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Occurrences of side in Corpus sorted by first letter of following word

Ulster - EUL Brocht tae tha wattér side
Lallans - SEC the scottish womens national side
Shetland - SHD hnnie, baal du da dan ower da side
Lallans - LAL side by side
Shetland - SHD fur aabody, eddir side
Lallans - SEC raws o trees rinnin doon ilka side
Ulster - PUL an say: ‘aathin on this side
Lallans - DUN ne), fowk were sleepin on the side
Orkney - ORK en time, he shuffled roond me side
Doric - ABN on the richt side
Lallans - DUN that fell doon thi mountain side
Lallans - DUN we've got a carin an sharin side
Lallans - SEC icht, Tam's wife walks at his side
Lallans - WCE ship, he'll come doon oan the side
Ulster - EUL Tha ither side
Ulster - PUL an say: "aathin on this side
Lallans - DUN Lookin on the Bricht Side
Lallans - DUN eh've no got a but on thi side
Lallans - SECg - ee end up leanin tae one side!
Lallans - LALk you! Glad tae see the other side!
Lallans - LALse_4_Effect Come tae the dark side!
Orkney - ORK ye aff - ah'm on your flaman side!
Lallans - LALippin stanes at thaim fae the side! Agree we shuid hear mair o t
Doric - MNAs is aye greener on the ither side! https://t.co/2kEr8BDxtb
Doric - DORthe chicken a bit on the hard side! The menu 40 years ago wis a
Lallans - LAL in. It's comin ower on tae ma side'
Shetland - SHD is likly him. 'Pit me ower da side', he said, 'an dan you'll git
Doric - MNA life awaits us on the 'other side' - an altered consciousness.
Lallans - SWE it maistly cams fae the yin 'side'. Aw thon buses leain
Doric - MNA s a spirit warld - an 'ither side': bit mq pal, Muggie, thinks
Shetland - SHD ony thing at he said wis, "Ee side'll mak dee growe bigger, an d
Ulster - CUL sayin es it went alang, "Yin side'll mak yae grou bigger an the
Lallans - WCE t that ma grampa (fae ma ma's side), who's been deid fur years,
Lallans - SEC him being a bit on the podgy side).
Lallans - LAL But pit it tae wan side,
Doric - MNA Wirkin side bi side,
Southern - SEA and 147/153) ligs on the road side,
Southern - SWE Run yer haun alang its rough side,
Orkney - ORK ull his buits on at the ither side,
Lallans - EDN Oh! had fate, been on, oor side,
Lallans - EDN partner's soul, there by your side,
Southern - SWE Logie steyed up the aald dyke side,
Ulster - PUL oor-gless cowped owre on its side,
Ulster - WUL A' made mae wi' tae the side,
Southern - SWE laummer't, we firsled tae yer side,
Ulster - BUL They catch an grab frae ooter side,
Lallans - GLA rae Shettleston and Tollcross side,
Lallans - LAL h, 'I drapped it on the uther side,' said Pooh, 'and it cam oot
Lallans - LAL le awa tae Atalanta’s richt side, aff the path. But this time
Lallans - LAL always greener oan the other side, ah cannae help but hold oant
Lallans - WCE rees here and there on either side, aik and plane and rowan, and
Southern - SWE mairched doon its side, a mindin o the day
Lallans - WCE des the Trunchbull wis by his side, and by some extraordinar gym
Shetland - SHD closs tae her, een apo every side, an dey oppened der een an de
Lallans - LAL the roof wi his heid tae yin side, and made reengin-aboot soond
Doric - DOR Wi Scots an Gaelic, side bi side, an Latin spukken bi the prie
Doric - MNA e belly, shoved Moira tae the side, an legged it, oot o the cupb
Southern - SEA e close tae hur, yin oan each side, an opened their eyes an moot
Ulster - CUL ae close tae hir, yin on each side, an opent thir een an mooths
Southern - SEA the tap side, an Philope Ferm on the botto
Lallans - DUN on that side, an ti thi South
Shetland - SHD ce wis been aa da wye doon ee side, an up da idder side, tryin e
Doric - MNA wi his heid ay cockit tae ae side, an wi slivvers that hung fra
Lallans - LAL uilding up tae spill ower the side, any minute. But I don’t le
Lallans - GLA lved in crossin tae the other side, as it were. Rather, it’s a
Lallans - SEC tae see things frae the ither side, back then. Ah wis richt, ye
Doric - MNA ye bin a bittie oan the hefty side, bit es file ye'v jist bin ge
Ulster - BUL Yin tae ether side, bowl
Shetland - SHD inta sicht ageen on da idder side, da
Shetland - SHD shö guid on, first takkin ee side, dan da tidder, an sheeksin a
Shetland - SHD "Apo da idder side, du kens, you come ta laand a
Doric - MNA e, an Minnie lay quate on her side, face doon in the glaury road
Lallans - LAL ane, mortal! Thraw it tae the side, faurer awa.”
Lallans - GLA mber as we walk aff the other side, flickin it tae the grun as w
Southern - SEA ae yon lilac trei on the burn side, fornenst the saw mill,
Lallans - LAL ck and Grannie Jockina on wan side, Granda Geordie and Grannie G
Lallans - EDN tae side, he hytert athort the yaird,
Shetland - SHD Leanin ower da port side, he planned whar tae geen nix
Southern - SEA t workers hooses, on the road side, it the fit o the Manse glebe
Lallans - LAL there wis a lang room. On ae side, it wis open tae the sea; an
Lallans - LAL by side, it’s nae ower fykie tae te
Lallans - LAL s. He cockit his heid tae wan side, listenin awfie keenly, then
Shetland - SHD etin. An Kaitren stöd at her side, lookin doon at her, her face
Doric - MNA tae side, Minnie began tae straik Dais
Lallans - SEC second cousin on the Queen's side, nane ither than Big Mags Mac
Lallans - LAL is sittin on Chairlie's ither side, raxed doon intae the bottom
Lallans - GLA Robert Tressell) aff tae the side, revealin the money underneat
Shetland - SHD her block'll be on da stabard side, so shu'll turn dat wye I rec
Doric - MNA fan he cam ower tae e tither side, tae e cuntra o e Gadarenes,
Southern - SEA Watt gaed doun tae the burn side, tae gie Yid ae hertnin, bot
Southern - SEA could dae, lyin doon oan yin side, tae keek thro intae th gaird
Ulster - CUL hae cud dae, lyin doon on yin side, tae luk through intae the ga
