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Occurrences of ale in Corpus sorted by first letter of following word

Ulster - BUL I trusted fate wud bring ait ale
Orkney - ORK annos and lochs o home brewed ale
Ulster - BUL s wunters spread thra saisons ale,
Doric - MNA n stairs a day, wi comics, an ale, an sweeties. An she LIKIT ga
Orkney - ORK nan tae find hidden bottles o ale, deep in the face o the bank.
Central - DUN crewtaps ~McEwan's India Pale ale, man thon wis rare stuff ~ an
Central - LAL the ale-hooses, I'll scream.
Central - DUN ti swally yir ale.
Orkney - ORK cloot an poored them all some ale. But the two last cups took a
Central - LAL e, your bicker's reamin fou o ale:
Orkney - ORK Fur talent contests, yards o ale and bonnie babies tae.
Doric - MNA rder a half pint o India Pale Ale and slowly move fae ashtray t
Ulster - BUL Glitters ale aroon
Ulster - BUL pleasure ale be in tha noo
Doric - MNA the widdie fir aul returnable ale bottles an git enuch free sma
Ulster - BUL Apon return tha crowds ale cheerin,
Ulster - BUL These tha wans thut ale draaw nigh,
Ulster - BUL A million jigsaws ale dumped oot,
Doric - MNA e on yer wye tae spend at the Ale Hoose.”
Doric - MNA for his nightly visit tae the Ale Hoose far he spent the shilli
Ulster - BUL Ale iver?
Doric - MNA ieces fae the shop an got the ale larry, an Ah wished my mam wi
Shetland - SHD me da paetie basket. I sees a ale pig a da boddam o’m. I look
Central - LALn honey. I use Nigella's fish ale recipe but add sybes
Doric - MNA teem, but the thocht that his ale siller wiz at that very momen
Shetland - SHD en soopit da flör, an footch ale ta da sailor men, an göd abo
Shetland - SHD t at shö meent me ta gie dis ale ta poor Hunter, lyin rostin a
Ulster - BUL Wi ale these gifts whut hae ye done?
Ulster - BUL Niver ale thought oot by thee,
Doric - MNA Dow telt them a drappie warm ale wi sweet spirits o nitre an a
Ulster - BUL Fae ale ye have ais ankle deep
Ulster - BUL Ale yer freens oo equal stock,
Ulster - BUL Push an shove wi ale yer might,
Ulster - BUL Fae ale yer mind ais backwye gleenin'