A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Smith, Alex matching with South East (Borders)

Total unique words from Smith, Alex = 3,350
Total unique words from South East (Borders) = 8,439
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 62.0%
Overlap total : 38.0%
Dialect only total: 62.0%
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Smith, Alex South East (Borders)
temp eck affa rainfall you fine dis win rain twa fin hid it's wid fit mornin sin dry fae see nicht fer ere's like cauld weel sunday ere monday en friday sna thursday tuesday saturday hale wednesday wifie again bonny wither div my at's feel cood throo air a'a weet says blaw fowk comes eence gang turns een wye i'll gey so come gweed frost gran winter rise pit three dull came ey asks bide warm shoor dee your year north em ony braw aff wisnae look coorse hiv roon bricht door sooth bare het didnae us och ata far i'm ronald lad seen fermer think oh mannie later still na first car try made dinna days wrang them sky heavy started efterneen coodnae the a an tae wis o day in he it wi i oot bit for on is nae his be jist that as at aboot this up noo richt aye said doon or mair awa time she sae were we intae been hae some ower thocht him wee her me there lang yon ae back fair if went get auld efter got their they are heid wull say of hoose ken did gaed afore hame than th eet ah was ma ee fur s hed frae hei hur but aw oan whit whan ti wur til b' whae no yin thum thair lik ferm gaun then dae ay and twae agin here gie when juist chinese bi hersel guid mynd ither would ye awfy yid thar hir nou borth owre mei thay kent wei dinnae could - queen intil ir schuil sterted oor ah'm d eer off weil tyme bade scots sic can how aa roond tell king n ain sei ane iz doun thaim eet's turtle eets ick mock end scott faither oo micht waitter yeir gryphon thit gin hatter voice hing hink wheen faimlie mrs anenst bei um mairch meenit which haes tak anither hawick roberton side from
62.0% 38.0% 62.0%