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Central - SWE Bairn o seven dischairged fae watch
Doric - DOR Bairn o the skyre an saikless bree
Central - SEC bairn, an cuidna be shiftit. Sae th
Central - LAL bairn.
Central - LAL Bairn-pouer unmankit, sae may ma co
Central - LAL bairn, a species like a Glesca Ned.
Orkney - ORK s age but noo seems younger. "Bairn," sheu says, "whit'll I no?"
Central - LALis_UK Ah see he's brocht his 'bairn beating stick' wae him. Very
Central - LALut Lithgae born husband says 'bairn'!
Shetland - SHD ities): bairndom 'childhood' (bairn +-dom)
Shetland - SHD oiced bilabial stop /beɐrn/ (bairn)
Shetland - SHD eɐ /beɐrn/ (bairn)
Central - SEC Now families Mum, Dad, Bairn, Auld-Yin
Southern - SEA e went oan, "Whit's eer name, bairn?"
Doric - NNB he went on, "What's yer name, bairn?"
Central - LAL Will you stap interruptin me, bairn?' said Mr Wonka. 'It warks by
Central - LAL as bonnie, stushie, fantoosh, bairn, bourach, haiver, scunnered,
Southern - SWEper, fit, haun, schuil, wean, bairn, piece, skelp, plook, hoose,
Orkney - ORK en tae whar the good dogs go, bairn.
Orkney - ORK Maggie: Sshh noo, bairn, calm yersel. A've hidden a w
Doric - MNA auld Pat. Terrorism, murder, bairn-rape hid aa bin near stampit
Shetland - SHD ose ~ hooses, croft ~ crofts, bairn ~ bairns, flooer ~ flooers, e
Central - SEC elie jettisoned the innocent, bairn-rhyme tone o the original.
Doric - NNB "Tut, tut, bairn!" sade e Duchess. "Every thin
Central - LAL Mary Beaton: Mary, bairn, caist oot frae your hameland
Central - SWE or Mary, Bairn o Broons,
Southern - SEA e execution-yinee mair th pig-bairn was sneezin oan th Duchess's
Doric - NNB E dream-bairn movan through a land O winder
Southern - SEA Th dwam-bairn wanderin aboot a place
Shetland - SHD gry. Noises cam fae da hoose. Bairn's voices. Shö jumpit up on d
Central - SEC nniest ane ye’d ivver seen. Bairn size, blue, a wee mirror an a
Central - SEC Photaes: bairn, ex-wife.
Central - SWE a bairn's
Central - LAL A bairn, cosy in a buggy, wee heid co
Central - LAL A bairn stringin gowans till her mith
Central - SEC A bairn sooks his thoomb, sleeps douc
Doric - MNA "A BAIRN! Fit'll folk say!" At's fit m
Central - SEC (ld.) no a Shull’n (1/-), a bairn. A wee invelope wis pit in wi
Central - LAL favour o her son Jemmie VI, a bairn o ae year auld. Lord Jeems St
Shetland - SHD o da birth a dir graandson, a bairn dey kent dey wid nivver see.
Doric - MNA@d_anderson878 There ya go, a bairn jist brocht in a proper sized
Central - EDN deliberately incurred cost, a bairn wilfully brocht intae the war
Central - LAL quine - a bairn
Doric - MNA littlins near hauf his age. A bairn in a man's skin. Waur, fowk f
Central - LAL , "it's a thocht, is it no? A bairn jist disappearin like that. A
Doric - MNA n I becam a man, I pit awa aa bairn ferlies.... Yer a big quine n
Shetland - SHD "It's my cat," da bairn sobbit, "Dis is Blackie's gra
Shetland - SHD Maggie! Haste dee! Maggie? Da bairn ... my bairn ..."
Shetland - SHD at da wife wis spaekin ta da bairn, an no ta her, so dat med her
Shetland - SHD "No, ah'm nivver hedd a bairn," an fur a moment I coodna sp
Shetland - SHDKeen how excited da bairn on da Christmas Coke advert g
Shetland - SHD oaz wir mairried an dey hed a bairn caad Obed wha wis da grandfed
Central - LAL Was lifted a Bairn's first cry,
Shetland - SHD@euanmcilwraith How could a bairn be so cruel to an auld body.
Shetland - SHD Alice catched a hadd o da bairn wi a bit o effort, for hit wi
Shetland - SHD fir dey towt dat wis whaar da bairn wid be. Bit Herod kent naethi
Central - LAL time, teachers would scaud a bairn for speakin the same wey as t
Central - SEC Wha learned you fae a bairn. He ligs haurd by,
Central - LAL and Elizabeth I didnae hae a bairn.
Central - LAL no mines. Sae I huv tae hae a bairn. I want a guid sensible lovin
Doric - DOR fe. And mebbe they’ll hae a bairn or twa like aa the quines ay
Doric - DUN t wis Flopsy. Flopsy wisnae a bairn any mair, and killed Tricky T
Central - SWE an coud mak letters frae a bairn,
Central - LAL ence. Framin yer story frae a bairn’s pynt o view will really b
Doric - MNA 'll aye open their door tae a bairn...they michtna be sae keen ta
Central - LAL , a toy coo Ah've had since a bairn,
Central - LAL to gie a bairn affront;
Orkney - ORK Like a bairn at the breast.
Orkney - ORK like a bairn
Doric - SNO like a bairn dirdin doon the stairs,
Doric - MNA rustin oot er assets. "Like a bairn's backside."
Orkney - ORK hid again?" he speirs, like a bairn. "All no," sheu says. "We mig
Orkney - ORK Bit, I gret, like a bairn, in the trenches, when I saa
Orkney - ORK and like a bairn
Central - NEC im fae haund tae haund like a bairn or white’er. But ae time we
Central - LALS in a flash tae drive like a bairn on a double decker bus!!
Central - LAL r shouders an treat ye like a bairn. But gin ye said tae them: "T
Doric - MNA, works treat sleeping like a bairn. Go try https://t.co/GYO0x4sV
Doric - MNAscenes hud me greeting like a bairn, wonderful film. xx
Doric - MNA ere wis a thin skreich like a bairn skirlin oot o't - ay, richt l
Orkney - ORK e osc stairts skrekkan like a bairn.