Shetland - SHD could dö, lyin doon apo ee side, ta gly trow inta da gairden
Ulster - SYN wi hïm, yin on tha richt han side, tha ither on tha left. [An J
Shetland - SHD side, the family
Lallans - DUN Anither man cam tae his side, then ane o the weemin at the
Lallans - WCE n ye step ayont thaim, aither side, then ye'll still no be richt
Ulster - CUL ute shae appeart on the ither side, the pup played rin at the st
Doric - MNA er. She favoured her mither's side, the Ross's o Migvree, nae th
Southern - SEA ck in, and if luck's on their side, they eventually reach their
Southern - SEA nit she appeared oan th ither side, th puppy hed anither rush at
Doric - MNA full cousin on her faither's side, throw his mither's fowk, the
Lallans - SEC st twitch. Tae be on the safe side, we took the crossbow awa and
Lallans - EDN the ither side, whan she’d duin her Ration
Doric - MNA llie's pram wis cowpit on its side, wi Big Tam Laggeran, the dea
Southern - SEA haim biggins on the Borthauch side, wis ae horse troch,
Lallans - LAL ae want tae get oan his wrang side - and his work is impressive
Doric - MNA rocht him up an wirkit bi his side - a slave te ilky season, ch
Lallans - LAL ink tae masel at the watter's side - a think, if ony o yese ken
Lallans - SECgo m8 - when they hud a guid side - breefly hud a wee cumback
Lallans - LAL o ae language in the commonty side-by-side wi anither ane mair d
Doric - MNA chts racin, he spied in a wee side-chaumer the operatin theatre
Orkney - ORK The pig gaed dancan side-e-weys as Tam sank oot o sigh
Lallans - SEC m8 - but look on the bright side - ee kin split intae groups
Lallans - SECan97 aways look on the bright side - if they shut doon the pubs
Doric - MNA wi'd freewheel doon the ither side - legs stickin oot in front,
Lallans - SECerved win ower a guid tranent side - n credit tae baith teams o
Doric - MNA lookin like ess?" Susie steed side-on an studied hersel in the w
Lallans - SECn - score 1 nil tae the home side - part 1 of 2 tonite - luvi
Doric - CAI Ane in side-rips aheid
Shetland - SHD smooted in fae side-rodds,
Ulster - PUL ots, cobs an Airish Draughts, side-seddle clesses an aa,
Lallans - LAL wi streets and hooses on each side - single hooses for Brocks a
Lallans - EDN he rhythm slawed ... than she side-stepped, clappit at dooble sp
Lallans - SEC s rains, displacing a pair o side-striped jackals wha scampered
Lallans - SECyears in a cup tie by a leafa side - thats historic 2
Lallans - SECgrass is greener on the other side - the whispering grass lol
Lallans - SECnd a great effort by the home side - unlucky but keep the heeds
Ulster - EUL aks me safe, Alang tha watter side.
Lallans - GLA itty paintin thrown in on the side.
Doric - MNA Iver lay bi my side.
Lallans - LAL til nane could see the tither side.
Lallans - LAL sae yin end landit on ilka side.
Lallans an get gey cauld on the daurk side.
Lallans - GLA ome cunt shouts fae the other side.
Doric - MNA s wi dark green bushes eether side.
Lallans - LAL s appeared at the goddess’s side.
Lallans - LALthen, jist tae be on the safe side.
Lallans - LAL lowp ower it, or dook tae the side.
Lallans - DUN ti touch on that physical side.
Southern - SEA shore, ee ken, upon th ither side.
Ulster - CUL ore, yae know, upon the ither side.
Orkney - ORK bster, he wis hingan ower the side.
Orkney - ORK efugee and a MAN stood bi her side.
Lallans - SEC y's grave wis ower at the far side.
Orkney - ORK r kerr so I jumped in bi your side.
Lallans - LAL ms appeart immediately at his side.
Orkney - ORK e pup, sheu'd nivver left his side.
Shetland - SHD k een ran by, richt alang her side.
Lallans - LAL d and dragged him aff tae wan side.
Doric - MNA nd the others rushed to Reg's side.
Lallans - LAL ded masel that God wis oan ma side. 'Hullae,' ah said.
Doric - MNA yonner, doon at the lochan's side. 'Twis nae mair nor a keek, b
Lallans - LAL Lucky. I dinna hae age in my side ...
Lallans - LAL There's a sharp cramp in ma side. Ah ignore it.
Lallans - SEC shoving it carelessly tae yin side. Ah jumpt doon fae th' kip 'n
Lallans - GLA oer tae the Guru oan the Sou Side. Ah knew he’d take it, laid
Lallans - MNA fae the grip on ma right haun side. Ah wiz aye a corrie-fistit-g
Lallans as he was, bit oan the ither side. Allan quicklie scurried aff
Lallans - GLA tae side. And there they are. The wolf
Doric - MNA chiel he held by on e tither side. An likweese, alang cam a Lev
Lallans - GLA oin up an back doon the other side. Another couple ay hikers we
Lallans - SEC ht, ye see. History wis on ma side. Anyone who thocht itherwise
Lallans - MNA re. The bank wiz high on this side. A rope swing hung fae a syca
Lallans - WCE tae side. As he lookt through the peep
Lallans - LAL ane o them had pentit on wan side. At the end o the table, a nu
Lallans - EDN dinna, we hae surprise on wir side. Bit Ah wis aye feart.”
Doric - MNA her the fist sized scar in my side. But fin I tellt her aboot th
Doric - MNA up a bittie as he lay on his side. Christ but it wiz fuckin sai
Lallans - DUN tae th’ gates oan the ither side. Eh wis nearly there whin ah
Lallans - EDN ld Men wha held him on either side. Falad wis up there as weill,
Lallans - GLA ?’ ah sais, steppin tae the side. He comes oot fae behind me,
Lallans - WCE tin. The laddie stood tae wan side. He looked timorsome. He kent
Lallans - LAL in ma mind he'd huv taken hur side. He really fele fur hur when
Doric country side. He said tae some o the fowk
Lallans - GLA in the jack oan the left haun side. He turns roon aw chuffed wae
Doric - MNA pierced low doon in his left side. He’d fell intae the big sh
Lallans - SEC came in, wi a feechie at his side. His left winkler wis black.
Shetland - SHD aid. 'An pit dy haands apo me side. Hit's joost da wye dey left
Doric - DORay. Jist passed lorry on it's side. Hope drivers arite?
