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Author matching small dialect region

Wilson, Katie matching with Peninsular Ulster (Ards)

Total unique words from Wilson, Katie = 322
Total unique words from Peninsular Ulster (Ards) = 3,909
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 76.0%
Overlap total : 24.0%
Dialect only total: 76.0%
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Wilson, Katie Peninsular Ulster (Ards)
yi ah yur cus hiv fan use d am life hid ih wis so just go iways play wid kane times love stuff mam git wye you if off ll come to of miss barbies best sister hooses always em hope fit quiney wish ana jist years hair gither aawye even iver such need skinny lot right keep widna hink cin say one different using dinna niver ask defiantly will our street n till dee let cid grown dollies pal determined try your confident thankful dare lovely ats deserve find mischief break herts cos grow have future devil tan lie proud isna intelligent sum funny yir witty jokes arna bonny blonde natural memories heeps gorgeous tummy jealous ace legs fake loads fall matter il pick finish safe advice yih bairnie guide forward give laughing mistakes choice pals ony other birth rascal learn sisters bright hesitate comes strong speaking uthers secrets chuffed laugh a tae the we wee it and ma in up i for be that nae oot but can mind us mak gan oor time she like her was o fur by there lang an s back day at oan is hae bit noo it's are fae them as tha ye wi wus he on oul his aa doon yin aye no thon mair yer or folk john their quare aboot then sae aff me they this whan nor anither intae guid wheen hoose thaim some see owre ower frae gin roon hame had sayed him wullie twa ain heid the' gaed thole banes een dinnae cud dae cum grace cannae nicht get tak wud ocht were pit bot wur richt ither wha gie awa mine dan gien weel thocht thair afore toon fowk weans got whun ulster big whut tuk til haed said whar ulster-scots its maist yins stane ir hoo crack eneuch licht cudnae thair's tay thing luk heerd jaa coul wean didnae know whaur deid amang bin set says ootby ava hear ach gied place skull near sic houl daen wull lugs maun unner caa brench bak ahint yersel through seen wumman thur maggie days again haein new
76.0% 24.0% 76.0%