Central - LAL r bed she cooried doon like a bairn. The uncanniness o the painti
Doric - MNA d the hooses thegither like a bairn's lego. Here, a rowth o faith
Central - LAL ooried him in my airms like a bairn; yet it seemed tae me he wis
Doric - MNA An ye greet like a bairn fin ye steep them in the bree
Central - DUN pal Wee Tam went aboot like a bairn that had lost his scone for a
Central - LAL e ower clean fur. Jist like a bairn, she thocht. Bit a wheen less
Doric - SNO Why wad an auld man coddle a bairn
Central - SEC See, as a poet, ye're a bairn in a sweetie shop when ye dis
Central - LAL ey important? Mebbe ye were a bairn and shair as onythin ye were
Central - LAL And on an outlan shore a bairn liggs drount.
Central - EDN Raise a bairn wi? Och, wheesht, man. Ye’v
Central - EDN wisnae a guid man to raise a bairn wi.
Shetland - SHD ta whaar you want ta be. If a bairn akses fir bread, whit fedder
Orkney - ORK se pronouns when addressing a bairn, a spouse, a beloved pet or f
Ulster - SYN tha soon o Mary's voice, tha bairn gien a lep ïn hir wame, an s
Central - SWE Wi a bairn in her airms
Doric - MNA 'Foo div ye faa wi a bairn, Meg?'
Doric - MNA ten the curse ye can faa wi a bairn.'
Doric - MNA nd kitchie-deems fa fell wi a bairn. Faith, they'd sack them as q
Orkney - ORK didna waant Dudley mixan wi a bairn like that.
Shetland - SHD on, "an du'll be laandit wi a bairn on dy ain."
Central - LAL ilka bairn wants a guddle
Central - LAL blinndfoldit wi a cloot, ilka bairn wis birlt roond an pyntit at
Central - WCE signally failed tae dae. Ilka bairn that has grown up in this kin
Central - EDN n. He cud see the maths. Ilka bairn that forgets closes aff a nod
Central - LAL d on the Gowden Tickets? Ilka bairn gangs hame wi a lifetime's su
Central - SEC i Cherlie Clancy, but bi ilka bairn in the croodit playgrund o Gr
Central - NEC spent fower year raisin ilka bairn, they cannae hae mair nor thr
Central - LAL A bienly word for ilka bairn,
Doric - SNO and mysel a bairn
Central - LAL like a white lie tellt til a bairn. He lets things be.
Southern - SEA st be corrected.’ Ti tell a bairn this, is ti yoke on its ident
Central - LAL Toys tae fill a bairn's playpen.
Doric - MNA In her een I'm still a bairn
Doric - MNA , Ah'm finally gaun te see ma bairn again. An Ah'm prayin she'll
Doric - MNA ns. Kieran, Kieran, Kieran ma bairn. It winna melter hoo far ye t
Southern - SEA k o they ootbye places. In ma bairn heid days, fock hed tae
Central - LAL o ma bairn-wuid's
Doric - ABN limt it afore. In fack, as ma bairn's shanks warslet up its heath
Central - SWE felt ma bairn's face flinch
Central - SEC ldo. "Nae cunt talks aboot ma bairn like that!"
Central - LAL rbit by a caur raither than a bairn. As faur as I can tell juist
Central - LAL faut if coorse, fancy haen a bairn whan ower forty yeir auld, ay
Central - LAL But then a bairn ran past the windae o his cel
Doric - MNA a "Haein a bairn, Cathy?" John teen ma han an
Central - DUN in mither o feminism. Haein a bairn oot o wedlock an possibly tae
Doric - MNA uld an past the age o haein a bairn yersel. Gin ye takk doon yer
Central - EDN lik a dot-tae-dot puzzle in a bairn’s beuk. Unner the shallae c
Central - DUN airds eddication itsel. Gin a bairn comes tae schuil speakin Scot
Central - LAL r tae tak chairge o birthin a bairn. The wiemen she attendit war
Central - SEC that," like she wis spaekin a bairn.
Shetland - SHD hedd a kent I wis lippenin a bairn, bit I ken he's comin back, h
Central - EDN at her like a parent warnin a bairn awa fae some daft an dangerou
Central - GLA stool in the middle, nursin a bairn: the cook wis leanin aer the
Southern - SEA stool in th middle, nursin a bairn: th cook was leanin ower th f
Central - LAL ic a choice (i.e. waitin on a bairn gettin
Central - LAL h dyke, an hunker-slid doon a bairn's sclide tae the burn baunk,
Central - SEC lamp licht. “A shull’n a bairn.” “Fir bliddy royalty...
Central - LAL , the mind o a bairn, the thochts o a bairn, but n
Central - LAL sentence – ‘the mind o a bairn, the thochts o a bairn’ –
Central - LAL en quotit wis the example o a bairn gettin checked either by pare
Central - LAL days, I hed the speech o a bairn, the mind o a bairn, the thoc
Central - EDN hurtit an bewildert leuk o a bairn unfairly checkit. “Oh, Ragg
Doric - SNO rra drapped intae the een o a bairn
Central - WCE t the warld throu the een o a bairn. Hamish Scott taks a slee skl
Doric - MNA it sixty. Ye'd the brain o a bairn in a man's heid; ere wisna a
Central - LAL , the thochts o a bairn, but nou at I am grown manmuc
Central - LAL , the thochts o a bairn’ – what it mints tae me i
Doric - DOR he wisna speered ti hud up a bairn. He gid stracht til e Kirk, c
Doric - DOR naebdy socht cat ti hud up a bairn. Fen winter cam an ere wis na
Central - EDN eneuch, tae try tae faither a bairn o Ragoran’s on him? An Ugly
Shetland - SHD st elf. He wis croogin ower a bairn’s letter wi a magnifyin gle
Central - SEC auld hertitly tramplin ower a bairn. In chapter 4, The Carew Murt
Central - LAL Yer a bairn, a wumman, a Goddess divine.
