A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Love, Rowena M. matching with Ayrshire

Total unique words from Love, Rowena M. = 192
Total unique words from Ayrshire = 3,569
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the left to process, only going through the top 192 words
Author only total : 77.1%
Overlap total : 22.9%
Dialect only total: 77.1%
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Love, Rowena M. Ayrshire
wuid hert awa bi plet lauchter meenit sticky brichter strand flesh childhood simmer trace raspberry pokey hat dreeps eeksie-peeksie cream raw sauce ice lift bides wields initials whittle langer mibbies ripples bogle strippin years fillets black aggie atween keep fingers crenellations murl thumps drawbrig may parapets lik sauncastle unner tide dissolves attention waves shore promises beats prom air heat hope jeely sweetness warmed saun teasin breeze flirtin shimmies returns day's abandoned wrack addin it's has turns burnin leap high warmin answer seemed dunbar harbour bairnheid roosts matter dinnae learnin miles lowes till dreams hopes mebbes gear guids suitcase stappit fu bit fear stokes memory's kinlin tellt tales kittle steers gleed heuchs fish hard boats ming impregnatet share history waas hamecomin colour halibut bob grey door harbour's creel weathered quay castle memory guano scaurin deep conjures ilka kittiwake craik rid saunstane met rock loast keevee vivid wound knee sellt the an a wi in as o is tae ma that oan time sae it hame he auld nor heid his nae tak muckle gin still but us oor no life doon til ye yer noo come lang wee thae by whaur anither fae ah i ti her she for me s be on wes at this wis said and hae had whit yir we aa oot keing la aboot syne cam tuim ower man him like nou day thay or whan jist ken there they was mair when dae are up wad gif tattie intil thaim aw doun here see d guid were le gie been ll fur gaed afore to yin ither you fowk aye need their sal mak them aff thare baudrons then dochter o' wha get der out my cat duke frae even did micht thair am thocht twa ain th' onie maun een mind hoose through bonnie m back never think of gowd fine n a' eat wan pit an' strae will if anarchist saa yon wid can too t feel nicht und gied gae tuk no' et mouse roon some huv penny ben gang yi don
77.1% 22.9% 77.1%