith incidents managin tae save ma
that whitever the result, we baith wanted tae see progressive ch
We wad baith lik tae thank oor readers, an
4 matches

Ewen, Allan Murphy’s Law, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
Baith socialists an nationalists ha
1 matches

Ewen, Allan The “Auld Lang Syne” Paradox, (The Sair Fecht 2014) Lallans, blog
ringe” is i the interests o baith sides.
m, it is the responsibility o baith sides tae unite an progress l
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 100, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
ckle electronic ingaitherin o baith written an spoken texts for t
atur, history an linguistics, baith on thair lane or throu a cles
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 101, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
nail doon the coffin lids for baith the Gaelic an Scots languages
tae that same gate or aiblins baith pairties haes spats they're f
contack wi the wark o Burns, baith in adult-heid an as bairns at
3 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 102, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
again been weel worth while. Baith teachers an pupils haes pit i
lin o some o the entries frae baith the Primary an Secondary sect
Baith o us took tae oor heels tae f
am Soutar (1898-1943) writ in baith Scots an English. His wark re
AT the time o writin, baith the SNDA an the DOST wis ettl
5 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 105, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
letters intae the editor but baith letters wis gien a deefie an
1 matches

Monahan Brown, Ricky Dùn Èideann, (The Scores 2020) Lallans, prose
en, ‘Hoos aboot ye run them baith past me?’
a different scale. Thay were baith richt happy taegang rund a co
s haudin a shoppin trolley wi baith airms high aboon her heid. Th
3 matches

Eunson, Catherine Freude, (The Scores 2020) Lallans, poetry
ruim, his mither and abody in baith faimlies.
1 matches

Clark, Thomas Till Houletgless an the Soond o Money, (The Scores 2018) Lallans, prose
s. The hostler an Houletgless baith kent that Till had lang syne
ruelins ower a baurel, an the baith o thaim kent it.
2 matches

Fairnie, Robert Scots Tung WITTINS Nummer 106, (self-published 2002) Lallans, newspaper
hat bairns shuid be fluent in baith Scots an English an threapit
rvants', answer tae cover for baith Scots an Gaelic wis, "The Min
2 matches

Heather, Alistair Tartan Tourism nae mair, (The Herald 2018) Lallans, newspaper
’s forms are a pleisure fir baith lug an mou. For exaimple the
1 matches

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singing tonight! Shona/Iona. Baith singers. Baith fae Huntly. Ea(2020) search twitter

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yersels a cantie wee yuil the baith o yous!(2019) search twitter

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s love” Aw the best tae the baith o ye, an luik forrit tae us a(2020) search twitter
The Scotch Professors will be baith birlin an hallucinatin in the(2020) search twitter
This is baith hert brekin an upliftin at th(2020) search twitter
en her an her man an they’re baith fluent Scots speakers.(2020) search twitter
prievilage tae wark wi thaim baith. https://t.co/YfaapJu6bf(2020) search twitter
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ne mentioned Ah thocht o you. Baith care hames featured ur fer fo(2020) search twitter
dae ye think Scots cams fae? Baith leids hae the same root. As d(2020) search twitter
eeds wur. Ah believe they wur baith on the series afore yours (wh(2020) search twitter
it wis Tom efter aa?! Or wur baith o thum in on it thegither? #T(2020) search twitter
harp Happy anniversary tae ye baith xx(2020) search twitter
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aulhutcheon His PARTY?! Whit, baith o them?(2020) search twitter
@Tara61711 Baith(2020) search twitter

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in simplified, and ye'll hear baith 'dove' and 'dived' in Scotlan (2020) twitter link
'Scots in the North-East is baith a formal leid... an an artist (2020) twitter link

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@Gerrydotp BAITH ?? (2021) twitter link
@janforindy2 Baith? ???? (2021) twitter link
seem tae be targettin. Often, baith parents worked but the income(2020) search twitter
e ower yased blue tac'. There baith gonnae fa' apart completely c(2021) search twitter
am a Scot. A Celt blessed wae baith Irish and Scottish blood and (2021) search twitter
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ive respect fir chopper n tae baith teams 2 night - n a lovely t (2020) twitter link
tranent side - n credit tae baith teams oan the day - as fir t (2020) twitter link
use a fake identity - n ool baith hae a pairty lol (2020) twitter link