Doric - ABN For a bairn maan greet
Central - LAL und, whit life was like for a bairn grouwin up in a Fife fishin a
Central - NEC an meat wis ower muckle for a bairn tae eat. Therefore, bairns ha
Central - LAL euk wad be a braw walin for a bairn wha haes trauchil wi the read
Central - LALirplin, hirpilt; hippin for a bairn's clootie putit on tae resorb
Central - EDN eep that up, especially for a bairn. The warld is that bonny, Isk
Central - LAL Less Trauchle Nor A Bairn
Central - SEC or’s ‘Less Trauchle Nor A Bairn’, at is fu o seinister impl
Doric - MNA Jed, as they'd luik oot fur a bairn or fur a bird wi a brukken wi
Central - DUN As a bairn at the schuil (or a wean fer
Central - EDN as a bairn foretelt him o Jezebel.
Southern - SWE As a bairn Ah leeved in a faur-oot glen
Central - LAL As a bairn, my first leid was Scots. Til
Shetland - SHD o my few human freends. As a bairn I wis ey weel warned tae bide
Central - LAL ashiels, bade in Nigeria as a bairn, grew up in Embro, Falkirk an
Shetland - SHD e lovin hert at shö hed as a bairn: an foo shö wid gadder idder
Central - EDN aroon whan Hsien arrived as a bairn. The notorious ex-miners - o
Shetland - SHD spent wi Auntie Jeannie as a bairn. Shü wid help wi da jobs abo
Central - LAL@heathermorven Me as a bairn
Central - LAL es Daedalus had tellt me as a bairn. I wis feart I wid luik unco
Central - LAL d tae imagine Coont Olaf as a bairn, but she couldnae manage it.
Doric - MNA , I spak as a bairn, I kent as a bairn , I thocht
Central - LAL n thinkin back tae masel as a bairn, I ken I wad hae been there,
Central - LAL range o roles – hersel as a bairn, singer Jean Redpath, Rabbie
Shetland - SHD Even as a bairn you kent da meenister
Central - LAL undit wis the cure. Even as a bairn, I jaloused her life haed no
Central - SEC e a sweet tooth, no even as a bairn. He'd gie them tae some bairn
Shetland - SHD hael took an interest in as a bairn on da croft. An of coorse, we
Central - EDN e hir favourit quastioun as a bairn.
Shetland - SHD face i da dock, nae mair as a bairn himsel, an da look a resignat
Shetland - SHD I played aroond da doors as a bairn I aye mind da fardest in stre
Central - LALh wore ma hair like that as a bairn in the 1970s, afore onywan in
Doric - MNA , I thocht as a bairn; bit fin I becam a man, I pit
Doric - MNA , I kent as a bairn , I thocht as a bairn; bit fi
Central - LAL scrieve the Scots I kent as a bairn, I’m confrontit wi a number
Central - DUN But as a bairn eh loved ti climb trees,
Southern - SEA Ah yist tae say when Ah was a bairn," said th Gryphon.
Central - SEC ukent, shae thocht shae wes a bairn agane. The chukkens wes
Doric - NNB A used till say when A wis a bairn," sade e Gryphon.
Central - DUN tae the hills since he wis a bairn an his faither had learnt him
Central - SEC raig jumps up. As if he wis a bairn at Christmas. Exclaimin: "The
Central - SEC ed trial he hud when he wis a bairn. But it took the win against
Doric - MNAither an faither fin he wis a bairn aat the Registry Office?
Shetland - SHD he used ta fish whin he wis a bairn.
Doric - DOR derk-eed prince, fur he wis a bairn o the land, bit she did. Naeb
Central - LAL Whan ah wis a bairn, ma mither anely haed tae buy
Central - LAL haed kent weel whan ah wis a bairn. Bein mindit o it fairly broc
Central - LALbyrne @Okeating When Ah wis a bairn, "Irish" wis shorthaund fer s
Doric - ABN r ay used tae say fan I wis a bairn... This is a sign... ma time
Central - LAL Whan I wis a bairn o sax year auld, I saw a braw
Doric - MNA hae bin for that when I wis a bairn.
Doric - MNA per in her lug...'Fin I wis a bairn, I spak as a bairn, I kent as
Shetland - SHD a wye at I spack whin I wis a bairn, da wye at I still spaek, an
Shetland - SHD t I ösed ta say whin I wis a bairn," said da Gryphon.
Shetland - SHD Whan Israel wis a bairn, I happit him aboot wi care.
Shetland - SHD 'm kent Davina fae shü wis a bairn comin up ta spend da simmer w
Central - EDN You’ve heard mony’s a bairn’s laugh,
Doric - DOR wad hae bin horrifeed that a bairn cud ken sic coorse spikks. Bi
Central - LAL re no wasted. I wonder what a bairn o mine and his would’ve lik
Shetland - SHD wis joost whit a bairn wid say an do.
Doric - MNA y'd bin merriet she drappit a bairn ilkie year. They keepit a cha
Central - SEC h thoat he wis talkin aboot a bairn. Efteraw, he's cawed kid."
Central - SEC the muckle Dee tells aboot a bairn-less wumman ettlin tae git ha
Doric - ABN’ this glaikit tweet aboot a bairn supposedly shouting “but you
Central - SEC She's jist a bairn, hir names Lily
Central - LAL tae Coont Olaf. "She's jist a bairn! Whit hairm's she ever duin t
Central - SEC at the time cos ah wis jist a bairn masel. Yin hing that did leav
Central - LAL o Queen Mary that wis jist a bairn an haed tae fend the kintra f
Central - SWE Yince mair I’m juist a bairn
Central - SEC indeed? But Labour is juist a bairn stertin oot on this history m
Central - EDN r! - siblins. He wis juist a bairn whan his parents ran aff wi t
Central - EDN rigs, whan Rongye wis juist a bairn. The authorities did that fae
Central - LAL "But Violet's anely a bairn!" wan o the actors said. "She
Central - LAL Ma Francis, thouch barely a bairn,
Southern - SEA heid, ma dear: she is only a bairn!"
Doric - NNB sider, ma dear: she is only a bairn!"
