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Occurrences of jeely in Corpus sorted by last letter of previous word

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Lallans - GLA A jeely jaur or three
Shetland - SHD w; dan whin you're cleared da jeely-fish oot o da rodd - "
Lallans - LAL a scadded jar tae set intae a jeely. We got a spuinfu whan we war
Lallans - WCE da stuttered, tremmlin like a jeely.
Lallans - LAL stuck a wheen reid and yella jeely sweeties on the tap. Naebody
Doric - MNA wi a bottle o waarm milk an a jeely piece in't, swingin fae ma hu
Lallans - LAL ctur o the bit breid and reid jeely.
Lallans - LAL slaistered wi delicious reid jeely. Ye can loss a plain bit brei
Lallans - WCE ans ran oot tae play They hid jeely pieces fur thur bellies An’
Lallans - WCE chen table, ate her breid and jeely slowly. She luved these efter
Lallans - LAL had brocht his bit breid and jeely in a broon paper poke. While
Lallans - GLA t's no yer maw wi a piece and jeely and a lovin skelp. On ye go..
Lallans - LAL oor auntie could mak it intae jeely; she steert it in a muckle po
Lallans - WCE ody that powerfu. Ye turn tae jeely. So that's it. 'That's ma sad
Lallans - LAL Prince's knees had turnt tae jeely!
Doric - MNAakkin affa fine stuff. I made jeely fluff a filey back. Michty me
Orkney - ORK No! Dinna lick the jeely jar!
Lallans - LAL ft for a mínit tae steer the jeely, a clump o soot fell doun the
Lallans - WCE r green breeks, tremmlin like jeely. She prided hersel on bein de
Lallans - GLA Ye peyed wi jeely jaurs, sugarallie watter,
Doric - MNA a scone, wi butter an brummil jeely.
Lallans - LAL he hoose gaed awa wi a jaur o jeely! It tastit braw slaithert on
Doric - MNA tangie, an a drink o rose-hip jeely, an tae dry oot their weet mo
Southern - NEC was the copper jeely pan;
Doric - MNA n fine-lookin like straaberry jeely.
Lallans - WCE peanut-butter and strawberry jeely.
Lallans - WCE peanut butter and strawberry jeely. The mither wis jist oot o si
Lallans - WCE buttered toast and strawberry jeely and likely a bit o sponge-cak
Lallans - WCE d and pit a bittie strawberry jeely on it.