Doric - MNAs ma dear son’s spirit bi ma side. https://t.co/J70o6gfB42
Lallans - SEC nae mair nor a fit on aither side. I gaed intae the buit o the
Lallans - SEC erm road wi sheughs on either side. I remember seeing a couple o
Doric - MNA h wi a wee thin split doon ae side. It hid bin a quarry since th
Lallans - GLA doon the surface at the other side. Its heid gets through the op
Lallans - SEC ae his palm and oot the ither side. It wis absolutely boggin but
Lallans - SEC us ever again wae Aldo by oor side. It wis the first day ae a fr
Lallans - LAL ind it hard tae see the funny side. It’s strange coz sometimes
Lallans - SEC ll this pencil pusher tae the side. Jist tae gee him a few point
Shetland - SHD r midder appeared at da track side. Kirsten wis wantin ta train,
Lallans - EDN e the men neist her on either side. Led by Guzul,
Lallans - NEC they war a bittie on the smaa side. Nae dout they war, compared
Lallans - DUN his faither's sodgers by his side. Nou this day he pickit on Wi
Doric - MNA . Tither side. Och, it wis a seely, seely t
Lallans - SEC somethin pressin against her side. She fished between her sheet
Lallans - EDN ile hunkert doon be Hsien’s side. She stoopit ower him an kiss
Orkney - ORK , ten white lines doon aither side. Sheu hoasts. "That doesn't u
Southern - SEA y!" said a timid voice at hur side. She was walkin b' th White R
Shetland - SHD blate peerie voice alang her side. Shö wis walkin aside da Whi
Doric - MNA the size o her fist intae his side. So I tellt her athing aboot
Lallans - EDN aist o the wey doon the ither side. Tae Beatrice in the cab asid
Lallans - DUN g the boar's compass ower the side. The ithers managed tae restr
Doric - MNA of a table toppling on to its side. They looked round to see Reg
Doric - MNA oot ti me. Come an see tither side. Tither side. Och, it wis a s
Lallans - SECoad to Valleyfield, left hand side. Used to be a golf course yea
Ulster - GUL ure the wurnae fae tha tither side. Val haed tae mind scho haed
Doric - MNA nae fuckin use tae us, wrang side. We steps back an looks up an
Lallans - GLA s as ye arrive, wan at either side. We take the wan tae the righ
Lallans - SEC the ane ahint iz on the ither side. Whan A leukit roond at the K
Lallans er planets an sae sits on its side. Whit wey this shuid be is a
Lallans - SECieve there’s nothing on this side. World heritage and nothing.
Lallans - LAL ae and cams oot on the tither side. Ye didna think o that yin, d
Doric - MNA , mebbe, battin fir the ither side. Ye ken fit Ah'm gettin at -
Shetland - SHD anidder cave ower at da idder side. ‘Dis is da last cave, I’
Lallans - GLA access through tae the other side. ‘Through there.’ he sais
Lallans - EDN an sut ablow her on the ither side. “Ah’ll dae that,” he s
Lallans - EDN tae side. “Ah’m no a predator! Quh
Lallans - SECe - good result for the home side 2 - b oan
Shetland - SHD humbria, said dey wid tak his side: an even Stigand, da Archbish
Ulster - GULWindsor Park's aa tae the yin side: jest like Ballyhalbert! http
Southern - SEA es, sittin yonder on the road side; afore ane gangs awa oot the
Lallans - WCE ally, jist tae be oan ri safe side; a guid move as it turn't oot
Lallans - EDN ' the Scots, were aw', on yir side?
Lallans - LAL jink or step quickly tae the side?
Lallans - LALruch ridden anes on the ither side ??
Doric - DORmayo wi smokit paprika on the side ??
Shetland - SHD tie crubs doon i da lee at da side a da burn, an even wi a coors
Shetland - SHD eeven weeks ago, dumpit at da side a da rodd, a ting a kettlin n
Shetland - SHD nderson, sittin ipo da tidder side a da room hedd ta get her oar
Shetland - SHD dd me. Whin I wis on da idder side a da world, an feelin homseek
Lallans - WCE that’s how the skin on wan side ae his face pure went intae a
Lallans - WCE et in it. He sits an taps the side ae his heid wi his pen till i
Lallans - GLA ast sweepin scan ae the othha side ae the bridge…then behind,
Lallans - SEC presented the green or maroon side ae the capital. She wis unive
Lallans - SEC e lavish buffett at the other side ae the hall. Where, of course
Lallans - WCE one at me an it hit me on the side ae the heid. Ah picked the st
Lallans - WCE is the unluckiest lassie this side ae the loch.
Lallans - WCE e, the unluckiest lassie this side ae the loch. She wis aye gett
Lallans - SEC o's pacin up and doon oan the side ae the pitch it's clear he's
Lallans - WCE space tae pit up posters: wan side ae the room's got Stramash an
Lallans - WCE he climbed up the pipe at the side ae the school an got her leg
Lallans - GLA and goes heid first intae the side ae the toilet pan. Wit a fuck
Doric - MNA ook the village doctor to one side after the examination. "Hit m
Orkney - ORK "He'll be oot side again"
Lallans - GLA On either side a great river o dry weeds.
Lallans - SECe big time - but on the flip side a hope both yersel n ryan enj
Lallans - SEC Aldo. But as ah turned tae ma side ah spoatted that he wis point
Doric - MNBin oot wi...seems oan thither side amigo
Doric - MNA ie, stairtin te see the funny side an aa. "Ah widna say she wis
Lallans - GLA open wae a boot fae the other side an ah’m flung back intae th
Doric - MNA ttie affrontit. "Broon oan ae side an Burberry check oan the ith
Lallans - DUN r with a crowd o gentry on ae side and a great number of his fri
Lallans - LAL Wonka cockit his heid tae wan side and aw at wance the tottie sk
Lallans - SEC, I thought I ere on the safe side and breakfast in Fife. https:
Doric - ABN lars aroon ma, then lie on ma side and feel the caul steen again
Lallans - LAL books as funny as him oan the side and hud the cheek tae tell me
Doric - MNAlent o Codonas. Big wheel een side and i Hoose o Horrors on i it
Lallans - GLA h reach oer tae the passenger side an discreetly drap the holdal
Lallans - LAL ower. It pit its heid tae yin side and keeked at the spoon. 'Com
Lallans - WCE books. She redd these tae wan side and laid the cigar doon on th
Lallans - EDN by side and niver speakin.
Lallans - LALeel quine ye hae time on your side and no post CSection truncati
Lallans - LAL always greener oan the other side and not tae get above masel.
Doric - MNA ” She pointed tae her richt side and said a lump o shrapnel fa
Lallans - LAL Brock pit his heid tae yin side and smiled at Mr Tod. "Toddy,
Lallans - EDN dd - turnin her heid tae yin side an framin it on a backward-tu
Southern - SEA yae side an Girnwud Ferm on the tither
Lallans - GLA oot through the air oan each side an grasping oot at its opposi
Lallans - DUN He stumbled doun on the ither side an headit aff throu the auld
Lallans - EDN ised that, wi her lyin on her side an his heid abuin hers, he ma
Doric - MNA ir..." He laid his heid on ae side an lookit her up an doon, "Na
Lallans - DUN rigs ye ken), taen him tae ae side an managed tae get him tae ga
Doric - MNA wee servant lassie wiz at his side an Mary teen her intae her bo
Ulster - SYN Then he tuk tha Twal tae tha side an sayed tae thaim: "See here
Lallans - WCE haircut that wis long on wan Side an short on the other, an it
Shetland - SHD So dey bal'd da net ower da side an started ta drag it. In nae
Doric - MNA much." She pit er heid oan ae side an studied er new leuk.
Doric - MNA vious." Ah pit ma heid oan ae side an studied the picter. "Ye'v
Southern - SEA he went oan, takin firrst yin side an then th ither, an makin a
Ulster - CUL Sae on shae went, taakin yin side an thin the ither, an makin a
Southern - SEA ce hed bin aw th wei doon yin side an up t'ither, tryin aw doors
Ulster - CUL ice went aal the wye doon yin side an up the ither, tryin ivery
Shetland - SHD Temple. Aa da fock wir on his side an wid've fowt fir him. He co
Lallans - EDN ”cups!” She saw the funny side an’ jist ca’d me a “Che
Ulster - GULut gurnin aboot hoo the ither side are quare bad yins!