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and already a hit with weans baith wee and muckle. Support Scots(2020) search twitter
ain, aa Scots, oor Scots oan baith sides o the Sheugh. Guid tae (2020) twitter link
e aw the guid faithers again, baith here an awa an bi bluid an no(2020) search twitter
@ScotNational Acht, they were baith discouraged or skelped oot a (2020) search twitter
in fact) are set purely here. Baith in English but wi a wheen o S(2020) search twitter
and 9 other occurrences.


Leslie, Deborah Doric - Alive an Kickin, (Argo Publishing 2004 ISBN: 978-0954615314) Doric - Inverurie, prose
Takkin the best fae baith warlds, on page 6
An syne wi baith leuch, fine an easy in ane an on page 9
Baith weemen teen a gweed lach, the on page 14
oot the last nicht oot they'd baith bin at: a gypit, scraichin bi on page 34
some funcy saace; the maanies baith hid a peer leukin chuckeny cr on page 36
Also on pages 50, 59, 82
9 matches

Leslie, Deborah Doric - Hale an Hairty, (Argo Publishing 2011 ISBN: 978-0954615345) Doric - Inverurie, prose
rter siddenly appeart, liftit baith their cases an gid hairin awa on page 8
e can sit on the pot an touch baith waas." Morrice sut doon te de on page 9
wi a great ryver o a hole in baith knees. on page 11
n couple," said Joyce as they baith streekit oot in the sin again on page 13
as weel as I did. Bit they've baith left hame noo; Mam an Dad's l on page 22
Also on pages 23, 33, 35, 44, 46, 49, 56, 61, 65, 68, 72, 84, 86, 88
22 matches

Hay, Gordon M. The Doric New Testament, (Gordon M Hay 2012 ISBN: 978-0957351516) Doric - Banff, prose
rise on baith e gweed an e Coorse, an gars on page 13
m tae him, oot o e graveyard, baith teen a haud o wi sic affa coo on page 17
n hiz, folla'in e tradeetions baith o them fa saw fit happent an on page 79
n. An they cam an they fulled baith e boaties till they were near on page 87
l lead anither? Will they nae baith faa intill e ditch? A scholar on page 90
Also on pages 92
9 matches

Uri, Antonia Bidin awa: City Breaks, (Scots Language Centre 2015) Doric - Aberdeen, newspaper
1957. Sic damage was dane tae baith the Valencian fowk an their h on page 3
it in cheese on a wee grill). Baith cheese dishes are Swiss speci on page 6
y pedestrian brig tae connect baith sides o the river in Dublin u on page 7
he concert hall is the hame o baith the 'Icelandic Symphony Orche on page 11
use' an the 'Victoria House' (baith opened in the late 1800s) are on page 16

5 matches

Benzie, Lesley Fessen Reared, (Seahorse 2020 ISBN: 978-1916214538) Doric, poetry
sae baith o us got the benefit on page 50

1 matches

Hardie, Buff Dod 'n' Bunty, (Evening Express 2000) Doric, newspaper
hree quid an' I tried pressin baith the green buttons, een efter
e joy. So then I pressed them baith at eence, an' this time I got
2 matches

Elphinstone Institute Aiberdeenshire Cooncil – Scots Leid Guidelines, (Aberdeenshire Council 2017) Doric, government
* in spikin an scrievin, in baith public an private life;
Award an a Scots Leid Award. Baith gie opportunities for seconda
ire Cooncil regards Doric, in baith scrieved an spukken forms, ta
3 matches

Smith, Alex A Sair Fecht, (self-published 2003) Doric, prose
baith in the chair the gither, en a
asks. Ey baith started tae laugh an een o em
in a richt lazy time. Ey were baith amazed jist foo fast the
been in twa finals an lost em baith. Efter a fer chauve we reache
4 matches

