A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Mainland, Jim matching with South East (Borders)

Total unique words from Mainland, Jim = 178
Total unique words from South East (Borders) = 8,439
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the left to process, only going through the top 178 words
Author only total : 82.0%
Overlap total : 18.0%
Dialect only total: 82.0%
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Mainland, Jim South East (Borders)
da ta didna hunder ida ony daek hoo saa breer whin waalkin wan fae burn firewark rocket beneath soonds aroond ran undergrund turn gairden blackbird air sang different played boanie mirk eftirwirds de hear sprickle-shooer spret ferdir mebbe heard clearer oagin looked langer grove kerried ne wisna started sea rolled spite joost mindin starred care thowt wye wha night dastreen tongue could've spokken fitwark held oorie draem shon rst be shadow gluffed himsel see despite world swees hoor yallicrack boye aze rid-tongued anidder endin rissenin blue-litt happens aese döl naethin victory blibes een cloorin heevins hert-sten mirrie taand reeky boddim lift dancers geen lowsin gowd siller pent lowin halliget slester dree twa year lost moorie big brochs whaup-pleepse write mind twalmont ess brichtness croon möld wind sequestered sooth-wast bulderit books blashy age haaf mile blinks thoosan fags waitin fir flachterin birds wirds mird somethin click beginnin a an wis i o he on it if in wi at or as lik aye mair his him we could whit tell me up intae day her ain can efter bit the th tae she eet ah ae said is that was ma ee fur s hed frae hei hur but hae aw oan this oot whan ti wur til aboot b' whae sae no they doon for yin wee hoose nae richt thum back thair say heid ken auld ferm afore were there gaun then fair dae ay and twae agin thocht awa here went gie when juist chinese ower time bi hersel guid mynd ither would ye awfy yid thar hir nou borth owre mei jist thay kent lang wei dinnae noo been - queen intil ir schuil got sterted oor ah'm d eer off weil tyme bade scots sic how aa some their roond king n did get sei gaed ane iz doun thaim wull eet's than turtle eets of ick mock end scott faither oo micht waitter yeir gryphon thit gin yon hame
82.0% 18.0% 82.0%