A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Fenton, Janet matching with Ulster

Total unique words from Fenton, Janet = 353
Total unique words from Ulster = 16,298
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 64.0%
Overlap total : 36.0%
Dialect only total: 64.0%
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Fenton, Janet Ulster
scots her whit english he'd when ony didnae their us bairns heard wiz better are thiong ken future ahm whaur wa kenya ngugi yase scrieved jail stewart's stewart fechter bonny kiddin makin language understand spik so than kent words gied gaen sair even power auld spak mither speak why blackberries imagination neist much stuck lug cries wiznae use human maks taen warrior' siccar himsel supermairkets brambles resolution book festival year here's broadcaist listening talkin repeat best stupid sma poems neeps novels swedes lavvy ability because least makar scrieven buik bilingual paper schools chance traivellin learn makars imagining same kintries african micht things change hameland playwrights ireland scotland athegither gane kens places country oppresors do stop ameriica haund native leids kilt fire main irish thin a'body's cairries hedge says a the in tae and he that i o leid his ain is aboot ma frae or ower me an oan it we guid him can wi oor fur for they get as ither up but hoo if hae wee on pit mak ye she noo at think thing come yin by aye like no ah jist had thocht its be fowk maist faither said maun there new dae here see nae tha wus an' o' oot aa bae yer thaim fer ulster-scots hïm ir the' shae mair wull thon doon this thair n s sae cum yae whut hir ulstèr-scotch haes t wud es hïs til wur gie then sayed bes man wi' awa whan mae day aff bak fae wye tak shud richt weel it's hoose gien cud thïs time oul intae haed nor went afore heid god lang wae twa yis was tuk dinnae roon sinn wha say onie a'm bit what naw know agane commonity tell saed forderin airlan heirskip aal mine yins pairt hit niver hame norlin got luk anither bodie hale cultùr cannae furst big wile toul wheen that's iz whar cultural place agin gye dïnnae amang loard them boord yit weans set bi
64.0% 36.0% 64.0%