Smith, Alex A Fer Chauve, (self-published 2005) Doric, prose
"It's a'a richt, you see we baith ken een an ither". Jonsar Eck
me aye" says Jonsar. "I hid baith my een seen till (it shood ha
awa for a week. Weel we were baith young an set oot trailin the
Muggie an Geordie (They were baith echty
4 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Minnie, (Scots Language Centre 2004) Doric, prose
s, dichtin his muckle lugs wi baith his forepaas. As she sat in t
l likit bi cottars an fermers baith. He hid bin byordnar kind tae
r their breid wis buttered on baith sides. Neist year, fin Isie t
en themsels an Minnie an Isie baith, faith ye cudna be easy wi a
es. Isie said Fermin an Natur baith hid their nesty sides. Ye mic
17 matches

Blackhall, Sheena The Quarry, (Lochlands 2007) Doric, prose
mers, they'd bin richt gled o baith the Hen-Hoose estate an the w
she kent forbye whar tae fin baith parents gin she'd the need o
Jenny an Brian Sangster war baith in Nava's claiss at Balbutt S
ff wi a larrie driver, leavin baith bairns ahin. Efter yon, Joe S
s rinnin doon their chikks an baith war humphie-backit."
23 matches

Fowler, Ross Sunday Fitba wi ma Faither, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
ers and were fair excited. We baith supported Celtic so we winted
faither a can o beer. We wir baith hopin the second hauf wid be
on and the door bell wint. We baith lookit at ane anither and tho
rden. He took ane look at the baith o us an jist shook her heid.
4 matches

Ritchie, John Fishin in the Findhorn, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
. It wis nae sma cath either. Baith ma didie and his freen wis sh
1 matches

Harvey, Lewis Crash, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
d up and shook ma haund. They baith thankit me fir a ma help that
1 matches

Martin, Keiron Ma Worst Nicht Oot, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric - Forres, prose
him later. The ither twa were baith fine and dein weel, so that w
1 matches

Murdoch, Steve Schrödinger’s Leid?, (Bella Caledonia 2016) Doric - St Andrews, blog
ic leids. Fit is mair, he’d baith heard the claik o the Court o
English, Scots an a maxtur o baith (an jist the aince A spoke Ga
and fit they’d been spiert. Baith times wes on the Buchan coast
efter twa systematic surveys, baith gied near the same result. An
ger’s Cat – a language at baith exists or disnae exist in the
5 matches

Strachan, Shane Hoast, (Scots Hoose 2020) Doric, prose
n waas and so the cough keeps baith o us up half the night.
We baith couldna get tae sleep fan we
2 matches

Strachan, Shane Standing Stone, (northwordsnow.co.uk 2016) Doric, prose
haul at them, I manage to get baith oot. They’re hivvy kind, es
1 matches

Hutchison, Pat The Three Cannels, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Doric - Banffshire, prose
big bosie. There wiz tears in baith their een at this fareweel an
ch little can be deen because baith are intertwined. It wiz ‘Ma
2 matches

Hutchison, Pat Catty, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Doric - Banffshire, prose
her mither and her tae watch, baith o them loved Doris Day films
wiz they were aa drug dealers baith big and smaa. But fitiver, th
re and in seconds hid clookit baith his legs till the bleed wiz f
He snatched up baith files and put them intae his
4 matches

The Mannie Fae Unco The Diary o a Feel at the Skweel, (unco.scot 2021) Doric, prose
or a scud in the lug or fyles baith wi lines thrown in for a spec
1 matches

Hutchison, Pat Bulletbroo, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Doric - Banffshire, prose
acked roon the inside piercin baith his lugs and makin a track ac
1 matches

Hutchison, Pat Bob the Dog fae the Bog, (McStorytellers.com 2017) Doric - Banffshire, prose
ore and gie the coorse bugger baith barrels min!” And added,
1 matches

Hutchison, Pat Angels Ten, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Doric - Banffshire, prose
d at Myrus cemetery, Macduff. Baith o us stood there as the lads
1 matches

Hutchison, Pat The Stones That Turned, (McStorytellers.com 2016) Doric - Banffshire, prose
rned the tables on Daavid for baith o them were weel trained at f
stick like a crummoch an gave baith o them a good beettlin. He’
an wint tae the wee brigg far baith the living an the deed crosse
3 matches

