A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

McKinlay, Kieran matching with East Antrim (Larne)

Total unique words from McKinlay, Kieran = 352
Total unique words from East Antrim (Larne) = 2,751
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 76.0%
Overlap total : 24.0%
Dialect only total: 76.0%
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McKinlay, Kieran East Antrim (Larne)
wis n oan eh baw team even game fitbaw could of lads cmon aw two heeds maw felt heart bein room screamed commentators take penalty haunds us heed high couldny so used got hud life since here only aff gonna heard gointy walked look stomach mah changing am one part tea spot changin their made which player pitch winners took feel tunnel keep pressure world shook lungs top cup coach mates said after until just dah cos self set thought seen time minutes started our still places biggest entire career fifa suddenly goin kane member opposing shoued geein all waste drawing - added hoping burst gonty commentator mentioned mare stands thumpin furious more determined kick music av anxious than stormed butterflies defied came screaming win cheered fans huv already screeched are scotsmen loud crossing step pick place steps lot playing kid penalties block kieran chosen sky sprinted aroond to kicked everythin awbdy the ah ma a tae in it up then he me we wi and as s oor oot an like fur was were is at be that or new his when man pit there aboot see day they play but him harry no her wee three back last tha o on frae ye aa saed nae hae mair wus yin gary whun she for lang lake doon noo thaim thocht king sae thon jist wud thair heid throu whut yer abane twa ain licht ower shore aye al whar guid cum hoose dae wull fae it's if baith haes hairt this cud afore its han them richt stane nor bak loard lir iz the' know coul roon micht gien mine face mind god haed oul amang hame een wile weans what dinnae niver swans intae sin anither wha road alang had weel say sitch boys warl apen by can eneuch wun hard awa withoot that's yins ticht birlin stories gie trouble luk thonner lan fun big i ye'r days cannae ocht nane eenies mammy greenland leevin men while tell forbye wrocht fin knowed watter agin stoor naethin bigged simmer stan strang schuil wye tak right ava sea cudnae billy dairk
76.0% 24.0% 76.0%