A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Wilson, Lucy matching with East Antrim (Larne)

Total unique words from Wilson, Lucy = 127
Total unique words from East Antrim (Larne) = 2,751
analysis words = 200
Not enough words on the left to process, only going through the top 127 words
Author only total : 80.3%
Overlap total : 19.7%
Dialect only total: 80.3%
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Wilson, Lucy East Antrim (Larne)
and aw sa will granny keep school ad never want just let cany brownies dancing time really naw to need great pass sure shine miles rain kinda skunners hail distance does weel celebration gein ll cuddle squeezy laldy highlight trip aldi wint week of big brae when m isolate forced bored over world gee wait muddle walk play taegether can stick make put room mess end nhs thank pals protect help stay excuse another safe other each thought tidy step grab get i lazy trainers socks rather maw awright been ave much loose should miss am going jammies homework dane crazy roblox tae ma the a we but it be in this or is yer oor s hoose nae fur me oot if an al see aye tha o ah wi on that was frae ye at he aa up saed his hae mair as wus yin gary her harry no they whun she for lang lake doon noo thaim there thocht king sae thon were jist aboot wud thair heid throu whut abane twa ain him licht ower shore whar guid cum wee new dae wull fae it's baith haes hairt day cud afore its han them richt stane nor bak then loard lir iz the' know coul roon micht gien mine face mind god haed oul amang hame een wile weans what dinnae niver swans intae last
80.3% 19.7% 80.3%