Blackhall, Sheena Jessie the Jumbo And other Bairn Tales in Scots, (Smashwords 2014) Doric - Aberdeen, weans
an plinkit an plunkit, giein baith
is a teirin an rivin soun, an baith moosies
ithier rinnin efter him. They baith wun doon tao the loch jist in
BAITH fancied thirsels tae win yon.
wis thunner an lichtnin they baith cooriet aneth the kitchie tab
5 matches

Lawrie, Alistair Caw, (northwordsnow.co.uk 2020) Doric - Stonehaven, prose
, does she no push upwards wi baith hauns on the knife. Right in
he axe an’s runnin aboot wi baith hauns tae his neck. Stupid cu
2 matches

Uri, Antonia Will virus crisis mean a fresh stairt for Scots produce?, (The National 2020) Doric, newspaper
ag that symbolises the Union. Baith are misleadin an confusin for
1 matches

Uri, Antonia Flooery achievement for the Scots Government, (The National 2019) Doric, newspaper
scaitert alang the roadsides. Baith o these plants bein strategic
rategic choices seein as they baith produce seeds fit can be spre
2 matches

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Doric or spik English? Ah div baith sae she is bilingual! http://(2015) search twitter
neapple aye, I love tae visit baith tae, love the wee hidden bitt(2016) search twitter
Baith? https://t.co/tLod0Ji2Mm(2018) search twitter

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. But.....will ayewis love em baith.(2019) search twitter
near een time and forgot that baith feet were lockit inti i pedal(2019) search twitter
@GerryinAberdeen Best o baith world's. At means to could pl(2019) search twitter
iejwattie & @WifieWattie, you baith gaan ti see i heidie? https:/(2019) search twitter
@AllanHotel @Historic_Ally Baith? Ats life on i edge.(2019) search twitter
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@southstandview1 Baith(2020) search twitter
@Ali_Leith On doubles noo baith hans(2020) search twitter
@Meldrum04 Baith look empty(2020) search twitter
Baith studs up(2020) search twitter

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sorted. Left han nae too bad. Baith han's th gither ......... dis(2012) search twitter
cum the chippy n chinese are baith closed on a Monday......it's (2011) search twitter
@LouiseNicol1 for you, me or baith o us!??(2012) search twitter

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wee o'er auld fishing rods & baith caught twa cod, an eel & a fe(2017) search twitter
ngle purchase, stale smell on baith & well used bit a bargain at (2019) search twitter
gets his accordion oot n’ we baith start oot wee sing along in t(2020) search twitter

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ere still in yer lang draars! Baith in Buchan Claik. (2020) twitter link
g through trade an the 'cargo baith wyes' trips o the fisher weem (2020) twitter link


Baikie, R. M. Mair Fairming Tales, (Baikie 2000 ISBN: 978-0953156412) Orkney - Hackland, prose
Fae that day on baith cock an boy, on page 40

1 matches

Parkin, Hazel Seven Year O Yule Days, (H and M Parkins 2002 ISBN: 978-0954363505) Orkney, poetry
e boortrees o Bockan - We're baith o us crappened and grey. The on page 67

1 matches

Towrie, David Wirkin' the Tang - a dialect tale, (Orkneyjar 2010) Orkney, prose
anks sae often that meed them baith strong an healthy.
Wan day, whin the baith o' them wir at the banks, the
h hid wis a speel, and if the baith o' them no been banks-wint, n
r a great speel o' wark, they baith wir weel plaised, for the muc
Wan bonnie momin, whin the baith o' them cam doon tae the bank
7 matches

@HJosephineGiles tweeted
@The__Biscuit Baith!(2020) search twitter


Johnson, Laureen Alice's Adventirs in Wonderlaand, (Evertype 2012 ISBN: 978-1782010081) Shetland - Voe, prose
differ atween da twa tongues baith ida grammar an ida wirds. Ath on page V
ist waste o braeth.' 'A'll be baith judge an jury,' said sleekit on page 30
lookit anunder him, an aroond baith sides o him, an ahint him, it on page 42
rett een laek a frug haes; an baith o da flunkeys, Alice noticed, on page 56
Dan dey baith med a grett bow, an der curls on page 57
Also on pages 65, 74, 87, 91, 96, 97, 98, 113
15 matches