Lallans - DUN n by fowk that werenae on his side as a bluidthirsty, murderin s
Lallans - SEC e tilts his tiny heid tae the side as if tae say, "What the fuck
Ulster - CUL tae side as roon the floor they came
Southern - SEA hersel up closer tae Ahlice's side as she spoke.
Shetland - SHD irzed hersel up alang Alice's side as shö spak.
Lallans - EDN gle stertit tae appear at her side as weill, an afore lang, Beat
Southern - SWE r wis a wee well on the other side a the
Lallans it? Then came banging on the side a the cabin. Aww Naw!
Southern - SWE ister Josephine right oan the side a the napper. Aye. It wis a m
Lallans - EDN , and fall back tae the other side a the sofa. Ma pants still cu
Lallans - GLA by side at the Clydeside work-in in n
Lallans - LAL gin. But at funerals, Jesus's side at the front is always reserv
Doric - MNA y atween hiz; naebody fae oor side att wints tae get across tae
Lallans k wantin ony atmosphere wi ae side aye facin awa fae the sun –
Lallans - GLA ay hair that hing doon at the side ay her face. Whit is it wae t
Lallans - GLA ae a crushin impact intae the side ay his dial, drappin him inst
Lallans - GLA ks like another mooth oan the side ay his face; horrific an unna
Lallans - GLA t ah see the blood. The right side ay his face is wide open, rig
Lallans - GLA on ya?’ Damo sais, oot the side ay his mooth, keepin tabs oan
Lallans - GLA foam that’s formin roon the side ay his mooth. It becomes ma o
Lallans - GLA s him.’ McDade sais oot the side ay his mooth tae us. ‘C’m
Lallans - GLA e sais an lands a dig tae the side ay junkie’s coupon.
Lallans - GLA another two dull yins tae the side ay ma heid.
Lallans - GLA s ay the tenements oan either side ay me as ah approach. It trun
Lallans - GLA ath watter’s just the right side ay scaldin as ah lower masel
Lallans - GLA ark when we get tae the other side ay the Ben. When McDade sais
Lallans - GLA irs above, tae the right haun side ay the close, ah windae opens
Lallans - GLA m, his stare burnin intae the side ay their heids, willin wan ay
Lallans - GLA nside ma Berghaus an haud wan side ay the jaicket oot actin as a
Lallans - GLA cast iron downpipes on either side ay the main door. It’s rain
Lallans - GLA , drummin their hauns oan the side ay the motor in vague acknowl
Lallans - GLA empty Mad Dog boattle at the side ay the path an instinctively,
Lallans - GLA ay stanes that ur lyin at the side ay the path intae his close a
Lallans - GLA es aff the railins oan either side ay the path like the fuckin e
Lallans - GLA tin tae a widden stile at the side ay the road. There’s a sign
Doric Gran day, country side begins tae dry,
Doric - MNA s o flooers an veggies growin side bi side: sweet tastin piz, so
Doric - MNA go fir - a bit oan the stoot side bit pleasant an bonny enuch f
Lallans - DUN Sic jests cin be on the cruel side but ane o the Australian mud-
Lallans - DUN He'd aye been on the massive side but athin hauf a year he had
Lallans - EDN st for a bittie siller on the side but for their hale livelihood
Doric - MNA There wiz a tear on the richt side but it hid been repaired but
Lallans - WCE Ah tried tae get ma ma on side but she jist laughed at me. A
Lallans - WCE Ah tried tae get ma ma on side but she jist laughed at me. A
Lallans - LAL Whan we see Scots and English side by side, it’s nae ower fyki
Lallans - EDN k furth o the orchart, girsin side by side and niver speakin.
Lallans - GLA er an ended up pals. We stood side by side at the Clydeside work
Lallans - SEC hearty feed the new pals lay side by side each gled o the ither
Shetland - SHD whaur generations o my dad's side cam afore me. Scratch and lis
Lallans licht aff the Yird. The ither side daes get licht aff the sun. I
Lallans - SECaye its all about the testing side defo n having to adapt if gam
Doric "Callum get yer back side doon es stairs. Yer gan to be
Lallans - GLA that ah need tae go roond the side door. The bugger’s a maze.
Doric - MNA s. A fitman came in fae a wee side door and the Laird said somet
Lallans - EDN a side door intae the hospital gruns
Doric Country side dries up sae bonny an braw,
Lallans - SEC by side each gled o the ither’s com
Lallans - SECalot - didnae ken that wis a side effect lol
Lallans - SWEreich but luik oan the bricht side eh!
Lallans doors inside the wide, ramped side entrance tae the biggin. Each
Ulster - CUL hirsel up closer tae Alice's side es shae spoke.
Lallans - DUN bein a wee bit on the coorse side fer a meenister's man. Nou ae
Southern - SEA still i uise: i yon tap side fer back corner, stuid whit w
Lallans - LALPit the neep tae the side for a meenit! Oan Hallaeen, g
Lallans - EDN tae side for tae finnd a bit whaur the
Doric - MNA id’ve been tatties ower the side for you!”
Lallans - EDN inside my pocket, on the far side from him. And see how he puts
Lallans - WCE began tiltin his heid tae the side giggling he put his haun up f
Lallans - SECme - shambles - on the plus side good win 2 day for ur lads at
Lallans - SEC 2 nite as mussy utd r a good side guys - hud a wee nip down to
Lallans - LAL There wis a cairn, the ae side happit in hard snaw,
Orkney - ORK touch so dainty, bits-on-the-side he had a-plenty.
Lallans - EDN Her’s” stand. Kath’s side held a paint brush an’ scra
Lallans - EDN side he pat Beatrice, hissel, Derr
Lallans - SEC- luved watchin that amateur side hibeernian when they played m
Doric - DORTatties roon the side https://t.co/gvl7WLS7a7
Doric - DOR employer vs anabody. Ken fit side I'm on. Magine haein snitches
Doric - MNAt they ah'll find on the mirk side i' the meen! https://t.co/Qtt
Lallans - DUN an affy lot o fowk on the YES side in a bit o a temper. Did they
Doric - MNAysc89883981 It's on the richt side inoo.
Orkney - ORK We sit side bi side in the darkness and we drink
Ulster - EUL arry’s bike was lyin on its side in the gairden. Ah lifted it
Lallans - NEC itsel is cuttit intae twa; ae side is hame tae the ciobair — s
Doric Country side is jist fer soakin weet,
Lallans - DUN an her een, a bit on the wee side it maun be said, an mebbe a t
Lallans - WCE ried The Skin-Scowder. On the side it said it wis made fae the p
Lallans - SECutted psml - but on the plus side ive managed to block 8 accoun
Lallans - SEC@DicaculusManiac oan the plus side janila gomez this gawjuss bur
Doric - MNA tae side jist like a cloot in a washin
Doric - DORt o neep. A mealie jimmy on e side jist tae get e hairtburn gan.