Shetland - SHD aboot it, joy: shö is only a bairn!"
Orkney - ORK Many a bairn sheu delivered.
Central - LAL Mony a bairn bourne a the Sidhe an a Human
Central - LAL as wantit it, baptised mony a bairn, conducted a few weddins, as
Central - LAL “A bairn’s earliest leid is acquired
Central - SEC d the rotten corpse ae a deed bairn. Everboady else appears tae b
Doric - MNA - ay, richt like a terrified bairn, uncanny yon, near human, an
Central - SEC wi sympathy, the aince loved bairn in the adult that's noo no we
Doric - MNA eel an e wymes att nivver hid bairn an e paps att nivver gied soo
Southern - SEA hing ti tell a five-year-auld bairn: ‘The way you speak is wron
Central - SEC chafts were like a year-auld bairn's, an' creish my pow wi' the
Central - SEC and ah wis a sixteen-yearauld bairn again. It goat me hinking abo
Central - LAL s brains. Davie’s wife and bairn saw aw this. Can ye imagine w
Central - SEA English; an our lullabies and bairn-rhymes wis in Scots.
Central - SEC he bad yins. An you're a good bairn, aren't ye?''
Shetland - SHD rüf fur Mary an her bastard bairn. Dey eventually got da croft
Shetland - SHD dysel wi Alec Watt's bastard bairn, draggit dysel doon ta his le
Central - LAL t by a brain fever. The third bairn had been born ower early had
Doric - ABN was a lang, low table, wi ae bairn-sized seat drawn up tae it, a
Doric - MNA age o fowerteen, nae man nae bairn, a halflin fa smokit a cuttit
Central - LAL that lats nae bairn o hers
Shetland - SHD s richt,” I agreed. “Nae bairn wants a neep fae Santie.”
Doric - MNA hies, the ferm-wife's due tae bairn, bit she's drappit sax alread
Orkney - ORK ' says Inga, 'or whit'll thee bairn aet, or Erlend's, or Erika's
Southern - SEA Ahlice! A wee bairn's story tak,
Central - LAL and made him look like a wee bairn.
Central - LALm, espicially as you've a wee bairn at hame tae now!?? xxx
Central - LAL It wis the flesher, wi a wee bairn at his side haudin his haun.
Southern - SEA of the massive wheel) Ma wee bairn livin’ in Norway and she has
Doric - ABN "Caw-cannie! Thare's a wee bairn rinnin ower oor wey pouin a t
Central - LALthis photie o' masel as a wee bairn. Contrary tae popular belief
Central - SEC l Scots dialeck, but as a wee bairn A mind on meetin ma relatives
Central - LAL n her een, "She's anely a wee bairn. We'll dae omythin, onythin.
Central - SEC I telt ae wee bairn, 'Ett yer carrots
Central - LAL Wha made her sic a rude wee bairn,
Central - LAL haill wide warld wis her wee bairn and a pig.
Central - SEC n askin efter ma cousin's wee bairn that's been at the schuil a y
Central - WCE in the achievement o this wee bairn wid huv been tempted tae caus
Central - LAL But if ony wee bairn stummles,
Central - LALThe bairn loves windows (wee babies lov
Central - SEC The bairn that seen it rugged at his mi
Central - LAL the bairn didnae half gie his grandfait
Doric - SNO the bairn cried
Central - LAL and look at this, awbody! The bairn's foond Wonka's last Gowden T
Central - LAL in. "You're in the scud," the bairn shouted. "Whautr's yer new cl
Central - WCE a quick keek at Matilda. 'The bairn wis sittin dead straight at h
Central - LAL The puir bit moose, the bairn new born,
Central - WCE 'But Miss Trunchbull, the bairn only sterted the schuil this
Orkney - ORK , like his Dad afore him, the bairn sometimes forgets.
Doric - MNA tae agree. Fur a meenit, the bairn thocht on the bonnie zither t
Central - SEC ddie about five year old. The bairn was awfu’ taken up with the
Central - SEC a read when he wis alive. The bairn'll nivver notice. I'll cross
Central - SEC Aye. The bairn'1I like that. Hiv ye ony felt
Central - SEC JESSIE: The bairn must hae left the door open a
Doric - ABN s. Naebody really kens fa the bairn was, thou aire's plenty o the
Doric - ABN grumphie, Da,” lauched the bairn. He likit the grumphie; it my
Central - LAL The auld grannie cooried the bairn intae her. They rase thegithe
Central - WCE wis ca’ed the Bairn, in the Broons. Ah laughed th
Central - GLA And the Bairn's ward gien ower tae prisoner
Doric - MNA le hid deen the trick and the bairn cam intae the world. A skelp
Central - LAL Inglis in for tae uphaud the bairn king an revenge on thaim that
Doric - MNA st Yule, raither than hae the bairn she wis cairryin. Fa the fait
Doric - ABN blaik, tangled mane. Tae the bairn, Auld Waltams was a cuddy, or
Doric - MNA forbye he'll be gweed tae the bairn. He's nae reason tae think it
Doric - MNA ip like thing tae lee tae the bairn sae she micht win awa easier
Central - LAL ll dedicate this buik tae the bairn this growen-up aince wis. Aw
Doric - MNA e passed my tribble ontae the bairn?" he doggedly gaed on. "Fit i
Central - SEC e deflated fitbaw oor tae the bairn ah paused fur a bit before he
Central - SEC w wid ye explain that tae the bairn? Ye could aye say we cremated
Orkney - ORKe hiv a peedie coorie wae the bairn an smell the tap o thir heid
Central - LAL ew kin o politics cuid be the bairn o hame raign. He shaws the we
Central - LAL@RobertMiggins Ye kin be the bairn if ye like Boab jist is long
Central - LAL und up the back tae force the bairn intae bein richt haundit wis
Central - LAL r. She wis wantin tae see the bairn. Mibbes git a haud od’t. Ai
Central - WCE fund oot jist hoo sparkie the bairn wis but Miss Honey had learnt
Doric - DOR fifteen year since Jamie the bairn wis born an it wis something
Southern - WCE an me the bairn wha hud the deid man's name.