Greig, Charles A Shetland Bible, (Saint Andrew Press 2009 ISBN: 978-0715209158) Shetland - Lerwick, prose
hed a terrible trachle lossin baith her man an her boys. A start on page 17
tae him in an aafil state. Da baith o dem hed gien birth ta boys on page 25

4 matches

Sandison, Iris Da Tree Peerie Grice, (Shetland For Wirds 2002) Shetland, weans
dd fell doon aboot da aert an baith peerie grice hed ta run fur d
1 matches

Johnson, Laureen Saands o Maywick, (Shetland For Wirds 2004) Shetland, prose
airst, an a braa strug ta get baith coarn an tatties. We wir wroc
1 matches

Tait, John M Lallans 60 - Da Odyssey (1-75), (Lallans Magazine 2002) Shetland, poetry
Wis haem noo, weel awa fae baith brynd an battle.
1 matches

Tait, John M Shaetlan is Daed - Lang live Dialect, (Shetland Dialect Conference 2004 2004) Shetland, prose
e development for decades, an baith him an John Law wis on da sam
’s livin an life tinkin, is baith myths ta shoard up da sam con
2 matches

Facebook link (I Hear Dee 2021) Shetland - Shetland
sh noo haes da sam form øsed baith wyes. Da decendants o Northum

@tattooedselkie tweeted
cis I saa the abuse they were baith gettin fir it an wanted tae s(2021) search twitter


Burns, John Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Galloway, poetry
for men an horses baith on page 63

2 matches

Bryden, Hugh Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
roun the room til we wur baith knackered. Ah kin on page 93

1 matches

Tindal, Betty Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
an we'll baith gang hame the nicht. on page 162

1 matches

Wilson, Rab Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
'Weel, ah must hearken tae baith litigants.' on page 171

1 matches

Wilson, Rab Chuckies fir the Cairn, (Luath 2009 ISBN: 978-1906817053) Southern - Dumfries, poetry
n ah thocht hou sic-an-sae we baith wir; on page 207
We'll baith sit here watchin the rosy daw on page 209

2 matches

Halfpenny, Cameron Ahlice's Adveenturs in Wunderlaant, (Evertype 2015 ISBN: 978-1782010876) Southern - Borders, prose
Fur baith oor oars, wi nae much skill, on page 5
'Let us baith gaun tae law: on page 29
hed looked under eet, an oan baith sides o eet, an ahint eet, ee on page 41
an muckle eyes lik a frog; an baith fitmen, Ahlice noticed, hed p on page 54
Then they baith bowed low, an their curls got on page 55
Also on pages 63, 71, 84, 89, 93, 93, 96, 111
15 matches

Purves, David C. Jade Lute, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Selkirk, poetry
But whan thay baith dee’d, Ah tell ye:
haes baith dwyned oot. It’s tyme
can see baith peaks. Abuin
that haes bund us baith thegither.
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Rodger, Matt The Borth’ick Waitter, (SCOTS Corpus 2003) Southern - Roxburgh, prose
rticle, tae spell the names o baith fock an places, is naur is A
Baith the fallean airticles bi Geor
Toun an than Howpasley Hope; baith o thum lig up the burn frae t
anenst the on-steid yonner an baith wur occupied bi the Tamson fa
New Mill-on-Ti’iot, fermed baith the Wolf an Craik Hope; wi
18 matches

The Westender Mairchers did oor toon prood, (The Hawick Paper 2007) Southern, newspaper
Baith world wars left massive remin
1 matches

McDonald, Hamish The Girnin Gates - Chapter 12, (Itchy Coo 2003) Southern, prose
An we baith goes:
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Fenton, James On Slaimish, (Ullans Press 2009 ISBN: 9781905281299) Ulster, poetry
Lilties baith, on page 4
Epples in baith hans. on page 13
Twunty poun apiece an baith weel warnt agane on page 16
Iz baith, wer lane on page 25
The baith taen up an niver bak, on page 53
Also on pages 54
7 matches

