A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Murray, Campbell matching with Orkney

Total unique words from Murray, Campbell = 70
Total unique words from Orkney = 13,900
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the left to process, only going through the top 70 words
Author only total : 77.1%
Overlap total : 22.9%
Dialect only total: 77.1%
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Murray, Campbell Orkney
fan things maun foo wrang gyang are yer re quat inside tirned failure silver cloods tint doot can nar stack sae fecht mauna hat sairly afar rarely shair micht aside niver get uphill seems pooches teem accounts traiken road fyles wull peyed wint teen ill rist if dinna birse seely yet hert pride success ye an the be o bit it s tae a oot at is as they up and i in me hid he wis that on his no fur her wi sheu wae fae this you aal like or we whit thir so but doon wir back noo aboot peedie for when ah'm him wan wid day hid's there ower weel then been time intae some them right more see cheust
77.1% 22.9% 77.1%