A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Riddell, Conor matching with Shetland

Total unique words from Riddell, Conor = 222
Total unique words from Shetland = 14,549
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 68.0%
Overlap total : 32.0%
Dialect only total: 68.0%
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Riddell, Conor Shetland
ma hid there christmas ane hotel than late bed shopping cos lichts holiday ready di heided jist came next funnert like shops cauld bonny fowk aready were that happy trip wint days gardens train go grand thocht gled couple takin decked decoration freens think them every decorations fan masel death froze quick fit sound safe buzzin tinsel way iver nicht best they offer suitcase pieces fancy coffee poppin sicht trying spent mare shut seeing couldna gi far baubles too carried warm jaiket canny beter wait shown times worth finally flights changed airport then connection eventually missed athing runnin planes ae design online find robeson visit gan san diego november gaun journey gaunt part worst wintit ther merkets ten hoors lookit across city dark bath huge massive comfy bathroom windae opened tenth floor win wide wisnae prepared a the tae it wis and o in an got hame on be time richt get aboot ower wi oot so up back day but didna start wid i say nae s fir me tak better see tell you could place afore aff doon hoose wye just mind awa come ken here some as bit by very weel to wir twa if foo for da ta at he dat is dey her said dis his aa shö him du dem hit we whit fae no or fur peerie dan shü hae whin my laek dir cam dee een can noo hed mair der shaetlan man göd been idder english wan ir sam dere ony mak set muckle guid aafil a'm of dy lang hit's tink aye wirds fock ee haes tocht first whaar lik bairns kent dunna even apo bi aald took ll your still wisna med efter gie did will canna anidder fokk wird gied sae loard language ida geng dö saa what dialect new intae juist hedd never it's till du's trow life hersel she nivver naethin door twartree fine telt ithin things spaekin bein tree aroond ageen whan spaek lass he's year ain fin pit head dat's
68.0% 32.0% 68.0%