Robinson, Philip Oul Licht, (Ullans Press 2017 ISBN: 978-1905281305) Ulster - Larne, poetry
rig taen tae skirt tha bad - Baith fowk an lan. on page 22
Tha pews wud houl baith guid an bad. on page 28
Tae leeve, an gie tha baith awa. on page 29
Tae baith sides, thaim an iz on page 32
Yin apiece, at baith ens o tha Hamely Hills. on page 33
Also on pages 45, 49, 58, 68
11 matches

Morrison-Smyth, Anne Alice's Carrants in Wunnerlan, (Evertype 2013 ISBN: 978-1-78201-011-1) Ulster - Ballymoney, prose
t thur's monie differences in baith grammer an vocabulary between on page v
Fur baith oor oars, wi wee skill, on page 5
hae met in the hoose, 'Let iz baith go tae laa: A wull prosecute on page 30
hin shae lukt unner it, an on baith sides o it, an baehin it, sha on page 42
ce, an big een lik a frog; an baith fitman, Alice notice't, had p on page 55
Also on pages 56, 64, 72, 85, 90, 94, 95, 97, 108, 112
17 matches

Dornan, Stephen Tha Jaa Banes, (Ulster-Scots Academy 2020 ISBN: 978-1-9163758-1-9) Ulster - Comber, poetry
A hae taen thon sack in baith ma neives, on page 23
Baith in gait an mien, on page 32

2 matches

Ulster-Scots Language Society Tha Fower Gospels, (Ullans Press 2016 ISBN: 978-1-905281-25-1) Ulster, prose
o tha ither. Ye cannae sarve baith God an Gowld. on page 7
ïntae new wineskins, an tha baith o thaim wull keep." on page 9
o Aaron as weel. An the' wur baith upricht ïn tha Loard's sicht on page 69
ie thaim a han, an the' fillt baith bóats sae fu that the' near on page 77
wine ïntae new skïns, [then baith wull be aa richt]. Forbye, na on page 78
Also on pages 80, 95, 97, 98, 108
19 matches

Logan, Liam Thon Ulster Scots Book, (Galdanagh 2014 ISBN: 978-0992881405) Ulster - Dunloy, prose
er ain whiskey tae. These wus baith activities weel knowed all ab on page 46

2 matches

McDonald, Fiona Frae Cowie's Cragg, (Ulster-Scots Academy Press 2021 ISBN: B0949GXX7K) Ulster, poetry
a Fair, Sae Frank bocht thaim baith a whuskey, an the' bocht a cl on page 4
o weans. Sirrah's fether and baith o hir grandas wus wabsters as on page 7
mes an ma great-granda, Hugh, baith had anither jab. Yinst the'd on page 8
prood wi whut ye gien us. Tha baith o us thocht them steaks wus t on page 26

4 matches

Ulster Scots Agency Ulster Scots Census, (census.gov.uk 2021) Ulster, government
airacter ingang code wull hae baith letters an nummers.
Airtit at baith sexes
k in oan tha speirin foarm at baith thair hame address an lear-ti
3 matches

King, Angeline Weans o Latharna, (angelineking.com 2021) Ulster - Larne, weans
‘Och no!’ rhymed the baith o them. ‘No a girl!’
the Chaine Memorial Park. The baith o them hasted awa frae the br
Harry an Gary baith skellied up at me.
orbye. Ah wanted tae tell the baith o them aboot ma King Lir stor
story. Ah wanted tae tell the baith o them aboot the monsters com
7 matches

Bennett, Hazel Tha Near Cut, (Ullans Magazine 2001) Ulster, prose
. Bot a binnae fur takkin yis baith tae Ardoyne tha nicht.”
hon’s oor hoose. Thenkin ye baith fer tha hurl. Wull we see yis
2 matches

Fenton, James The Lade, (Ullans Magazine 2001) Ulster, prose
wud gether, wae iz wuntherin (baith wies, whiles), tae regalate t
idrace run tae the coarnmill, baith lang awa, an anither quait st
2 matches

Spence, Laura Tha Thoarn Tree, (Ullans Magazine 2013) Ulster, prose
d aathin wus aa richt. The’ baith haed a guid lach at wee Dan s
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