A Corpus of 21st Century Scots Texts

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Author matching small dialect region

Duncan, Robert matching with Synthetic (no region)

Total unique words from Duncan, Robert = 642
Total unique words from Synthetic (no region) = 3,626
analysis words = 200
Author only total : 77.0%
Overlap total : 23.0%
Dialect only total: 77.0%
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Duncan, Robert Synthetic (no region)
the scots and i is was english my leid bairn they fae speech even wullie had oor our thochts what are dsl there word language heidword scottish mind hou snd results pairlament parliament search by scrieve of would their speak lorimer mony been spellin were your wey dost did threap set lairn has aulder seem to words house hus leids advanced online when only corinthians kìngdom tho come does bairnheid willie dinnae spell loss first why century never nou than sang hill bird pi-rip some throu peeweep aiblins full abune text whaur luik paul things lost flee both sic m tollie member found matthew should uise case re dictionars says naebody dictionary cage bible neither orthography maitter micht juist instances maist hous pond thing common citations single road pee-weep highly dna includin still wuids its descrivit fun guide scotsman aften honest isnae muckle ettlin fields creepin c efter tumshie memmer piggery lang examples burns in o a tae s it that for no as this but wi ye same he like me on yin sae say an up aa we fowk his ower gin hae twa mair heiven awa ither at let nae nor hoose or richt pit guid can tha wus hïm the' n thaim be yer oot wull t cum hïs thair whut sayed thïs frae man fer whan yis god dae sinn ir aboot then doon bak haed bodie gie faither wur haes dïnnae fur saed ma noo weel bi loard tak day wye oan tell tuk follaers went see wud toul whaniver jist gien f ntae afore name axt hir hoo kïngdom daen eftèr hale aff yins iz a'm speirins here time jhone agin thïngs get that's h caad onie mak heid-coont men she hame wee luk whar foarm amang laa maun hoosehaud gang ain saen ll roon these wha heerd til furst speirin ye'll oniebodie hairt mither anither cud if shud aye sayin naethin got you weans bes jerusalem sent bin iverie address wumman heid agane ner han brocht pharisees made alang brither thair's place maistèr spïrit saa he's toon cumin a'll tellin gae cannae wurd daes pooer mine
77.0% 23.0% 77.0%