A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Shepherd, J. Barrie matching with South Northern

Total unique words from Shepherd, J. Barrie = 306
Total unique words from South Northern = 1,704
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 75.0%
Overlap total : 25.0%
Dialect only total: 75.0%
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Shepherd, J. Barrie South Northern
thon ma ither tak voice tracks towrist nivver through airches sea wi' roon across twa waas if their stood brig wondert led steps stane why windae eneuch doot aneath rock flair bench inset bare pointit bounty salt-borne unload crawl partan sidestraddle craft chancy pool cradlin lookin creel crampit whaur shelter cruel bree ceilin vaultit tent sneckin gless ahint doors century fifteenth reconstructit abbey glenluce chaipter cistercian keeper efterwards raither ran ain chorus blendin ringin room nakit double abin crackit lay chalmer ears till tears minor chauntin revivit melodie silent years hearkin hauntingly corners far lang-deef singin dwam alang seat feet wa sing hum balance echo promptit whitever unco brocht notion catch plainsang gregorian snatches fleetin records films encoonters chaunce recaain son scotlan kirk presbyterian stravaigin semi-loyal knox's cairry-oan creep efter wipe mess fir mannie there's brush yin fa's aff pent drap gantin shape deenosaurus legs gaun watter intae breengin serpen the a tae an o in i aa they as like doon but then by up at frae oot me that it wis or cam aboot nae ower wee mair auld we place naethin for clear back hoose life afore een nor was tho micht be yon thocht noo big and s wi he his is til this on there whit wha of her hae him ye she man ken d muckle no which whiles my whan are us were throu guid fowk days read here time yet great lang didna you geddes fae moment did saw ane aye sic its scotland business sae some them to seems lipton gin aulden maks never truth think whar see only can lassie let when earth wid fit ancient hame mebbe christ scottish five fur aince wir ll monie atween been laird something tales it's death jist nicht deep ah kent winter near maitter intil day fucker ih ilka than mooney laist better stories also hoo love onie seen say likes comes reader cauld eck even world will thomas ice true weel mindin ae maist gies edinburgh patrick murray ahent fan telt deid ever bairn licht introduction get much scots dairk leid loss
75.0% 25.0% 75.0%