Doric - DORI so hope the bairn hisna eaten her sweetie .....
Central - SEC Hurry up afore the bairn comes. She'll no be lang.
Central - WCE "gie the blirtin hure the bairn
Doric - MNA and the mid-wife gave the bairn a wash an wupped it in a cosy
Doric - ABN but syne trachelt aff wi the bairn. The manse geets skitit in an
Central - SEC ummer o clair staups. Lik the bairn’s
Orkney - ORK I took the bairn fae the cairry-cot and I held
Southern - SEA gone wi the van – took the bairn’s white shawl oot the press
Central - LAL Whan echo-vyces fill the bairn-reft hames
Central - LAL Street an stey there till the bairn wis born. Marion had been fas
Doric - DOR I am the bairn brocht up in the watter wi sa
Orkney - ORK the ospital tae see me an the bairn the nixt day."
Central - WCE but it's a lot worse when the bairn in question is extraordinar,
Doric - MNA Fin the bairn wis born it wid takk her atte
Doric - MNA a grey dreich mornin fin the bairn wiz born at Crichie. It hid b
Doric - MNA gaen some far in fleggin the bairn. Sally Bruce drew ower a kitc
Doric - DOR gang back tae work, takin the bairn wi her.
Doric - MNA his club efter deliverin the bairn. Miss Vining wis jist feenish
Central - LAL l as the written leids in the bairn’s community. This means hae
Orkney - ORK he Naemer draas a ring on the bairn's broo, haads skinnymalinky a
Central - LAL bigg on that foond an on the bairn’s braidenin range o experie
Doric - MNA oned hersel, nae a wird o the bairn she wis cairryin gaed doon on
Doric - MNA he secunt, was a photie o the bairn, that Nurse Mackenzie swore s
Doric - MNA er – yon hungert luik o the bairn wi its neb pressed teetle the
Doric - MNA trauchelt wi the wecht o the bairn in her wame an wad be gled o
Central - SEC “No, noo. No in front o the bairn.” She gesturt taeward the b
Central - SEC 'll no be sic a shock fer the bairn. I mean, jist look at it, Jes
Doric - DOR oney. (Jake hid peyed for the bairn for fifteen year). Foo auld a
Central - LAL stay in the hospital for the bairn’s jaundice. Adding in the Ba
Central - SWE n, and even 'a ginger for the bairn'.
Central - EDN bairns, priggin juist for the bairn tae be cured, an promisin tae
Central - WCE rly aye left in trust fur the bairn. Then it's the bairn's proper
Central - SEC it dee'd in agony. Whit's the bairn gaun tae think? Mebbe if we w
Central - SEC e morn then. Oh, an hou's the bairn? Is she aw right noo?"
Doric - MNA RGH!" Donald roart oot as the bairn's cricket baa Cam spinnin thr
Central - EDN Jackie wis the bairn o’ oor staff. She an’ her
Central - SEC "‘Doag,’" says the bairn, real biddable; and then he l
Central - WCE the time and noticed that the bairn wis lost in the book. She nev
Central - WCE Honey wis still gawpin at the bairn, pure
Central - LAL and reached doon tae pat the bairn on the heid. Sunny took Judge
Doric - MNA The mid-wife grabbit the bairn and said, “Gweed saiks min
Central - LAL ver, in order tae benefit the bairn (let
Central - WCE he Trunchbull sensed whit the bairn wis thinkin and she wisnae ha
Central - SEC it. "Could ye no hae telt the bairn tae go awa? As fer that kerry
Central - WCE helps wis concerned aboot the bairn's safety as she walked throug
Central - WCE cos he didn’t ken why the Bairn wis ca’ed the Bairn, in the
Central - WCE e’ve Pauline Graham, ‘The Bairn’!
Doric - ABN st is completely fair.” The bairn stood like a tennis net, wi t
Orkney - ORK Annie May his a peedie bairn
Orkney - ORK Watch oot yin SNOZACK peedie bairn
Doric - MNA fairms war aa present. Ilkie bairn sat wi a slate an a slate pen
Central - WCE he has been brocht up a halie bairn bi his mither, sae the seeds
Central - WCE ephew o coorse, wes a seiklie bairn, but as things warks oot, ane
Southern - SEA sie Forsythe an thair anerlie bairn wis thair
Central - LAL sat up sherp. "But, ma bonnie bairn' she skirled. "Where on earth
Central - DUN mitations). Gin ye teach onie bairn that bi the age o echteen the
Shetland - SHD Göd Man's love lik a peerie bairn you'll nivir git ta da Göd P
Shetland - SHD Wan peerie bairn hed a strenge start tae his l
Orkney - ORK Margit, waatchan her smoosie bairn an Higgie the Codd both tell
Central - WCE ot up. He wis a muckle brosie bairn and he hoddled quickly forrit
Central - LAL a hansom cab. As a wee tottie bairn she could mind seein ma grann
Central - LAL Klaus Baudelaire, the middle bairn, and the anely laddie, liked
Central - LALah never came across a single bairn wha didnae hae access tae the
Doric - MNA en throw her wi nae a sinngle bairn. Hinmaist o aa e wumman deit.
Central - LAL Fule bairn, ye niver kent her ere the ch
Orkney - ORK er welcome tae Jeannie and me bairn
Orkney - ORK st aboot me! Fer Am gotten me bairn, an hid's jeust me thir gotte
Central - LAL nd brakkin my leg aince (some bairn's mishanter). When they tuik
Doric - NNB "By-e bye, what became o e bairn?" sade e Cat. "A'd near forgo
Central - LALae a think. Gey important are bairn sangs - ye’ll need a wheen!
Central - LAL ke up the youngest Baudelaire bairn. "Sunny," he said, but then h
Central - NEC that a heich rate o premature bairn deith an ye ken that e’en s
Central - EDN he waa. She recitit a Chinese bairn rhyme: “Firefly, fire-fly,
Doric - MNAected a file back fae a Banff bairn, but on point aye noo. https:
Central - WCE happened tae be an unco gleg bairn and his mither
Central - LAL@secretHT1 Big bairn !!!!!