Southern - SEA rn thair haunds tae monie oot side jobs; sic is leukin the sheep
Doric - DOR@siferry8 as inither odd ball side kicks. #redtintedglasses http
Doric - MNA punched ma fair in the richt side knockin iver inch o breath fa
Lallans - LAL n wis squinty, saggin tae wan side like a cruikit tooth.
Lallans - GLA s, flickin’ his heid to the side like ‘she’ was standin’
Lallans - WCE n she cocked her heid tae the side lik she wis waitin on me tae
Lallans - SECt hae chance against this pub side lol
Lallans - LAL the SNP, this leaves the tane side mair or less unitit, an the t
Lallans - GLA s big coupon, laughin in the side mirror. Ah thoat it wis him.
Doric Country side noo dis begin tae dreep,
Lallans - SEC n mair tae the Scots speakers side nor the ither wey aboot an th
Lallans - GLA A hav a wee fly look ti the side n see hiz nostrils flappin’
Lallans - SEC yin m8 - dundonald r a guid side n will defo give it there bes
Doric aething tae dee wi the playin side o
Doric - DOR@BrewDogJames ither side o' fit? River Don? E' Broch?
Doric - MNA sie chiels o monks sat either side o't, wi a strang threid tae h
Doric - DORnt o'er tae the Torry battery side o' the docks wee o'er auld fi
Southern - SEA ' at the railings on the same side o' the river es the new hospi
Lallans - SEC entit, typed or written on ae side o A4 paper, wi the author's n
Doric - MNA Jeweller leent up against the side o a door. He gied the lad a s
Lallans - EDN ter o a mile awa on the ither side o a glen wi a trinkle o watte
Lallans - LAL o Perjinkians hoverin on the side o a gress road.
Lallans - EDN anderers eschewed the lichter side o alcohol, it wad be aa the m
Doric - MNA man hid ayewis kent the richt side o a shillin an fin it cam te
Doric - MNA ng loon leenin up against the side o a steen archwye an giein Jo
Lallans - LAL ch-skeich. "Let's hae a haill side o bacon. That muckle yin up t
Lallans - EDN tea. He sut doon on the ither side o Beatrice. “There wis a bl
Southern - SEAt88 sumbody got oot the wrong side o bed #itsonlywitter
Shetland - SHDI’m wakened on da pissed aff side o bed daday ??
Southern - SEA@shilla1983 side o bed did e get oot this morn
Shetland - SHD aise an guid ower ta da idder side o da coort.
Shetland - SHD aesons. First, A'm apo da sam side o da door as dee; second, dey
Shetland - SHD okin in faer ower ta da idder side o da gairden, cried oot "Da W
Shetland - SHD ngo wis geen ower ta da idder side o da gairden, whaar Alice cou
Shetland - SHD aa da arches is geen fae dis side o da grund." So shö snuggit
Shetland - SHD roper gale. I lookit alang da side o da hill, an dere wis John's
Southern - SEA an bei oor’s, on the tither side o daith, itsel. Ay! At’s ae
Shetland - SHD lik da flooers be da side o da rodd.
Lallans - DUN ON THE NORTH SIDE o Dundee lies the wee village
Doric - MNA We'll haud ower till e tither side o e loch." Sae they keess aff
Doric - MNA ird tae haud awa tae e tither side o e loch. A laayer cam up til
Lallans - DUN l as fer oniebuddie else. The side o Englishness that his seen f
Doric - MNA a blin mannie wis sittin at e side o e road beggin. Hearin e col
Doric - MNA keechin yit hidna a hope this side o eternitie o bringin a littl
Lallans - SEC ng Victoria Road on the South Side of Glasgow
Lallans - EDN s impartial and always on the side of good, skillfu’ open play
Doric - MNA goonie: she wis oan the wrang side o fifty; es wide es she wis t
Doric - MNA e wis a year or twa the wrang side o forty, Miss McFarlan, an il
Orkney - ORK He wis weel on the wrong side o forty and the builder wis F
Lallans - GLA health when yer oan the wrang side o forty wi’oot any weans ta
Lallans - SECsomeone looking on the bright side of sporting life - if thats
Ulster - PUL ma hoose is on tha left-haun side of tha road. It's an oul rauc
Lallans - EDN rmt in her mind: On the other side of that square, there is a ma
Lallans - EDN the fundies stay on their own side of the fence, that’s all th
Lallans - GLA ATA centre. It’s around the side of the hospital. They’ll be
Lallans - LALthese game's oan the opposite side of the pitch ...swapping wing
Lallans - SECes are obviously on the other side of the river ??
Ulster - GUL bit early for hairst on this side of the sheugh? Check out seas
Ulster - EULst common Scots words on this side of the water! Keep her lit an
Southern - SEA Estate, on the ither side o Hawick toun. It wusna lang
Lallans - LAL ke intae the watter on the ae side o Heehaw, the stanes wid mak
Doric - MNA d the stairs, an knelt at the side o her bed as she ay did, an s
Lallans - EDN urdies inclint, tracin wi the side o her haun the sacrit cord, t
Doric - MNA g o a snaabaa crackin aff the side o her heid. Her lug felt as i
Lallans - LAL t on chap-chap-chappin on the side o her heid wi his knuckles.
Doric - MNA thon wee cruikit smile at ae side o her moo fin she wis dwaumin
Doric - MNA staring intae nithing. At one side o her sat an empty coffee cup
Lallans - EDN ood, bit somewey the Scottish side o her wis less expressive. Sh
Lallans - LAL they were, lyin aboot on ilka side o him, and he wis feelin sing
Lallans - SEC awa tae her bed. On the ither side o him, Rhona an Davie’s dae
Lallans - EDN ethin wis gaun on in the left side o his heid. “Ah daena see q
Lallans - LAL id o slaivers skailt doon yin side o his jaw and hung dreepin in
Doric - MNA i slivvers that hung frae the side o his moo till his mither tho
Lallans - EDN The side o his mou fykit, an he waved
Doric - MNA forebeers an held himsel at e side o his servant Israel, nae for
Orkney - ORK ownies in the field roond the side o his shed.
Shetland - SHD he bet a grett piece oot o da side o his tae-cup instead o da cl
Lallans - EDN rgans lik dimples doon either side o his torso, an the scar slas
Lallans - EDN be Uighurs, bit on the ither side o Hsien there wis a reid-heid
Doric - MNAn feel, he i biggest gype iss side o i border. @DoricPhrases #do
Ulster - EUL she sent craws from the ither side o Ireland an the craws cast c
Lallans - LAL re were mony oars doon either side o it, and as the boat cam clo
Lallans - LAL he and no Pooh wis daein yin side o it, and it wid be cantie an
Lallans - LAL the thinness o paper. On wan side o it, prentit by some clivver
Lallans - LAL g Americae back tae the richt side o it. Cross it for a “guid
Doric - MNA she'd niver see da again this side o Kingdom Come.
