A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Fenton, Janet matching with North Northern A (Black Isle)

Total unique words from Fenton, Janet = 353
Total unique words from North Northern A (Black Isle) = 90
analysis words = 200
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Author only total : 84.4%
Overlap total : 15.6%
Dialect only total: 84.4%
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Fenton, Janet North Northern A (Black Isle)
in he that o leid his ain is aboot ma scots her whit english frae or ower me oan he'd guid when ony didnae him can their oor fur they us bairns heard get ither better up but hoo are if hae wee on pit thiong mak ken future ahm she noo whaur think wa kenya ngugi thing come yase yin by scrieved jail stewart's stewart aye fechter bonny kiddin like makin language no understand ah a the tae and i an it we wi for wiz as ye at fin hid oot ganzies affa tay were smaa makk nitten gairtens jobbie anither gave ayne needin awa langer charity thighs aul sexpince got wisset each wifie aff gertin job black lang six elephint wifies rows across stoot fit big turnt shewin warpin wires gussets inta draars wyiven hame wiskers nooadays wyive onybudy myne seeing thir wiffies auld fine warm diz pattrins fancie te be industry cottige nearly mony iyillies anaith sea aince turned machin wyvin abudy
84.4% 15.6% 84.4%