Central - LAL0rn1nScotland Dinnae be a big bairn... "Writes the number doon" ?
Southern - SWE enjoy them baith. Bein a big bairn yersel an aw
Central - LAL eaking to. That Finn is a big bairn – ha! No pun intended – t
Doric - ABN bun. It wis like he wis a big bairn. Or oot o his min’.
Central - DUN rope an mak a deal w; the Big Bairn in the White Hoose that'll sa
Central - SEC assie above me, eh? Her young bairn is autistic, and he'll only e
Central - LAL sumed' be the modren Scottish bairn is ootlin. (An whiles Ah thin
Southern - SEA that eet was addressed tae th bairn, an no tae hur, sae she took
Shetland - SHD er dey wir lippenin dir fifth bairn, tinkin shü wid congratulate
Southern - SEA s said tae Ahlice, flingin th bairn at hur as she spoke. "Ah must
Southern - SEA "B' th wei, whit became o th bairn" said th Cat. "Ah'd nearly fo
Southern - SEA herd-boy - an th sneeze o th bairn, th shriek o th Gryphon, an a
Orkney - ORK tae luk efter you an thi bairn.
Central - SEC ad roond an aa, fae mither ti bairn, like's shawn in the quote ab
Doric - MNA , single quines fa cud faa wi bairn as easy as keechin yit hidna
Shetland - SHD niversity an didn shü faa wi bairn tae him. I telt June if I wis
Doric - MNA ege, Jenny wis on the road wi bairn an Neil wis ower the meen. No
Shetland - SHD n last year didn shü come wi bairn again whin shü wis nearly fo
Doric - MNA waly for e weemen att are wi bairn at sic a time, or hiv bairnie
Central - LAL Waff voo nou I'm wi bairn an ken
Central - LAL sin twal or thirteen weans wi bairn-bed aye fou.
Shetland - SHD A lass wi bairn
Shetland - SHD d a med a most aafil ill-laek bairn: but hit maks a kinda boannie
Doric - MNA ver an English wife o a stukk bairn. A Japanee legend tells that
Central - GLA sel, cause she wis an unusual bairn, an awfy fond ae kiddin on ta
Southern - SEA n the fack thit, is ae schuil bairn i the Scottis Borders, A wis
Central - SEC din and bubblin like a school bairn, a boay in the centre row sta
Shetland - SHD or shö wis an aafil truthful bairn; "but peerie lasses aets eggs
Doric - NNB ice, who wis a awful truthful bairn; "but peedy lasgies eit eiggs
Central - EDN cry thaim bairn-like, e’en tae hersel. She
Central - DUN Eh've got a wife an bairn,
Central - LAL his farm tae see his wife an bairn it aw ends in the worst possi
Central - DUN s tae help him an his wife an bairn, no a fortune but a guid help
Central - LAL id … in front o his wife an bairn.
Central - LAL rt wha'd murthert a wumman an bairn. Ir wha the veectims wir. Tha
Orkney - ORK aisins. Wan bairn deid, afore hid could mind oa
Doric - MNA riege prenticeship. He'd daen bairn psychology, an role-play fur
Doric - ABN That wad ser tae gledden bairn an bairnlike hairts.
Central - SEC For Nicola Jane, ma gowden bairn
Central - LALaul at Category Is Books when bairn was a couple of months old. M
Central - SEA rman becam Gambo, the fursten bairn eftir twins.
Doric - MNA waas trimmlit….the furreign bairn was back…she wis booin ower
Central - LAL ir richt mynd cries thair ain bairn efter a island whan thay ken
Doric - MNA ae really. An ye're ay my ain bairn, nae maitter foo auld ye are.
Central - SEC r turn o bein the best sellin bairn's buik in the Capital's Water
Central - LAL n the clairtie toun, a pewlin bairn
Orkney - ORK a squirmin bairn.
Central - SEC hat catched the ee o a passin bairn ane day wis the ane that says
Orkney - ORK A hungry, greetin bairn means a hen's teen.
Shetland - SHD baith o dem said dat da livin bairn wis dirs. Solomon lookit at d
Central - LAL like a puir unhovin bairn
Shetland - SHD "Juist guider at your sneezin bairn,
Doric - MNA ed a saft skreich. The unborn bairn wis kickin. Her hauf-brither
Doric - NNB r simple joys, mindan her oun bairn-life, an e happy summer days.
Central - WCE h suppose ah'd cry ye a grown bairn if ye see whit ah mean.'
Central - LAL And for the sake o bairn and wean
Central - LAL muckle mair nor an outwale o bairn-rhymes o langsyne: it's a lei
Central - EDN h cam til hir. The meirakil o bairn-heid an the trigidie o auld a
Central - EDN thocht. Bit it wis that kin o bairn-likeness that gret yogis aspi
Central - GLA e return tae that wee scrap o bairn
Central - SEC yable for aa that. Maisters o bairn-rhyme, lik J. K. Annand, Will
Central - SEC reference til the uisfuness o bairn-rhymes. Soutar's limitations
Central - SEC o the poems in the pamphlet o bairn's rhymes an stories written i
Central - LAL Tae be sport o bairn an jo,
Doric - MNAinflatable balloon of a Trump bairn wud hiv been funny in oor ski
Doric - ABN nt tae that the weil-fesst-up bairn wad noo tak aff his fyte hose
Central - WCE overed that this extraordinar bairn wis jist as clivvir as Miss H
Doric - MNA va. Isie, tho, wisna a cottar bairn, her buits war guid stoot lea
Shetland - SHD ornenst hersel, for dis wheer bairn aften laekit ta mak on at at
Doric - NNB against hersel, for iss queer bairn lecked pretendan till be two
Shetland - SHD n dere i da byre shö hed her bairn ~ a boy - an ta keep him war
Central - SEC seein Isa's face, birled her bairn back intae the road. "No pet,
Central - SEC ae aroond that lassie and her bairn agaity then believe me. You'l
Central - LAL gruntit, it made her and her bairn lauch wi delicht. And when th
Central - SEC assies hoose upstairs and her bairn wis screamin his tiny heid oa
Doric - MNA the traivellers' lear tae her bairn, Kieran, bit the loon hid nae
Doric - MNA nk hid came fae the place her bairn hid breathed his last. Mary s
Doric - MNA he mither speired tae see her bairn and the mid-wife gave the bai
Doric - ABN walkin awa, the mither wi her bairn in her airms, the loonie grip
Central - LAL Tae mak her bairn the best o aa
Doric - NNB An wi at she began nursan her bairn again, singan a sort o lullab
Doric - MNA he same aifter it and noo her bairn wiz lost tae this yin. Bad lu
Central - LAL uld wummin. She picked up her bairn and gaed oot for a walk. Mibb
Central - SEC had married Frank efter her bairn time wis by, he wis a guid tw
Central - SWE let a lass mak claes fir her bairn?