Orkney - ORKagain, they're just the ither side o Kirkwall fae me. Gerry has
Lallans - SEC sicht, noo, an the artificial side o leid buildin is mair kenabl
Shetland - SHDdhjarta Fine ta see da amusin side o life.
Lallans - LAL intae focus. It's at the far side o ma bed next tae ma statue o
Lallans - SEC he wuiden coffee table at the side o ma chyre wi ma fingers cros
Lallans - LAL@BKPrimary Ae side o ma faimily were fae west Fi
Doric - MNA me craft, anchored the tither side o Mars, efter pucklies o test
Orkney - ORK As I stood bi the side o me motor, aal the kerrs whi
Lallans - LAL psalteerie Toun, on the ither side o Muckle Boorach, for years.
Doric - MNA ffetin an chuckies hittin the side o my ladny I saw flashes like
Doric - MNA The thumpin an bangin at the side o my landy wiz unreal an fin
Shetland - SHDs really good. da whole right side o my mouth is numb and its sp
Lallans - WCE na Blackhall luiks at anither side o naitur bi giein us a pictur
Orkney - ORK Thir dance is oot the ither side o night, the cruisies giean t
Doric - DOR ge ye that. Um on the SWULBs side on Scott Wright though. Yer n
Lallans - SEC nae return? Time's no on the side o oor mither tung. Shuirly th
Lallans - SEC than a pound. A catch on the side opened the wallet an Hughie p
Doric - MNA flashin started again at this side o Portsoy but even mair coors
Shetland - SHD raser in Sandsound on da Wast side o Shetland. Since it wis a bo
Ulster - SYN art, stannin on tha richt han side o tha althar o ïncense! Zech
Ulster - PUL tha beskit fornenst tha ither side o tha hairth, an turfed a whe
Ulster - SYN ye tae tha Loch, on tha ither side o tha Joardan,
Ulster - SYN s tae gang ower tae tha ither side o tha loch.
Ulster - SYN Let's gang ower tae tha ither side o tha lough."
Ulster - PUL llie an Maggie - - Doon tha side o tha Meetin Hoose, Wi blak g
Ulster - SYN m he slïpt bye on tha ither side o tha róad. An eftèr thïs
Southern - SEA an crossed ower tae th ither side o th court.
Southern - SEA rst, because Ah'm oan th same side o th door as ee are: saicintl
Southern - SEA ote Estate ligs on the tither side o the
Lallans - SEC a sindert flock o geese. Ilka side o the 'flock' shaws the sibne
Doric - MNA e him, stannin at e richt han side o the aalter o incense. Fan Z
Shetland - SHD go you to the left side o the bank. Thu'll find
Doric - MNA grun. There wiz a kist at the side o the bed for her goods an ch
Doric - MNA ta. He lookit ower te Joyce's side o the bed te see only a dint
Lallans - LAL his poacket, leaned ower the side o the boat, and pit the key i
Doric - MNA n ava, she cowked aa doon the side o the bonnie fite linen sheet
Lallans - EDN 1 Lost on the wrang side o the Border
Southern - SEA staunds on the ither side o the Borth’ick Waitter. Ro
Lallans - EDN haur on the face, doon either side o the bouk, whiles the backs
Lallans - LAL breeshled ower tae the tither side o the brig, and noo they were
Doric - MNA at she peyed nae heed. On the side o the brigg she handled each
Doric - DORI'll have tae cross the ither side o the brig to see if your rig
Lallans - EDN he man cam roon fae the ither side o the buird an gied the sleev
Southern - SEA aiblishment, an on the tither side o the burn frae the hous thar
Doric - MNA e back o the stable, roon the side o the byre, an throwe the coo
Doric - MNA kirt, an stampit aff roon the side o the byre tae the henhooses
Lallans e signature box oan the ither side o the caird wis illegible. Th
Lallans - EDN t her. He pyntit tae the faur side o the clachan. “Made o fail
Lallans - WCE then they came oot the ither side o the clachan ontae the narra
Lallans - EDN uel store. It wis on the faur side o the compound, weill awa fae
Ulster - CUL an crosst ower tae the ither side o the coort.
Lallans - GLA a wee tub o pills oot fae the side o the couch. Ah want tae take
Doric - MNA e ither Plongs creepit me the side o the crater, an saw the fun
Lallans Regairdless o fit side o the debate ye find yersel o
Doric - MNA t something scraaled ower the side o the deidkist. “GING BACK
Doric - MNA es o tatties at rolled fae ae side o the dish te the ither.
Doric anley and Grace stood at each side o the door, dusters in their
Ulster - CUL urst, baecaas A'm on the same side o the dorr as yersel, an seco
Lallans - DUN ipe tae the caged area at the side o the drill flair. It wis aye
Doric - SNO d jist hopped ontae the other side o the dyke whan this wee fuck
Doric - MNA the peintin easle. Tither side o the easle, a wee quine wis
Doric - DORllykayscot A wird my mither's side o the faimly used a lot wiz "
Doric - MNA didna cam frae Joe Sangster's side o the family; he wintit this
Lallans - LAL Ruth and Granda Joe oan Dad's side o the family passed away befo
Orkney - ORK uk aap, an there at the ither side o the fence wis the bull!"
Doric - MNA d put it on the binkie at the side o the fire.
Doric - MNA er sittin on her cheer at the side o the fire.
Doric - MNA them ontae the shovel at the side o the fire. On the strike o t
Doric - MNA aes o coal as the bink at the side o the fire could hud. The coo
Lallans - DUN re subjectit tae on the south side o the Forth cheenged aince th
Lallans - DUN t the Kirk his no been on the side o the fowk oniething like nea
Lallans - LAL n oot orders o service at wan side o the foyer, and at the other
Ulster - CUL wus awa across tae the ither side o the gairden, whur Alice cud
Doric - MNA earest the sea an hard bi the side o the Gap.
Doric - MNA we nae? We cud sclimm up the side o the Gap an luik doon frae t
Lallans - EDN cht. They’re only the ither side o the glen.” Beatrice felt
Doric - MNA e teetit at the burn ower the side o the governess car, watchin
Southern - SEA llmuir wis biggit on the back side o the Greenbanks Hill yonder,
Ulster - CUL ir awa frae this side o the grun." Sae shae tukt it
Lallans - LAL nce, they baith saw the funny side o the haill thing, and brust
Ulster - EUL ah'm on ma ain on the boy’s side o the hal an Jenny is on the
Doric - DORncan59 Wis at on the New Deer side o the hill
Lallans - DUN ts chased them doun the ither side o the hill, takkin Alpin pris
Doric - DOR@73Bain Ats at West Side o the hoose
Doric - MNA e tradesman's entrance at the side o the hoose, far a skiffie wi
Doric - MNA zinc bath in the park it the side o the hoose; he saa the rippl
Doric - MNA heed, an ran on doon tae the side o the Kelpie’s Puil.
