A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Tait, John M matching with South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast)

Total unique words from Tait, John M = 1,988
Total unique words from South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast) = 263
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 79.5%
Overlap total : 20.5%
Dialect only total: 79.5%
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Tait, John M South Antrim (Between Sixmilewater and Belfast)
da ta is dialect wis dis shaetlan hit he aboot bit whit s wid sed dat aa shui fae language his can laek idder wirds standard fock tae dem sheltie prattle wird dey wir oot haes whin him dae nae ene hae r spaekin public yarl canna ony concept dir ithin hoose caase dan juist man guid young caad wye spellin muckle caa m written example very see whaar are writin onnly mean grammar dialects here sam noo ain tink weel duiweel doon onything not spaek there means bairns never still scottish peerie aald soond lang micht writes du anidder tom write ower mak claise come got gaeng different dui bi tocht idee pit says have house mair burra persevere laich article na midder wrang duisna want status with been sood ey awa coorse will seen duis first duina lock yun well hael would efter maest writers pronunciation haed bein haem lasses languages apo faider haa ill afore wan a an at o in the i as of for we you wi be her or it and english up on to if no that sae say tongue but scots form me even some so twa gie all like they my yer i'm ye dinnae o' frae talk find when cannae land their food i'd way stand without words ulster scotch they're just ken look scotia's men about thomson mice worst wee auld fame toon close same porter we've bards match although a' burns's erin's skill broad eight sconnered burn brae sheuch heid weans offended grew saying skreich dunt tune was list'ning island gaitherin ata brave' dight straight didnae scotland ballycarry naught penned were by bard samuel carngranny these disposition yous leave line shows love native irish though every item within yet thin attach'd doubt through thick i'll pleasing poems writing mysel am usty ava weavers rhyming spoke rhymes comes ghs' sounds spake unco phasing aff musie handy hamley rolls orr merican scone boring bout white washed why- biscuits' causing tooth decay rave eggs bacon's bread tattie wheaten soda piece partake dry bone what whilst mouth thing agley tried hood cheese aft gang ca' best-laid schemes englewood's think they'd pbjs
79.5% 20.5% 79.5%