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Use in varieties of Scots

kelly Corpus occurrences Central Doric / Northern Orkney Shetland Southern Ulster
Occurences normalised per million words53.6 89.5 7.5 0 0 0 0
Number of occurrences140136 4 0 0 0 0
Number of authors8 5 3

Occurrences of kelly in Corpus

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Percy, Ely Duck Feet, (Monstrous Regiment 2021 ISBN: 978-1916117921) Central - Renfrew, prose
an Charlene an Charlene's pal Kelly Marie. Harpreet's parents had on page 23
ch wi Harpreet an Charlene an Kelly Marie again. Harpreet wis dae on page 24
shattered, Charlene said tae Kelly Marie, How did you no say yi on page 25
ward silence after that. Then Kelly Marie, who had jist finished on page 26
Kelly Marie wis staunin right next on page 27
Also on pages 28, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, 41, 44, 45, 48, 67, 68, 79, 81, 82, 83, 84, 93, 96, 169
113 matches

Townsley, Jane Joe's Cloud an Ither Stuff, (lulu.com 2014 ISBN: 978-1326001612) Central - Perth, prose
straight, he phoned Lorraine Kelly an she wis sae sympathic tae on page 79

1 matches

Grae, Emma Be guid tae yer Mammy, (Unbound Digital 2021 ISBN: 978-1789651171) Central, prose
e board tae spell oot Jeannie Kelly and Lizzie Black. We knew we' on page 53

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Percy, Ely The Family Situation, (The Interpreters House.org 2020) Central, prose
He’s gaun oot wi ma cousin, Kelly Campbell, an noo she’s star
i aw ma pals. Ah cannae staun Kelly cause she’s wan ae the bigg
Kelly Campbell’s big brother’s
yir ma an da don’t talk tae Kelly’s ma an da disnae mean you
tae oor door lookin fur me an Kelly Campbell wis wan ae them, the
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@billykayscot tweeted
urprise me to hear that James Kelly is proposing Jocky Wilson to (2020) search twitter

@kennethbryce184 tweeted
at wee listen 2 night as ryan kelly was on bdfm - good show all (2020) twitter link


Facebook link (Doric Scots Books an Poems 2022) Doric - Aberdeen
Kelly o' Cults, femily owned

McDonald, Charlie , (Facebook 2022) Doric - Aberdeen, poetry
Kelly o' Cults, femily owned
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@DoricPhrases tweeted
I’d agree with Kelly that it’s spelt marless. htt(2019) search twitter

@cligeey tweeted
@advancedref Fish Ladders at Kelly sawmill firewid boxes a wid t(2020) search twitter

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