Doric - MNA he singin. She booed ower the side o the kist an touched his bro
Doric - MNA d ower first, teetin ower the side o the kist tae luik doon on t
Southern - SEA On the tap side o the Laich (Low) Road, i yon
Doric - MNA patter o them as they hut the side o the landy. I stopped and re
Lallans - SEC m no ane tae git on the wrang side o the law, A'm no even the ki
Lallans - EDN tae gart him faw on the wrang side o the law. Ae scheme, in 1816
Lallans - NEC ghaist lichts comin doun the side o the law. It wis like a fair
Lallans - SEC o folk wha gat oan the wrang side o the Loard, Eh? He didnae sa
Lallans - WCE r in her bedroom on the ither side o the lobby.
Lallans - LAL ppin on them. And on the faur side o the loch is the hill.
Lallans - NEC the locket open. On the left side o the locket wis a photae o a
Lallans - LAL kle marble buildins on either side o them, aw banks. First they
Lallans - LAL lot machine) popped oot o the side o the machine, and in the dra
Lallans - LAL hree different buttons on the side o the machine. A second efter
Doric - MNA in doon a puckle firs fae the side o the main road that were get
Doric - ABN d to think I was born on this side o the millennium...
Lallans n – the sae cawed the daurk side o the Moon – but the side t
Doric - ABN hese bonnie flooers alang the side o the muckle road will jist k
Lallans - EDN icht as weill be on the daurk side o the muin.” His voice beca
Doric - DOR oup plate tin hats and at the side o them wiz a puckle dummy Lee
Lallans - LAL ae avoid gettin oan the wrang side o the neds and finally get in
Ulster - GULy the 'Brither Tongue' on oor side o the North Channel forbye :)
Lallans - LAL He jouked intae a howe at the side o the path, and Pooh and Wee
Lallans - WCE stairs tae the place. On each side o the path there wis a fankle
Lallans - LAL tae keek again at the tither side o the planet. "There is nacbo
Lallans - WCE ebody yelloched fae the ither side o the playgrund, and Matilda,
Lallans - LAL kelped awa aff tae the tither side o the playgrund whaur they ha
Southern - SEA he Grave Yaird, on the tither side o the praisent roadway i whit
Lallans - WCE e o the bairns seen the funny side o the rhyme and sterted lauch
Lallans - DUN warriors sittin on the ither side o the river, ready tae fecht.
Lallans - LAL up and pointin tae the ither side o the river. 'Look!
Doric - ABN e Gaia district, on the sooth side o the river is far ye can fin
Lallans - LAL Heedrum-Hodrums on the ither side o the river suddently sterted
Lallans - EDN s last. He wis kickit tae the side o the road, beggin in fluent
Southern - SEA an onsteid ligs on the boddom side o the road, juist doon the br
Doric - ABN some fowk, wildflooers at the side o the road are naethin. Tae i
Doric - ABN aire. If drivin on the ither side o the road gies ye the fear,
Doric - MNA ely mind keepin tae the richt side o the road then the next thin
Southern - SEA Elrig bike shed, on the side o the road wey, up tae Elrig
Southern - SEA en thair piece, sittin on the side o the road yonder: uz bairns
Lallans - WCE 'm awa ower here at the ither side o the room, Matilda said. "Ho
Lallans - WCE , wha wis sittin on the ither side o the room. 'Whit did ye say?
Lallans - WCE k in. Miss Honey stood on wan side o the room. The weans aw sa s
Lallans - LAL on. Then he ran tae the ither side o the room and picked up his
Doric - MNA a wee bun in bed at the squar side o the room bit on the curve o
Lallans - WCE Miss Honey, at the side o the room had a quick keek a
Lallans - LAL Pooh's side o the room wis slowly cowpin
Doric - MNA throwe the wee windae at the side o the settle. Drowsily she co
Ulster - GULe hairt guid tae hear it this side o the sheuch!
Lallans - GLA rivets wur clankin intae the side o the ship. Ah couldnae see m
Doric - MNA Vi wis grippin onte the side o the sink as she wytit fir t
Orkney - ORK An the side o the skroo wis near ready ta
Doric - MNA "Aye oan the richt side o the sod," said faither, wi
Lallans - EDN hint the biggins on the ither side o the square. Bit it turnt oo
Doric - MNA Florence's room, an on tither side o the stairs wis the music ro
Lallans - LAL Her feet touchin the side o the stane touer and her hau
Lallans - LAL the right until ah gie Maw ma side o the story,' ah conclude. 'Y
Lallans - LAL had Aunty Cathy and Leanne's side o the story, and it's not lik
Orkney - ORK afore resuman her saet at the side o the stove.
Southern - SEA tae attention, on the tither side o the table
Lallans - LAL e fidged roond tae the tither side o the table. 'I thocht Teeger
Lallans - LAL ice-cold glass o Coke oan his side o the table and a wee glass o
Doric - MNA a lug. Ah hut ma heid aff the side o the table oan ma wye doon.
Lallans - LAL ack tae front or on the wrang side o the template, I haed decidi
Lallans - SEC The lawd frae the wrang side o the tracks Jynin the bourge
Lallans - LAL he had tae haud them agin the side o the Trap tae calm them doon
Lallans - LAL Yin wee younklin each side o the wa,
Doric - MNA realised I wiz stuck tae the side o the wagon. Aifter a gye cha
Orkney - ORK arn whit a body fae the ither side o the warld (or the next toun
Lallans irs doun rock an stane. As ae side o the warld faces awa fae the
Southern lichtin caunles oan the ither side o the watter
Lallans - LAL@pricklygerry Ither side o the watter.
Ulster - BUL The ither side o the watther the same story.
Lallans - SEC On aither side o the wedge atween the weys:
Lallans - LAL rickle o sticks on the tither side o the widd,' said Wee Grumphi
Lallans - LAL 'The tither side o the widd, where Heehaw's ho
Lallans - LAL and gaed roond tae the tther side o the widd tae uplift the sti
Southern - SEA flamingo was awa tae th ither side o th gairden, where Ahlice co
Lallans - DUN re that wis on the advertisin side o things. In order tae protec
Doric bricht side o things. Weel maist o the ti
Lallans - DUN wha warkit in the advertisin side o things on the blatt, haud m
Lallans - DUN when we walked on thi same side o thi street
Lallans - LAL yours that bides on the ither side o toon. Coont Olaf, he's cawe
Southern - SEA rt road ahint, on the Maislee side o whit wis, the stane
Doric - ABN usually twice a year, either side o winter. They’re filled wi
Doric - MNA "The wifies oan either side o ye leuk pleasant enuch."
Lallans - DUN Laughin on thi ither side o yir puss,
Doric - DOR it took it fae Crichie ither side o Ythan aye the garage is a h
Doric - DORodgy and one good bang at the side o’yon widden box & aboot 3 p
Doric - MNA An’ ah moved tae the ither side o’ ma ma an took her hond,
Lallans - EDN Aw’ doon the side o’ maps,
Lallans - EDN her, “Welcome tae the ithir side o’ the counter!”
Doric - MNA ion, fitba, politics or which side o’ the country ye cam frae.
