A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Total unique words from = 1,328
Total unique words from Orkney = 13,519
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 45.0%
Overlap total : 55.0%
Dialect only total: 45.0%
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Baikie, R. M. Orkney
id whin whut aap git beuy teuk aaf aroond deun ould laek kye deu coo efter leuk field meed tam heid charlie gittan really didno kind ferm something cock sure saa pot byre haerd legs every wisno claes pig baes kent bull anything coffee jeust piggie nixt ever ferfal cheus iper hand id's sheuk men seun maist anywey skroo smell free tap many hen veet neck lad hens feed job tale ane queek niver let across aam wance meenit rope though erchie ready alwis burd grip lass thirs feet gae the tae a an he o wis i hid his in that wi on for oot no be me him but wae as her thoo aal wir so this or they day fae back afore at aboot sheu is noo wan right than weel can got ken gaed could them intae wur doon time things thir wey there hae did you hoo gaan bit see been door more thee till ower ither hid's awey some like again good cam man fine thowt thing face if think kens aye come anither say wid mind tak peedie much roond folk still end go twa home keep big haed hoose best whar cheust and fur up we whit it when ah'm s then ye by says said are hiv night owld here fer new oan he's orkney sheu's yir get will that's hids darling dae didna to there's whan through aff too aa thay last nivver mak she wife bi their sea light only fock year language bed yer first dance long wark scots very were o' life muckle wirds ah'll while of left am black even seen might us better oh all eyes set bonny poor yet off fir wind body tell
45.0% 55.0% 45.0%