Central - LAL tae mak new claes wi for her bairn and nae food for the wee ladd
Doric - MNA th, the Menzies hid nae ither bairn tae connach bit Isie. She hid
Central - NEC ae sae likely tae hae anither bairn aucht them gin they’re feed
Doric - DOR 'I've ti hud up an ither bairn an kis e loon his a fite ring
Doric - MNA e see. The yowe fa's tint her bairn smells the kent yoam o the de
Doric - MNA wi the memory as tae how her bairn hid ended up bein pitten tae
Doric - MNA Ilka Sangster bairn wis fair-heidit, tho Jenny wi
Doric - DORhospital, yer awa tae hae yer bairn oan national telly, hope yiv
Central - LAL umpit," she said. "Gie me yer bairn!"
Central - LALae a'hing ye cin tae save yer bairn's life, but Leanne is deludit
Southern - SEA ertain shair. Yer time an yer bairn wull come. An the shawl’s w
Central - LALley Chaffing slang! How's yer bairn doing?
Central - LALharvey Ah'm appalled that yer bairn experienced this. Ah went tae
Central - LAL the auld wummin. "I want yer bairn."
Central - LAL s efter aw. Aiblins tak thair bairn oot in its pram.
Southern - SEA se than e'er," thocht th pair bairn, "cos Ah was ne'er this wee a
Central - WCE rs are weird. Even when their bairn is the maist snottery wee ske
Central - SEC cairriein yeir bairn.” The craift birled up inti
Central - LAL Mary Livingstone: Puir bairn! Ye canna greet alane.
Orkney - ORK Wir bairn wis due on the Sunday so I ga
Central - LAL be awe growed up!.....An yir bairn will get yir lego.....just no
Central - EDN sayed. “No a wumman, man or bairn o thaim mindit wis till thee,
Central - LALrefers are men. No a woman or bairn in sight.
Central - LAL Played whillywha tae oor bairn brains.
Shetland - SHD on her hert wis brakkin. Poor bairn, shü tocht, what shü's hedd
Doric - NNB se than ever," thoucht e poor bairn, "for A never wis so peedy as
Orkney - ORK That poor bairn couldna help hid - hid wisna
Central - LAL lie there and think aboot oor bairn, the one he knocked oot o me
Doric - DOR degree papers or pairtner or bairn… they’ve gone oot in the
Southern - SEA i that she sterted nursin hur bairn agin, singin a sort o lullaby
Central - LALus Hae ye read Liz Lochhead's Bairn's Sang/Kid's Poem acause it s
Central - LAL er, a blithe endin! Deirdre's bairn, wha'd been adopted bi a 'wor
Doric - DOR "An megstie me! Ye're a man's bairn!" An swippert cam a lyeuk o f
Doric - MNA The Gruffalo's Bairn unsteeked her neive.
Doric - MNA The Gruffalo's Bairn said, "Thon's a lee!"
Doric - MNA The Gruffalo's Bairn cried, "I'm nae fleggit!"
Doric - MNA The Gruffalo's Bairn wis feelin bauld:
Doric - MNA Far the Gruffalo's Bairn wisnae hauf same brave.
Doric - MNA The Gruttalo's Bairn cried, "I'm nae fleggit"
Doric - MNA The Gruttalo's Bairn wis feelin scunnert.
Doric - MNA se!" skreiched the Gruttalo's Bairn.
Doric - MNA irds 'Wee Jaikie', a cottar's bairn fa hid deed in last year's Wi
Central - SEC a shawl for her wee sister's bairn that gets 'wrapped round the
Central - LALeMowdie Guid oan ye, Kirsty's Bairn! There's a gey wheen ither br
Orkney - ORK whas bairn, an wha's gien a naem fae she
Shetland - SHD fur her son. An of coorse dis bairn at wis on da wye wis aa Sylvi
Central - LAL an I sing his bairn tae rest.
Orkney - ORK een. He smiles at Olaf wi his bairn, liftan thaim an birlan roond
Orkney - ORK Olaf Lighter hishan his bairn tae sleep The sang is aald an
Shetland - SHD whispered, "an he's seen his bairn ... he's seen ..." An wi dat
Central - WCE This bairn, Miss Honey tellt hersel, is
Central - EDN This bairn o ma ain invent wes nerr sax
Central - WCE 'This bairn hus awready read a dumfooneri
Doric - MNA perfit, near as dammit. This bairn wis wintit, legal, hid aa its
Orkney - ORK en, an thir listenan tae this bairn fae the bairn toons o Tau Cet
Orkney - ORK on, voyd hulks. So mibbe this bairn'll waant tae brak the next sp
Central - LALick is preparing tae meet his bairn afore tellin Leanne aboot him
Orkney - ORK no kennan grund? Or will this bairn be somtheen new? Ten year an
Central - WCE is gaun on in the mind o this bairn. 'Dinnae dae onythin daft, sh
Central - LAL e thocht, I'm gonnae eat this bairn.
Central - LAL is time! Please God that this bairn wad be strang an healthy.
