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Shepherd, J. Barrie matching with Coleraine Ulster (North Antrim)

Total unique words from Shepherd, J. Barrie = 306
Total unique words from Coleraine Ulster (North Antrim) = 3,959
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 76.5%
Overlap total : 23.5%
Dialect only total: 76.5%
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Shepherd, J. Barrie Coleraine Ulster (North Antrim)
aa like ma then by me wis tracks towrist nivver through cam airches sea wi' across waas their stood auld brig we wondert led steps stane place windae eneuch doot clear aneath rock flair bench inset bare pointit bounty salt-borne unload crawl back partan sidestraddle craft chancy pool cradlin lookin creel crampit whaur shelter cruel bree ceilin vaultit tent sneckin gless ahint doors century fifteenth reconstructit abbey glenluce chaipter hoose cistercian keeper efterwards raither ran chorus blendin ringin room nakit double abin crackit lay chalmer life ears till tears minor chauntin revivit melodie silent years hearkin hauntingly corners nor lang-deef singin dwam tho alang seat feet wa sing hum balance echo promptit whitever unco brocht notion catch plainsang gregorian snatches fleetin records films encoonters chaunce recaain son scotlan kirk presbyterian stravaigin semi-loyal knox's cairry-oan creep wipe mess fir mannie yon there's brush fa's pent drap gantin shape deenosaurus legs gaun watter breengin serpen the a tae an o in i they thon as doon but up at frae oot that it ither tak voice or aboot roon twa nae ower if wee mair why naethin for ain afore far een was micht be efter thocht yin noo aff big intae shae said wus yae hae hir on es bae wi had aal fur this mae what is naw haes thim wud know whin sae thin dae lik agane went wur come tha hirsel yer dinnae thur ir wile wye it's think jest see wha a'm queen time stairtet git him king its wae heid yit richt cud hoo turtle weel bit mock thing gryphon hatter here say a'll gan furst gye thir niver mine oul onie lukt ye awa rabbit only so baak didnae minute tuk lang wull some duchess moose dorrmoose got tell things nixt guid bin go coorse taakin baecaas fun he made cannae while luk three that's well taak can cudnae tone did day shud same white shane brev march dorr sure enuch hale hare much wudnae hear't yae'r last seen cat caterpillar mak thur's oor wusnae yinst quare oniethin even am peur seemt haun wi'oot gien wheen dear iver
76.5% 23.5% 76.5%