A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

McAlpine, Joan matching with (South) East Central

Total unique words from McAlpine, Joan = 914
Total unique words from (South) East Central = 25,582
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 51.5%
Overlap total : 48.5%
Dialect only total: 51.5%
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McAlpine, Joan (South) East Central
doric have spik folk has motion written great which board government national support gaelic poetry just macdonald dinna parliament spikkin official words am angus north-east mony census group think one with oh better pan loaf would spoke braw speak should such try awards long through hear thank very part poems culture peter happy book vyce from jack leids lot uk speaker susi weans help gies not few bòrd gàidhlig thanks na recognition buchan also absolutely already joan mcalpine didna though debate posh indigenous born spoken artists supported our month tryin creative fair scrievit annoys history stuff working institute award higher opportunity elphinstone stand the a and in o scots i tae that is an it language they are s was for to leid there this as but we my on wi be at of by he scottish their who ye been or like no up when me if nae scotland english wis oor had first year she fae here his fur hae guid ah can bit him you yin were wee wid dae get says its could new them aa time ain day whit mair so richt yer ma twa seen noo say ither oot aye gie some til fir ae ti aw her wes aboot frae oan bi it's ower wae jist thair ken intae back see sae juist wey yae then haes whan ane what that's auld doon us thaim fowk hiz said weel tung thon than will pit whaur wad thai efter heid tell ah'm even telt kin maist eh bein gaun bot man he's still thae gin hud nor aff kent haed muckle thocht fuckin git hou did got tho doun cuid likes dinnae mak tak hir come baith micht lang awa cam wittins mind same nou throu shae ony onie syne goat life ilka nicht bairns afore big
51.5% 48.5% 51.5%