A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Fenton, James matching with Orkney

Total unique words from Fenton, James = 1,641
Total unique words from Orkney = 13,900
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 68.5%
Overlap total : 31.5%
Dialect only total: 68.5%
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Fenton, James Orkney
frae bak wuz thon hir nae wee awa yin lang agane quait a' watter wie yit lake sae worl bae lukkin dark roon far lade owl naw whun blak taen niver bricht sa fin inty wud thonner yince iver wer whut licht waitin he'd gaen road mair nicht baith micht wat stan hame unther nor mine ee een furst sicht canny gan broo qu' lane whiles soon ooty stanes hingin it's years grun days amang nixt behin broon run rin deed jaist dorr its luk rinnin brae yins quick daen bab ivery streetchin brig abain white boag heech gien minin blue grey men troots fort they'd wain lee saft lukked wile stie scad empy she'd getherin had wies mag ootby fun gae loast sure ain thocht maistly hel wumman hans wabblin turned leppin answer stud snow hills the an a o tae in wae ower he or oot on whar it his for but ye as at him she noo doon that up we come this ither weel tak they then wur big there by aye heid afore their anither said s hoose yer through day me aff be aboot face time could them here twa last hae man he's and i hid wis is no fur bit her wi sheu fae you aal like whit thir so wir back peedie when ah'm wan wid hid's been intae some right more see cheust says ken if are can hiv than night got owld again fer roond still gaan new thoo go thee wey yir oan say orkney home thowt hoo sheu's get mind will that's gaed hids think things good folk dae darling there's to didna too aa whan cam mak thay did wife till thing door nivver awey bi sea light fock only first long language year end bed very o' wark dance while life were scots muckle even seen kens ah'll wirds haed oh fine am id set eyes of much left bonny efter black better might all poor us keep whin best hand yet
68.5% 31.5% 68.5%