Lallans - EDN , played For Scotland, either side o’ the Furst World War, in
Lallans - EDN cent, go tae the right haun’side o’ the river an’ keep pad
Doric - MNA skaffy wagon. I stuck tae the side o’t like a fridge magnet an
Doric - DORQueues oot side Pittodrie https://t.co/CKf1TD
Orkney - ORKYes, no bad. Very much a east side plant. This een is the only w
Doric - DORddock wee chips n mushy peas, side plate o'pickled onions and pl
Lallans - DUN e, hit the grund on the ither side rinnin, an headit tae his hou
Orkney - ORK He shot oot fae a side road - nivver saa Steve stan
Doric - MNA appy Anderson. Bappy wis in a side room, the brawest siller cud
Lallans - LAL Sick Boy. Eh's layin oan his side sae ah'm like draped atop ay
Lallans - SEC oot his mooth whan the ither side scores the first o three goal
Lallans - LAL A braw exemple o side-by-side Scots and English is the Nait
Doric - MNA he wee photo at the left hand side showed a really bonny lassie
Doric Country side soakin weet in a plowter,
Doric - DORnts as well from his father's side so that means he has big Scot
Lallans - LAL_PearlJam Yoons and their naw side started to get wasted on it,
Lallans - NEC n the Gaelic — an the ithir side staunds tuim tae this day. It
Doric - MNA ay dug siddenly appeart fae a side street an run in afore the li
Lallans - SEC ns sharpishly doon yin ae the side streets. We are fast oan his
Shetland - SHD pat a couple a bowes ower da side ta act as fenders an we belld
Lallans - SEC tack ae letters piled oan the side table hus also somehow caught
Southern - SEA n chains, Wi a sojer oan each side tae guaird um; an near th Kin
Ulster - CUL chains, wi a soldier on ither side tae guard him; an nearhaun th
Doric - MNA They aa raced ben the lochan-side tae heist the tyres ooto thei
Southern thir is a derk side tae hippos,
Lallans - SEC t Jordi's day haes a romantic side tae it kinna like St. Valenti
Doric - MNA narra road they steed tae ae side tae let him pass an that’s
Lallans - GLA It’s doon tae the Sou’side tae meet this fuckin Archie c
Lallans - EDN t frae his lantren jowin frae side tae side, he hytert athort th
Doric - MNA jaws o the shelt chawed frae side tae side, Minnie began tae st
Lallans - LAL Heehaw sweeshed his tail fae side tae side, tae gie himsel the
Orkney - ORK roond aboot me and weavan fae side tae side.
Lallans - GLA bed. The baw’s floatin fae side tae side. And there they are.
Lallans - WCE ower tae the dair way in frae side tae side. As he lookt through
Lallans - EDN thy grin an muved his een fae side tae side. “Ah’m no a pred
Ulster - CUL Some watch them glide frae side tae side as roon the floor th
Lallans - EDN abbit-like and daunderin frae side tae side for tae finnd a bit
Doric - MNA ed an lowped an walloped free side tae side jist like a cloot in
Lallans - SEC descrive somebody wi a daurk side tae thaim ahint an itherweys
Lallans - EDN scar fae the waist on the tae side tae the collarbane on the tit
Lallans o the Moon – but the side taewards us taks maist o its
Shetland - SHD hains, wi a soldier apo every side ta gaird him; an near da Keen
Ulster - EUL e noo surroondit me On iverie side thair stans
Lallans - SEC rnt it ower tae see the ither side than picked it up an leukit i
Lallans - LALges_muss brings oot ma crafty side that a never new a posessed!
Lallans - EDN e rescued. Fortune wis on oor side that day, the Aal Bitch.” H
Lallans - EDN e rescued. Fortune wis on oor side that day, the Aal Bitch.” H
Lallans - DUN le mair nor a con. Pit tae ae side the fack that oor prisons are
Lallans - DUN he United Kingdom? Pit tae ae side the fack that we hae a phenom
Lallans - DUN aye kennt whit side their breid is buttert. Eer s
Lallans - DUN hadnae yet figured oot which side their breid wis buttert. The
Ulster - BUL Frae ether side their horses gaen
Doric - DORHedges is a thorn in their side the nicht
Doric - MNA aid kit intae the hole in my side then rushed me tae Chalmers H
Lallans - WCE y ae ma cousins fae my da’s side then that’s whit ah should
Doric - MNA , the warld o the horse on ae side the warld o the machine on ti
Lallans - DUN ritten bi fowk wha kennt whit side they were on, gied us aw a st
Lallans - GLA a suppose. Av history oan ma side tho.
Lallans - SEC Nae side ti him ava: this selsame Mark
Ulster - SYN a richt cheek, turn tha ither side til hïm forbye. An ïf summo
Doric at bags. As usual Callum gets side tracked haein a yap. Callum l
Lallans - WCE When a wummin slips her left side unner ma richt,
Lallans - LALn Fair enjoying yer wee Sunny Side Up book Susan. Haein a guid l
Southern - SEA kers hooses juist on the brae side up frae the ferm toun itsel
Shetland - SHD . Flick it ower. Turn da weet side up oot o da weet, dewy grund.
Lallans - SECt no a roadblock on the ither side wae the polis lol
Lallans - LAL by a LABOUR Party wha either side wae the Tories or abstain fae
Lallans - LAL hit is. Somewan oan the other side wanted me tae find it. Writin
Southern - SEA n ae day whan A leukit it hir side weys on, in ahint hir glesses
Lallans - LAL 'Ye took Leanne's side when she hud a go at them oan
Doric - MNAin as yir noo ower ti i ither side wi @BBCScotlandNews. I teen i
Doric - MNA oon - she wis oan the sturdy side wi a big backside an a chest
Shetland - SHD his mind. He smacked da port side wi a ham-sized nev, causin fl
Doric - MNA n up an raxxin ower te open a side winda.
Lallans - SECthe sun wae ma best pal by ma side wis barry likes
Lallans - GLA iy we could get tae the other side wis by goin up an back doon t
Lallans - DUN o the guid stuff lyin by his side wis stane dry. The lads took
Shetland - SHD s peerie fellow appears alang side wis wi a tully in his hand, a
Lallans - EDN s bouk wis pockit doon either side wi the ilk sense organs that
Lallans - WCE r an ah writ a list on either side wi the pros an con, ae bein p
Doric - ABN s oot o bed on the right-hand side withoot fail.
Doric - MNA e tae get up and aboot but my side wiz affa sair. The police cam
Doric - MNA ab and its luggie on the same side wiz nearly aff. She tried ath
Southern - SEA jist sayin, as eet went, "Yin side wull mak ee grow taller, an t
Doric - ABN tae tak in the views. Tae ae side ye'll see the city, an tae th
Lallans - LAL which side ye were on wis a chance o bir
Doric - ABN . Andrew starts walking by my side – I glance roon at him and
Doric - ABN he one steen that lies on its side – the recumbent steen. I lo
Lallans - GLA an the tap dancer, right-haun side – the wan McDade sais is Mc