Central - WCE ble, gawpin in wunner at this bairn. She hud noo completely forgo
Doric - MNA o the family; he wintit this bairn fin it wis born tae be perfit
Central - WCE been thinkin a lot aboot this bairn and wonderin whit she could d
Central - EDN s wis a dive back when ah wis bairn. An auld and tired reminder a
Doric - MNA p, tho fit wis fat an fit wis bairn wisna gweed kennin, fur since
Doric - MNA d till his mither, Mary, "Iss bairn is set tae fyle an tae save m
Doric - NNB pen air. "If A dinna take iss bairn awy wi me," thoucht Alice, "t
Central - SEC A daur say the'r mony a Scots bairn needs nae help wi spaekin his
Southern - SEA inst hersel, fur this curious bairn fair loved playin at bein twa
Central - WCE mair in the mind o this byous bairn. She kent that she should be
Central - EDN e o faitherin anither man’s bairn on him. Sae hell mend him. He
Shetland - SHD , so you nivver ken whatr dat bairn is gane troo. Shü's a lokk m
Shetland - SHD i da hotel. I mind da day dat bairn wis boarn. Wir faider wis ati
Central - SEC y eat up her words like a fat bairn in a sweety shoap. Whereas wh
Central - SEC y eat up her words like a fat bairn in a sweety shoap. Whereas wh
Orkney - ORK That bairn wis some peedie brat.
Central - LALkiepatie WTF is wrang wi that bairn?! Ah widnae let him in ma kit
Central - LALd they pit a poly bag on that bairn's heid at the end?! ?? https:
Central - LAL@DrMDempster As that bairn said tae me wan day durin a S
Central - LAL eet, that was aa! Like a daft bairn in his excitement tae be rinn
Doric - MNA n disgust es a bibblie-nibbit bairn wi a fool face grinned up it
Central - SWE Or some bit bairn wid want a gird an cleek:
Central - SEC n tae git haud o a stravaigit bairn-prince as he plays in the Riv
Central - LAL owden'd on some ither prinkit bairn,
Central - LAL Thochts on the bonnie broukit bairn at hame an abroad
Central - WCE that maks yon bonnie broukit bairn seem tae me like the optimal
Doric - ABN I príed your Bonnie Broukit Bairn
Central - EDN phed his hivvie, auld-farrant bairn
Central - WCE 'An auld-faurrant bairn,' Miss Honey said, "is wan th
Central - WCE en's brither, makkin the tint bairn Peggy's kizzen. Auld Gilmansc
Orkney - ORK speirs o Astrid - a seicont bairn steps ap - "But what if she'
Ulster - EUL tha cleek an grup tha sinnart bairn,
Central - DUN tty weel aff an whan the last bairn went aff tae get mairriet she
Central - LAL thenian dae that the youngest bairn o Crete canna?” he said.
Central - SEC Mrs. Finlay haed her yungest bairn in her airms an anither haudi
Shetland - SHD fae da owldest ta da peeriest bairn. I sal owerlook dir ills an f
Doric - MNA taul him far aboot iss Christ bairn wad be born. An they telt him
Orkney - ORKthoo ken the story o the Unst bairn, snatched by a Eagle there wh
Doric - MNA kains i best y to find a lost bairn bit afore she could finish, h
Doric - MNA er att wis expeckin her first bairn. Fan they were in Bethlehem h
Shetland - SHD an Bertie. Du sees wir first bairn, Tom, cam alang afore he sood
Central - AYR "Ye cud promise me yir first bairn whan ye are queen," said he.
Shetland - SHD ops? Will I even gie my first bairn ta pey fir da ill dat Am dö
Central - LAL 'Ma name,' said the nixt bairn tae gang forrit, 'is Veruca S
Southern - SEA ice, whae was an awfy truthfu bairn; "but wee lassies eat eggs ji
Central - LAL A Braw Bairn
Central - WCE Whit a braw bairn she is, Miss Honey thocht. Ah
Central - LAL ye amang the puirest. The new bairn wis happit in a cover an laid
Central - WCE a dumfoonert and hameseek new bairn.
Central - LALar tae aw yous. Suin ivry new bairn in Scotland will be gien a Sc
Doric - ABN wad gyang wi his wife an nyow bairn, leain the kirk tae fin some
Shetland - SHD du needs dy bairn
Central - NEC d hero wis mair like a bubbly bairn, wi shooglie knees, feart o t
Doric - NNB d hev made a dreadfully oogly bairn: but id makes rether a handso
Central - EDN o Ragoran’s on him? An Ugly bairn wis an Ugly bairn. Whit had w
Central - EDN wis an Ugly bairn. Whit had went agley atween t
Southern - SEA t would hae made an awfy ugly bairn: but eet maks a fair bonnie p
Doric - MNA da, an for att rizzin e haily bairn att's born will be ca'ed e Si
Central - LALA sully bairn rhyme fae Gawston in the 1950
Shetland - SHD fit a Mary's toon, "Her onnly bairn, fooever will shü cope!"
Doric - MNA ill te think she wis the only bairn Ah'd ivver bin blessed wi. "Y
Doric - MNA er in November 1845. Her only bairn hid died at the age o twenty-
Central - SEC My bairn slooms, uneasy o the nicht:
Doric - DOR My bairn, we're noth but aaler weans,
Shetland - SHD "My bairn, whitten wirds is creipit dy
Central - LAL ‘In my bairn days, I hed the speech o a ba
Central - LAL o juist leave the speech o my bairn days ahint me, and say I’m
Central - WCE es is a mervel tae see in ony bairn - a Scots Language Board wil
Central - LAL Och, yer faur be’er nor ony bairn, irn’t ye?’ She tirnt the
Central - WCE It's a clarty habit. If every bairn had Superglue pit on their fi
Central - SWE bring forth in pain, An every bairn is aye worth haein. An tae ev
Central - WCE first day o schuil fur every bairn in this class. It's the stert
Doric - ABN tion o the baby box for ivery bairn born in the kintra wis a "big
Orkney - ORK Potter Day in future – ivry bairn in wur world will ken his nam
Central - WCE ran forrit and gied the toty bairn a muckle great cuddle and a k
Central - LAL ts wird fur ‘child’ is ‘bairn’ – anither braw exemple o
Central - SEC The moose meets a greetin’ bairn and takes him hame till his m