A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Cameron, Peter matching with (South) East Central

Total unique words from Cameron, Peter = 521
Total unique words from (South) East Central = 25,699
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 56.5%
Overlap total : 43.5%
Dialect only total: 56.5%
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Cameron, Peter (South) East Central
your snaw wind rose lowdie warld bluid deid hand stane our een cauld whiles hear planes wha naebody's yon owre i've mirk mysel blaws hame sall tam years hert crystal daw simmer aince gang black itsel where anerly bairn's sheuch peel warld-blinnd end i'll yowdendrift lassie thing atween rain gless gray swith ever think i'm gowd flourish sun ablow luik rowed whilk ee flouer early ahint grund legs last flouers sometimes nurse petal cornfields merle's nevermas road cannle-flame dinna hinmaist stour never out mavis' mune handsel morn stranger orra sang ll airts siller flee nicht-at-eenie blinnd lift toun bairn fields air stands lemonade shilpit dwinit nane faither hawthorn seeventy sune wede trains bullerin the a and in o i wi or they my aa when ken was to at she be nicht auld an afore on frae are til it's bairns you but me there nae like see this we tae nou hou time us here for aye day lang thon wee it mind juist her kent gie gin say come heid ane mair that man as sae did wad throu that's no were yae his whit ain tak s muckle nor ony back can new is thocht year awa wis he ah scots ma ae ti ye aw up oot him wes aboot fur oan bi fae hae been ower language if wae oor jist thair intae guid wey some haes then whan dae their what yer of its doon by yin thaim twa says fowk ither scotland had said hiz weel first tung bit than will pit whaur richt english thai efter tell ah'm even telt noo maist kin eh scottish wid bein gaun bot he's still thae hud so aff haed get leid fuckin got git could doun tho them who cuid dinnae likes mak hir baith micht cam same wittins shae seen fir syne onie life goat ilka which
56.5% 43.5% 56.5%