A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Gilliland, Sam matching with Doric

Total unique words from Gilliland, Sam = 656
Total unique words from Doric = 30,238
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 60.5%
Overlap total : 39.5%
Dialect only total: 60.5%
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Gilliland, Sam Doric
am thair daith ll oor thay cochise whaur whit guid thai quhyt yince thof haes enoo maun bard lass draucht tent mony apaches nou ich faither crack yet yin thaim ocht siccan green still your quait left braith loe braw bonny aften thochts leuk thae rigmarie lig poet weemin stracht ettlin decait want cuiled cum intil soukit watters whan kintra dinnae dern thir warld bot hou cairry lives hale stevin aefauldness waa had these heard lyke sun bluid gryte peace lat gae cuntre salbe mou unco men micht wyle abune wark best strang john years hert ilka hairt braid swythe michty pads shuin sal luv caa chickasaws daur graffs lan palins ring whilk lusum interlowpers collit schawis leal brocht airt water-gangs the an a o i tae s in wi hae ye yer oan me it nae is this that there as his sae he be at fowk for aa ither her my afore or oot no here up they lang ain auld wis bi frae wes man but time mair are on doon thocht mither roon twa aboot i'm you ower ma been efter tak if back see wee noo nicht aff by awa door like its mak muckle e she ah and fit bit said jist hid him te till day fae them ken we it's their aye fin weel een richt fan dinna wid wiz fir temp fur get say come so far got affa were some can war wye cam syne heid fine hame think id aat d hoose again didna will intae sade says ee dee did att fa bin then wad hiv er pit tell ony win iss gin oh wint made eck foo yon to kent could than telt gaed fair was es ah'm gweed na anither canna ae sin of ay ti face nivver first seen gie feel teen och ere's ere thing rainfall look better things quine dis rain loon mornin div
60.5% 39.5% 60.5%